Best Heated Mattress Pad Consumer Reports

You don’t sleep as well as before, and you would like to make your bed more comfortable? Do you have trouble closing your eyes in winter because of the cold? In both of these cases, one of the most accessible and simple solutions is to get a heated mattress pad.

The great advantage of this device compared to other products (hot water bottle, blanket) is that it offers much greater consistency and homogeneity of heating.

It is quick to install: it is generally placed directly between the mattress and the fitted sheet, or even directly on the fitted sheet.

Best Heated Mattress Pad Reviews

I have mentioned the best-heated mattress pads on my list. You can simply check the below one by one.

#5 Sunbeam heated mattress pad Reviews

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Don’t feel like spending hours looking for a super fancy heated mattress cover, just want a product that performs well, at a fair price, and can accommodate different sensibilities? The Sunbeam Electric Heated Mattress Pad should easily convince you.

What we think of the Sunbeam Electric Heated Mattress Pad

The construction of this product is quite simple: it is a 100% polyester and non-woven model. However, there are no lifespan issues to report – you also get a 5-year limited warranty. What’s more, the welcome is soft and pleasant and complements a high-quality mattress.

This mattress topper has the particularity of offering 10 temperature settings: it will therefore satisfy everyone, even the most cautious.

Especially since the heating is very efficient, and the ThermoFine technology ensures a homogeneous and continuous distribution of heat. You get the sleep you want.

Sunbeam has thought about safety, by equipping its product with an automatic shutdown function (10 hours). The manufacturer has also made sure to offer you easy maintenance: you can remove the electrical elements and wash the fabric in the washer or dryer, which is not the case with all competitors.

On the Queen version, you have two remote controls, each allowing you to control one side: this is perfect if you and your significant other do not share exactly the same design of a comfortable bed.

One of the great strengths of this mattress cover is that it easily appeals to many people: adults, children, victims of excessive fatigue or lower back pain, etc.

We just note that the temperature control is a bit difficult to turn: someone with particularly fragile hands or with a disability may find it unpleasant.

What’s Good

  • Suitable for pain relief, extremely effective against cold.
  • 10 temperature settings and ThermoFine technology, irreproachable comfort.
  • Suitable for mattresses up to 16 ” thick.
  • Washer and dryer compatible ( by removing the electrical elements ).
  • Very large temperature range

What’s Bad

  • Not ideal for delicate hands

#4 Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

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Are you ready to invest a little more in a higher quality of construction, which will improve the reception and can help alleviate certain pains?

The Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad, therefore, appears to us to be a very good solution, ideal for combating lower back pain.

What we think of the Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

This mattress topper looks a lot like our 1 st choice, but with an enhanced construction: in fact, it is quilted and has a density of 140 threads per square inch, which offers greater strength and further improves comfort. Logically, the price is also a little higher.

The device to regulate the temperature may seem a little difficult to turn, but this is the only slight problem that we note.

Many users report that the Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad has helped them overcome or cope better with back pain or arthritis concerns.

It must be said that it is able to adapt to various heat and sleep preferences since it offers no less than 10 temperature settings.

We recommend it in particular for the elderly who have difficulty falling asleep. You save yourself any stress, thanks to the automatic shutdown.

And you do not need to provide major maintenance efforts either: a passage in the machine then in the dryer is sufficient (remember to remove the electrical elements).

Finally, ThermoFine technology allows the temperature to be constant. This means, when you’ve found what works for you, you’ll stay warm all night long, without wasting and without excess. Homogeneity is also at the rendezvous.

On the Queen model, it is possible to opt for different settings on the left and right.

What’s Good

  • The ideal heated mattress cover for the elderly.
  • Comfortable and strong design, ideal for relieving arthritis and muscle soreness.
  • The choice between 10 temperatures, homogeneous and constant heating ( ThermoFine ).
  • Machine clean, tumble dry ( without electric element ).
  • Designed for use with mattresses up to 16 ”thick.

What’s Bad

  • Hard to turn control

#3 MaxKare Heated Mattress Pad

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Before investing a large sum, would you like to try an accessible product that is intuitive and pleasant to use? The MaxKare heated mattress cover is able to meet your expectations: it is arguably one of the easiest to configure.

What we think of the MaxKare heated mattress cover

According to the majority of buyers, this product offers a very satisfactory level of comfort. Some note that you can feel the threads a little, but without it becoming bothersome. The plush and sturdy velour design keeps you cozy and warm when snuggled up under your duvet.

The structure is lint-free, and the mattress cover can be cleaned directly in the washer, so you don’t have to worry much about maintenance. Nor, for that matter, for the configuration.

In fact, the remote controls, which each control one side of the heated mattress topper, are equipped with a screen allowing you to read your settings, and buttons allowing you to choose the temperature (10 levels) or to adjust the automatic shutdown (of 1 to 9 hours, per hour). It’s fast and intuitive.

The sockets for the controls are on the side: this makes access convenient, but a few buyers point out that a position towards the “bottom” of the heated mattress pad could have been a little more comfortable and aesthetic.

That said, MaxKare still put a lot of effort into the design. Despite the low price, you enjoy a pretty and modern object, the gray version is elegant and decorates your bed with sobriety.

User safety has been taken into account by the manufacturer, and the product is protected against overheating and short circuits.

Finally, it is hypoallergenic. In addition to being able to relieve some back pain and help you fall asleep more easily, it, therefore, has the potential to significantly improve the nights of people who are sensitive to dust mites or have certain skin problems.

What’s Good

  • The easiest to use.
  • Temperature controls with display and buttons for settings.
  • Overheating and short circuit protection.
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Modern design easily adapting to all bedding.
  • Washer compatible ( without electrical elements ).

What’s Bad

  • The positioning of the sockets.

#2 Beautyrest Cotton Blend Heated Mattress

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For you, is security a major issue? Not only do you want to sleep better, but you also want to be able to close your eyes and spare yourself any source of stress?

In this case, the Beautyrest heated mattress cover, comfortable and attentive to the health of the users, is a choice to consider.

What we think of the Beautyrest heated mattress cover

UL certified, this product has one key feature: Beautyrest designed it to limit the presence of electromagnetic radiation as much as possible.

The health, safety, and comfort of users have therefore been taken into account to the maximum, and you can rest easy.

This is all the more true as this mattress topper is also equipped with an automatic shut-off function (after 10 hours).

You have two remote controls (Queen size), which are very easy to use, just press the buttons. Besides the automatic shutdown, you can adjust the heat.

5 levels are available: we would have liked a bit more versatility because today a number of heated mattress covers offer 10 temperature levels. But in practice, it is likely that the majority of users will manage to find a setting suited to their requirements.

Note that the preheating of this model is particularly effective. So you should really appreciate it if you are one of those who like to bundle up under the blanket and really relax in a cozy bed. If you are very sensitive to the cold, it can help you get to sleep faster.

The cotton-polyester design offers a soft welcome while ensuring excellent strength. The quilted weave guarantees softness, volume, and a prettier appearance. The Beautyrest mattress cover is a good value for the money.

In addition, it is quick to maintain: after unplugging the controls, you can simply use a washer. You can also do a little more regular cleaning by hand, which will allow you to enjoy a mattress topper that’s always fresh, cozy, and clean.

What’s Good

  • The best security guarantees.
  • Product thought to limit electromagnetic radiation.
  • 5 temperature levels and automatic shutdown after 10 hours.
  • Preheating function, to sleep in a real cozy cocoon.
  • Machine washable ( by unplugging the controls ).
  • Suitable for mattresses up to 19 ” thick.

What’s Bad

  • Only 5 temperature settings

#1 Electrowarmth Queen Heated Mattress Pad

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Are you demanding, and looking for a durable and versatile product that will really help you relax at night? The ElectroWarmth M60 is a high-end solution, which can help you find healthier sleep while saving you energy.

What we think of the ElectroWarmth M60

The ElectroWarmth M60 is a 100% polyester mattress topper, but particularly well designed, with an extremely comfortable and warm welcome.

Once placed under a fitted sheet, as recommended by the manufacturer, you do not feel the threads and you enjoy a really cozy bed and adapted to your desires.

Indeed, 10 heat settings are available.

Moreover, this model is particularly efficient. Not only does it heat up quickly and well, but it is able to maintain a constant temperature for a long time. It stops automatically after 10 hours.

In certain situations, its efficiency will allow you to turn off the heating and save energy, making the device profitable despite a purchase price slightly higher than the average.

The ElectroWarmth MF60 is also equipped with a safety shutdown function: if a problem or danger is detected, it switches off automatically.

Robustness is also a very good point, and you get a 1-year warranty, as well as a 30-day money-back policy.

Depending on the size and your personal preference, you may have one or two remotes. These have a screen, an on/off button, and two adjustment buttons: one to raise the temperature, the other to lower it. It’s very simple and accessible to almost everyone, even fragile people.

Once your back and stress have been relieved, it would be a shame to have to go to great maintenance efforts. Rest assured, you won’t have to, since this heated mattress cover can be machine cleaned and dried.

What’s Good

  • The best for saving money.
  • 10 very efficient heating levels, no need to heat the room.
  • Safety shutdown in case of dangerous use, automatic shutdown 10 hours.
  • ElectroWarmth system providing constant heat.
  • Ultra-simple settings (one screen, and two buttons).
  • Dryer and washer compatible ( by removing the electrical elements ).

What’s Bad

  • Purchase price higher than average

Buying Guide Best Heated Mattress Pad Consumer Reports

Choosing a good mattress is already very difficult and time-consuming, so you probably don’t want your heated mattress cover to ruin your experience! To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to be particularly attentive to certain criteria, which are below.


You can count between $ 100 and $ 300, depending on the size, build quality, and adjustment possibilities offered. Generally, the more you play, the more you will enjoy a nice and comfortable finish.

At around $ 130 or $ 150, you are already starting to find products that offer good value for money, which the majority of buyers are satisfied with.

Size And Number Of Orders

The sizes are theoretically standardized but do not hesitate to check the measurements, some manufacturers have their own system or specific proposals.

Usually, there is 1 order for small sizes, 2 for large. This allows for different temperature control on the left and right, which is ideal for couples who don’t share the same conceptions of warmth and comfort.

Heat Levels

There are very often 10 levels of heat available, it is now a market standard. They generally range from slightly cozy to very warm, and the vast majority of people stick with the first four levels.

In addition to the heat levels, be aware that the uniformity of heating and the speed of preheating are also important. In addition, it is useful that your mattress cover is equipped with technology ensuring a constant temperature, to avoid unpleasant variations during the night.

Automatic Shutdown

Although the majority of models have an automatic shut-off function, it often comes after 10 hours without the possibility of adjustment. This is great additional security, but if you are sensitive to heat, you may wake up during the night.

This is why, on certain high-end models, it is possible to really configure the automatic shutdown, per hour or half-hour: you stress less, and you do not wake up.

Remote Control

Two systems exist: with a wheel or with buttons. The first is very intuitive, but the dial is sometimes complicated to turn for fragile people. The second may require a slight adaptation time, but is easily usable by everyone.

The presence of a screen, indicator lights, or a light is a real plus. This allows you to see more clearly at night, and to immediately know where you are in your settings.

Material And Aesthetic

In the world of heated mattress covers, polyester is king. This is not necessarily a bad thing: it is a sturdy material, and the quality also depends a lot on the weaving. For example, a good density of threads per square inch provides superior durability and comfort.


We do our best to provide you with a comparison allowing you to choose the best-heated mattress cover possible. If we missed any information or new models, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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