Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reviews & Reports

At some point, you will need to have your carpets cleaned. It’s inevitable. It’s also potentially scary because if you hire an unskilled person to clean your rugs, you might end up with a bigger mess than when you started. This is why a lot of homeowners decide to clean their rugs themselves.

But this has its own pitfalls because there are so many carpet cleaning machines on the market and it can be difficult to know which one is best for your situation. Do not worry. We’ve done our homework for you and identified the best Upholstery Cleaning Machine out there today.

Find The Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reports

Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Cleaner Machine


A large vertical carpet cleaner should be light, powerful, cover a large room, and have many useful accessories. It shouldn’t drain your bank account either. The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer hits all those beats.

It is light (19 pounds), powerful (6.5 amp motor), able to cover a large room (22-foot power cord and 8-foot cleaning hose), and has several useful accessories (chairs, stairs, corners, and more).

The icing on the cake is the price, which sits at the lower end of the vertical quality spectrum. Add it all up, and you have our best choice. Don’t forget to combine it with a robotic vacuum cleaner from our list.

What’s Good

  • The forced heating system speeds up drying.
  • It goes very well together.
  • Separates for just as easy cleaning.
  • The 20-foot cord is long enough to meet most needs.

What’s Bad

  • Like all carpet cleaners, it takes on weight when you fill the tank.
Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine, Upright Shampooer, FH50150, Red
  • EASY DEEP CLEANING: SpinScrub brushes powerfully removes deep-embedded dirt and stains with 360 degree brushes and strong suction while being gentle on your carpet
  • FASTER DRYING: HeatForce for faster drying so you can get back on your carpets quickly
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Less than 19 pounds, pick up and go wherever the mess is with ease
  • AN EVEN CLEAN: With the Dual V Nozzle. Handle Material-Plastic
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 8ft hose to deep clean hard-to-reach areas, stair tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, and sample bottle of carpet cleaning solution

Bissell 3624 Portable Carpet Cleaner


The little Bissell SpotClean carpet cleaner looks like something from the future, but it’s no gimmick. It offers rugged spot cleaning capabilities with plentiful suction power (via the 5.7 amp motor), multiple attachments, and an extra-long power cord so you can take it to the landing.

Up the stairs or in the car, if necessary. It’s not light, but the large, ergonomic handles carry it around in a relative breeze. And once you’re done, you can store it under the kitchen counter.

What’s Good

  • An ultra-compact design that stores easily.
  • It has a 22ft long power cord that extends around all corners.
  • It has a sturdy fairytale motor for such a compact machine.

What’s Bad

  • Ideal for cars or small rooms.
Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded , Black
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Our most powerful portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.
  • Combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning solution to remove stubborn pet stains, embedded dirt and more.
  • Provides a deep clean that leaves you with professional-style results.
  • Permanently removes tough messes and protects from future stains with the power of stain protect.

Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner Machine


With its 40 empty pounds, the Big Green lives up to its name. But every ounce of that weight is put to good use. It has a heavy-duty vacuum system to beat the belt, the brushes are big and hungry, the two large tanks will get you through the largest space, and a myriad of attachments will let you clean the seat stairs or whatever your heart desires.

Take your time with this puppy and watch your rugs come to life before your eyes. Remember, quality doesn’t come cheap. Be sure to check out our list of the best handheld vacuums for more great items like this.

What’s Good

  • It’s heavier than most other machines, but the results will be worth it.
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories, including a 9 ‘cleaning hose.
  • A smart choice if you have multiple wall-to-wall rooms.

What’s Bad

  • You have to be strong enough to handle it effectively.
Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets
  • Outcleans the Leading Rental. Get professional grade cleaning results, Power Rating:12 amps
  • XL DirtLifter PowerBrush. Eight rows of bristles penetrate carpet fibers to loosen and lift embedded dirt
  • 9' Long Reach Hose & 6 inches Tough Stain Tool. Easily clean stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach areas
  • Use with BISSELL PRO MAX Clean with Protect Formula. Remove tough, ground-in dirt and stains

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner


At 37 pounds empty, it’s no small carpet cleaner, but thanks to its exceptional ergonomics, balance, and construction, there’s no need to have Hercules to move it.

Rug Doctor is a carpet cleaning company with a long history, and they put their experience to good use here. The Deep Carpet Cleaner is not bothered by its appearance.

It’s too busy focusing on performance. This is a large machine that will take a bit of getting used to but will clean your carpets to the degree that most studs cannot touch.

What’s Good

  • A professional-grade carpet cleaner from a well-respected carpet cleaning company.
  • Surprisingly easy to maneuver on any carpet.
  • The integrated stain remover is very effective.

What’s Bad

  • You need to be an expert before using it.
Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable, Red
  • Cleaning tank capacity (gallons) - 1. Dual cross action brushes oscillate and rotate to scrub carpet fibers from every angle powering away dirt and stains to deliver a professional-grade deep clean and soft, plush results
  • 75 percent more suction than comparable carpet cleaning machines slashes drying time; quick dry in four hours or less; simple lift clean and dirty water tanks make refilling and emptying easy
  • Rated Gold for Best in Class Cleaning Performance by CRI (Carpet + Rug Institute); cleans deeper than other comparable machines and will not void carpet’s.Cord Length (ft.):28
  • "Super Boost” gives an extra “boost” to highly trafficked or heavily soiled areas that require extra attention; perfect for old stains, rental houses, apartments, pet stains, coffee, wine, and juice
  • Includes removable tool caddy and upholstery tool for spot treating stains or cleaning tricky spaces like car interiors, area rugs, stairs, pet beds, furniture, or other hard-to-reach areas. Voltage: 120 V

Hoover Max 77 Carpet Cleaner Machine


Many carpet cleaners claim to treat multiple surfaces, but you can count the number of those who do it well with one hand. One of those that do is the Hoover Max Extract 77.

It will tackle the toughest stains on your wall-to-wall today and your hardwood floor tomorrow. With a rugged 10 amp motor, it digs to the root of the pile to remove stubborn dirt and grime, while the heated cleaning system helps remove grime and grease that has built up on hardwood or wood.

What’s Good

  • When you don’t need to clean, you can use it to vacuum.
  • The hardwood floor cleaner works better than expected.
  • The 1-gallon tank is usually enough to make an entire room.

What’s Bad

  • Whether it works on the tile depends on the type of tile.
Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi Surface Pro Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine FH50240
  • HOOVER max extract 77, Multi Surface Pro for cleaning carpet & hard floor surfaces heated cleaning, 6 spin scrub Removable brushes, spin scrub powered hand tool
  • Adds Extra shine to your product; Smart tank system: Fills, empties and cleans with ease. Motor Amps : 10 Amp
  • Upright vacuum cleaner application/Usage: tile floor, carpet, upholstery, hard floor, wooden floor
  • Manufactured in China
  • Multi Surface Pro for cleaning carpet & hard floor surfaces heated cleaning; Clean water capacity 147 ounces

How To Choose Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Carpet cleaning is a niche business, and it’s not something that everyone has a lot of experience with. So, to determine the best carpet cleaners, we turned to the pros for their take on the dozens of popular carpet cleaning products on the market today that are worth the money and those that aren’t.

Hardly to a lesser extent, we considered the brand’s pedigree to be a consensus among reviewers, and we weighed it all against price to determine which values ​​are the best.

Trash Tank Size 

Whether it is a truck-mounted carpet cleaner or a standalone model, there must be a waste tank to collect dirt and debris removed from the carpet during the carpet cleaning process. Cleaning the larger waste-holding tank, the less often you will need to empty it.

On the other hand, if the waste tank of a freestanding carpet cleaner is too large, it will affect the device’s mobility. The bottom line is to look for a trash tank that won’t need to be emptied every 10 minutes but won’t get so heavy that it will slow you down.

Full Capacity Weight

This touches on what we just mentioned about transporting around the waste holding tank when full. Adding a cleaning solution to any of the aforementioned carpet cleaners will add 5 to 15 pounds to the machine’s weight.

When this solution is returned to the carpet cleaner filled with dirt and debris, it will be heavier. You should therefore be aware of the amount of liquid you are going to be moving. Remember that the curb weight is not the weight you will have to support when you use it.

The Cleaning Solution 

Cleaning solutions can be quite expensive, so you need to be careful when choosing one. The manufacturers of the different machines almost all produce their own cleaning solutions, which they consider the best to use with their machines.

But it doesn’t actually work that way. The collection of metal and plastic called the “carpet cleaning machine” doesn’t care which brand of the cleaning solution you choose. Therefore, the most important thing is to make sure you choose the right one for your type of carpet, no matter who makes it.

Hose Length

It may be a little easier to run the carpet cleaner with a short hose. But if your carpet stretches to far-flung places, that little garden hose may not be enough to do the job.

Before settling on a machine, carefully examine your carpet and determine if a short hose is enough to reach each corner or if a longer hose is needed. You don’t want to end up with dirty corners that you can’t reach.

Cleaning multiple surfaces?

Generally, a machine designed to clean multiple surfaces should be approached with a little more caution, simply because sometimes it is a handyman and a machine that is not made for it.

Besides, these versatile machines sometimes cost more than a carpet-only machine. So you should ask yourself in advance if you need all the extra features or if a carpet machine alone is enough.

Noise Levels

There is no other way. Carpet cleaning machines are quite loud. Some are very loud. The average noise level generated by most machines is around 80 decibels, with some reaching around 85 decibels and others in a much more reasonable 70-decibel range.

It might not sound much different, but 80 decibels are twice as loud as 70 decibels, and 90 decibels is twice as loud as 80. This is why it is generally recommended that you wear earplugs—noise-canceling ears or headphones when using a carpet cleaning machine.


While some of the best carpet cleaners are a bit faster than others, they all tend to average at the end of the day. If one machine claims it will clean your carpets twice as fast as another machine, you should be skeptical quite simply because you may have to sacrifice quality for speed.

The only thing that will speed up the process significantly has a machine that will allow you to suck up any moisture left in the carpet after the cleaning solution has done its job.

Ease of Use

Most of the carpet cleaning machines on our list are fairly easy to use. You have to keep in mind, however, that these do not vacuum cleaners. With the cleaning solution onboard, they will be much heavier than a vacuum cleaner.

And because of their level of engagement with the carp, and they’ll be harder to push and pull than a vacuum cleaner will be. So even though they are relatively easy to use, they will require some physical exertion.


1:What is the best carpet cleaning method?

As you can probably see, there are several different methods used to clean carpets. The most popular method with homeowners is hot water extraction or steam cleaning.

This method will remove most grime, grime, minor stains, and other similar stains on home rugs. Steam cleaning is normally sufficient to rid your carpets of harmful bacteria, animal hair, dust mites, and other potential allergens.

That said, the right type of carpet cleaning for your home or business will depend entirely on the amount of carpet to be cleaned, the type of carpet, its accessibility, and the nature of the dirt. For example, if your rug is made from jute, the

2: How often should the carpets be cleaned?

As a general rule, it is recommended that you vacuum your rugs once a week and have them thoroughly cleaned once a year. Of course, circumstances may dictate more frequent carpet cleaning.

For example, people often find it necessary to clean their rugs after parties or large summer gatherings where a lot of dirt has been found outside. If you want to reduce the frequency with which you have to clean rugs, make sure everyone takes off their shoes before walking on them. It will also help the carpet to last longer.

3: Does cleaning a carpet ruin?

There is a fairly popular myth that has been circulating for some time that cleaning carpets ruins them or, at the very least, shortens their lifespan. In fact, rugs are made to be cleaned, and one of the best ways to ensure your rug’s longevity is to clean it regularly.

While it’s unclear where this myth comes from, it probably has something to do with what we mentioned earlier about shampooing carpets.

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