Best Steam Iron Consumer Reports

Do you have the impression that your clothes are always wrinkled? Maybe your iron is a little tired, and it’s time to change it.

This is rather good: technology has evolved a lot, and the models sold today are often more efficient and safer. You must need to try the best steam iron for your clothes.

However, you can quickly get lost in a somewhat confusing offer. Indeed, each model has its own features, the maintenance procedures differ, and the power too. It is not necessarily easy to set a budget that ideally matches your requirements.

Best Steam Iron Reviews Consumer Reports

Here we have brought some lists of the best irons for our consumers to check them below.

#5 Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

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What defines a good iron in your eyes is speed and durability? To eliminate any frustration, choosing a high-end model can be interesting.

The Rowenta Focus II, made in Germany, is a powerful and well-made device that should not disappoint you.

Contrary to what sometimes happens on high-end devices, here you are not faced with a profusion of features. And, in truth, it’s not bad in our opinion: it allows you to get straight to the point, without getting lost in complex and sometimes unnecessary settings.

All the more so since the essentials are there: vertical steam, water spray and an adjustment wheel to adapt to all types of fabric are the features offered.

You don’t need more, because the Rowenta Focus II benefits from an excellent design. The slender shape of its sole makes it possible to iron collars, pocket contours, and angles without any difficulty.

In addition, it is a patented Microsteam400 sole: you benefit from more homogeneous and efficient distribution of steam thanks to 400 pores.

The 300 ml reservoir, that is to say, 10 fl oz., Ensures a perfectly adequate autonomy for regular and family use. In addition, the comfortable power of 1700 watts offers rapid heating: the Rowenta Focus II can be used faster than many of its competitors.

As you can imagine, in this price range, you are entitled to excellent build quality, and a safe, anti-drip, and anti-scale design with automatic shutdown.

If you really need the power and convenience, and you use the iron frequently, the investment should pay off pretty quickly.

What’s Good

  • Microsteam400 sole: 400 holes ensure uniform ironing
  • Easy-access dial, with indications on the fabrics
  • Ergonomic sole shape: easily iron collars, contours, etc
  • Allows you to spray water or steam for a better rendering
  • Top manufacturing quality

What’s Bad

  • A little more expensive than others

#4 BLACK+DECKER D3030 Allure Professional Steam Iron

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Are you very tolerant of wrinkles, and you see ironing as an essential way to enhance your clothes? In this case, you are probably looking for a high precision iron that can adapt to a wide variety of textiles. The Black + Decker Allure could meet your expectations.

The most interesting feature of this model is that it allows you to separately control the steam flow and temperature.

You, therefore, benefit from much higher modularity and precision than with the majority of competitors. It’s very comfortable if you know exactly what you want.

If you are a little less sure of yourself, rest assured, there is no reason to panic. Indeed, a screen takes care to indicate to you what is the optimal steam flow according to the selected temperature.

Thus, the iron is suitable for both beginners and accustomed to this type of device.

It also benefits from Dynamic Steam technology, which delivers up to 30% more steam compared to some competitors. Concretely, this makes it possible to go faster and to obtain a better rendering, in particular on less sensitive clothes.

It is possible to use the Black + Decker Allure in an upright position, keeping your garment on a hanger. Thanks to its power of 1600 watts, the device is rather quick to heat up.

It is also well secured and robust. As it is self-cleaning, it benefits from a better lifespan without you having to get too involved in maintenance. The automatic shutdown function helps prevent disasters.

However, we have one small regret: the dial, stacked under the handle, is not as easy to read as we would like, and some characters may tend to fade slightly.

What’s Good

  • Technology Dynamic Steam, efficient ironing and made impeccably
  • Independent temperature and steam controls for more adaptability
  • Self-cleaning system to maintain top performance
  • Automatic shut-off and display with advice on steam flow
  • Versatility and precision at the rendezvous

What’s Bad

  • Lack of readability of the dial

#3 Sunbeam Steam Master Iron 1400 Watt

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Do you want to buy a practical iron that is easy to store and can remove creases from your clothes and from your sheets?

The Sunbeam Steam Master is a model designed to be easy to handle horizontally and vertically, rather affordable on the Web, which can meet your expectations.

This model is very efficient whether you hold it horizontally and vertically. If you often have to iron sheets or pillowcases, it may be particularly suitable.

Naturally, it works great with clothes too. Its sole benefits from a specific shape, which makes it easier to remove folds from cuffs and cuffs, or around buttons.

As for the use, it is very simple, since it suffices to press the appropriate buttons. A steam adjustment switch is provided to adapt your use to the fabric being treated. As the iron is self-cleaning, you benefit from a good lifespan without having to intervene much.

However, a few buyers note that the product gives them a somewhat weaker feeling of solidity than other models. That said, as long as you get a 3-year limited warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the sole, the purchase definitely feels safe to us.

The proposed power is 1400 watts, which is pretty good. The device has an automatic shut-off system if you leave it too long in an unsuitable position.

For us, this is an advantage, but some people who work in textiles find stopping in certain positions a little too fast.

One of our favorite features of this product is the long retractable power cable. This significantly increases your working comfort (especially since the Sunbeam Steam Master is very light) while making the storage of the iron much less restrictive.

What’s Good

  • Able to project steam, horizontally, or vertically
  • Easy adjustments with the steam switch
  • An anti-drip device with automatic stop according to the position
  • Sole shape suitable for ironing cuffs, cuffs, collars, etc
  • Very easy to use vertically

What’s Bad

  • Heating time after shutdown

#2 Maytag Speed Heat Steam Iron

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Don’t like to wait long before you start ironing, and when doing a household chore, you want to go as fast as possible without having to worry too much? A premium, responsive, and intuitive iron like the Maytag M400 may appeal to you.

Do not take four roads, the very big advantage of this product is its speed of heating since it takes only 55 seconds to reach the maximum temperature.

In addition, the steam regenerates in 3 seconds. This eliminates the need for too long and frustrating waiting times.

Moreover, intuitiveness seems to be the keyword here. For example, to choose the temperature, all you have to do is turn the dial, which simply shows the fabrics to be treated according to your setting (linen, cotton, silk, wool, nylon, etc.).

We really like the handle of the Maytag M400 – it offers a simple and comfortable grip whether you’re in a vertical or horizontal position. Note also that vertically, to smooth your clothes quickly, this iron is doing with honors.

It’s not just easy to use, maintenance too. With this product, there are no nasty surprises, and there is little effort involved since it is equipped with a self-cleaning feature.

On the build quality we have nothing to say: in accordance with the price range, the device offers excellent durability and a very good sense of ruggedness.

However, we have a small regret with this model: the water tank is a little smaller than average.

This is not a big deal as it is easy to fill and the rapid heat up compensates well, however, a larger tank would have made the use even more comfortable than it already is.

What’s Good

  • Heats up super quickly
  • Steam regeneration in 3 seconds
  • Dial showing the type of tissue to be treated
  • Ergonomic handle offering good handling, even vertically
  • Intuitive settings

What’s Bad

  • The tank is a bit small

#1 Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Energy Saving Steam Iron

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Rowenta strives to stay at the forefront in the field of irons. If you are looking for an original device, which takes into account the new demands of modernity and which can be used easily whether you are left or right-handed, the Rowenta Eco Intelligence is ideal.

It’s certainly not a key feature of an iron, but it’s hard not to notice the design of this model, which sports a cute black and green dress with plant motifs. In terms of performance, it has no influence, but it is nicer than a dull and all black or white device.

Don’t worry: Rowenta Eco Intelligence isn’t just pretty, it’s also very efficient, with a special twist. Indeed, it consumes 25% less energy for a completely conventional continuous steam flow rate of 35 g / min. It’s better for the planet and for your bills.

It does this thanks to a specific, patented sole with 400 micro-perforations that allow better distribution of the steam.

It also has Eco Steam technology to take advantage of the optimal flow of steam. Dry and Boost modes are also present for finishing or express ironing.

Note that the device has a cleverly designed trigger, which proves to be just as comfortable to use for left-handed as it is for right-handed, which can make the difference for a number of users.

Spraying and vertical steam jet are also present. The 1700 watts of power and the 300 ml (10 fl.oz.) reservoir ensure rapid heating and considerable autonomy.

The main reason the Rowenta Eco Intelligence closes our list is that its price is usually quite high online and tends to vary.

What’s Good

  • Special design saving 25% energy with 100% efficiency
  • Microsteam400 3D soleplate, allowing the vapor to be concentrated
  • Technology Eco Steam for better management of the flow of steam
  • Trigger suitable for both left and right-handed people
  • Original aesthetic, green with plant motifs

What’s Bad

  • High and variable price

Buying Guide For Best Steam Iron Consumer Reports

Is it time to buy, but you get stuck? It must be said that understanding the specifics of each device is not always easy.

But rest assured: it is above all about knowing how to identify the key points. Here are the criteria that will allow you to objectively assess the interest of an iron.


Entry-level irons typically cost around $ 25 or $ 30. They do not very feature-rich but may be sufficient for some people.

  • Rather, the best value for money is somewhere between $ 40 and $ 60.
  • Strong, fast, and feature-rich high-end models are priced around $ 100-120.

Steam Flow

Steam flow is one of the most important characteristics of irons. The higher it is, the more marked their effectiveness.

However, many manufacturers do not display it. It is therefore important to rely on customer reviews or guides, in order to get a better idea of ​​the performance offered.

A fairly standard flow rate (and sufficient for the vast majority of tasks) is 35 grams/minute. Warning, be careful:

some brands, instead of showing the continuous flow, display the maximum achievable flow, often much higher, but available only for a few moments in boost mode.


Very often it is around 1500 watts. More than the efficiency of ironing, it is on the heating time that the power has an impact. A more powerful device is generally used more quickly.


It is very often made of stainless steel. Today, the vast majority of soles are profiled or equipped with a notch. The goal is to make it easier to iron certain places like cuffs, cuffs, etc. Some soles have numerous micro-perforations to provide more even ironing.


The typical capacity of iron reservoirs is 300 ml, which corresponds to 10 fl oz. The larger the tank, the more runtime you have, which can be important if you often iron a large number of clothes at once.


The vast majority of irons allow you to adjust the temperature. Usually, the dial indicates not the precise temperature, but the type of fabric processed by each setting.

The adjustment is done almost systematically by means of a dial placed directly under the handle. On some models, it is also possible to choose the steam flow separately.

This can be useful if you know exactly what you are doing, and you are dealing with textiles with a particular design or made up of several materials that are very different from each other.

There are also functions that are very frequently available, such as the vertical jet or the spray, respectively practical for quickly smoothing clothes or ironing drapery and for getting rid of creases faster.


Most irons work by producing steam and with a very hot metal soleplate. In other words: you must be careful when handling them, and not leave them within the reach of children or pets, who could seriously injure themselves.

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