Best Handheld Shower Head Consumer Reviews & Reports

Without a showerhead, you won’t have a proper shower. In addition to its main function which is to provide water jets, this device also influences the decoration of your bathroom. This is why it is essential to leave nothing to chance when purchasing this material.

To differentiate the quality of one model from another and know how to choose the best handheld showerheads consumer reports of 2020, first take a moment to compare their design material, spray type, flow rate, and design.

Top 5 Best Handheld Shower Head Consumer Reports

  • Hansgrohe Water Jets Hand Shower
  • Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 Hand-Held
  • Vitamin C Shower Head Filter Handheld
  • Hansgrohe Raindance Handheld Shower Head
  • Hansgrohe Croma 100 Handheld Shower

#5 Hansgrohe Water Jets Hand Shower

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The Hansgrohe 26685400 ranks in the best product category thanks to its flow limiter. This device is created to keep the water flow at 9 liters/minute, a saving of 40% of water and energy. Benefiting from universal design, it is supported by all hot water production systems, taps, and hoses in the bathroom.

The use of this material is very advantageous since it is equipped with 4 different types of jets, namely the “rain”, “normal”, “shampoo” and “jet massage”. Moreover, the device produces a jet of 10 cm in diameter to provide optimal coverage. For convenience in use, the pommel is made with an ergonomic handle.

If this product is favored in our comparison, it is also thanks to the high-quality materials adopted for its construction. In addition, it comes with the “QuickClean” anti-limescale system which consists of easily removing residues on the pins with your fingers.

What’s Good

  • Economical: This model can convince you if you want to know where to buy the best shower head, the most economical at the moment because it can limit the expenditure on water and energy.
  • Versatile: Users who have had the opportunity to test this product are won over by the possibility of choosing between the 4 water jets available.
  • Longevity: The durability of this article is optimized thanks to the association of high-end materials with an effective anti-lime system.

What’s Bad

  • Installation: The pommel design was too straight. Therefore it was necessary to have adjustable support to keep its position horizontal in order to avoid the jets flooding the room.

#4 Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 Hand-Held

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This product is considered the best shower head on the market because of its many features. To begin with, the device has 4 different water jets (rain, pure, concentrated, shampoo) that you can easily select according to the type of relaxation you are looking for. However, the water flow is well-balanced thanks to the “DreamSpray” technology.

The pommel is also well thought out to avoid the problems of burns. Indeed, its internal part benefits from optimal insulation to prevent overheating of the surface. In addition, the chrome surface is provided with additional protection. The durability of this device is also reinforced with the anti-lime system adopted in this article.

Beautifully designed, this product benefits from a chrome finish that resists scratches. It will have no trouble finding its place in any bathroom. Also, note that this model is available in two sizes. In all cases, its handling and maintenance are simplified.

What’s Good

  • Efficiency: This article is included in this classification since it provides real moments of relaxation thanks to the different water jets available and to the technology that balances the water flow.
  • Safe use: There is no risk to you that you will burn because the pommel is designed with an insulation system. That’s not all, since it is also protected from limestone.
  • Convenience: Buyer reviews favor this model because of its ease of use and ease of cleaning.

What’s Bad

  • Slippery: Despite many positive reviews for this item, some buyers have claimed that the handle has a tendency to slip due to lack of grip.

#3 Vitamin C Shower Head Filter Handheld

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This model is an economical shower head because it has workmanship that can reduce water consumption. This is done using technology that increases the pressure up to 200%. In this sense, it will be more effective in removing the soap layer on your skin in a short time.

The rain mode provides a pleasant feeling when you take your bath. In addition, the article has natural bioactive stones and vitamin C. Thanks to this, it filters the water properly to remove rust, heavy metals, or bacteria. As a result, you will enjoy a healthy shower.

It is also suitable for different types of standard hoses. You can then install it, without having to use any tools. The “respect for the environment” aspect is also essential when you are wondering which shower head to choose. The material used here is indeed ecological.

What’s Good

  • Economical: Thanks to the technology integrated into this specimen, it offers a pressure of up to 200% for the jet. As a result, it will allow you to save 30% of water compared to a standard model. The rain effect will also bring pleasure during the shower.
  • Easy to assemble: Can be matched to a standard hose, this product is easy to install. You won’t even need any tools to perform this task.
  • Environmentally friendly: The material chosen for this prototype meets ecological standards.

What’s Bad

  • Looks fragile: The transparent part looks quite delicate. Users are afraid that it will break after a fall.

#2 Hansgrohe Raindance Handheld Shower Head

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Knowing how to choose the best shower heads of 2020 will help you spruce up your bathroom. The Hansgrohe Raindance Select, for example, is popular for its premium materials. It offers an elegant finish while having a long lifespan. Therefore, it will accompany you for a long time.

With 3 jets, you can adapt the mode according to your wishes. By choosing Whirl Air, you will enjoy a relaxing massage. The Rain Air presents a rain effect sprinkled with air. But there is also the Rain, for a classic shower. To change modes, all you need to do is press a button. This ergonomic construction will make your moments in the bathroom more pleasant.

Made with an anti-lime system, it will prevent you from having dry skin after your bath. In addition, the water flow of 9 L per minute promises total satisfaction, without unnecessary consumption.

What’s Good

  • 3 Modes: You can select the Rain which offers a classic rain effect. The Rain Air has almost the same characteristics, but with a breath of air to improve the sensations. There is also the Whirl Air, which will massage your body to relax you.
  • Ergonomic: To change mode, you just need to press a button, which makes it easier to use.
  • Anti-lime: This design will allow you to enjoy healthier water. It also saves you from using the skin moisturizer after every shower.

What’s Bad

  • Difficult installation: According to some opinions, it is not easy to put it in the shower holder.


#1 Hansgrohe Croma 100 Handheld Shower

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Before determining where to buy the best shower head, one should emphasize its practicality. The Hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario has 4 different jets ensuring you have a good time depending on your needs. You can set it to Rain, normal, Shampoo, or massage.

You can use it to relax your muscles in the evening, opt for a rain effect in the morning when it is too hot to cool off, take a simple shower, or adapt it for when you wash your hair.

The emission intensity is also adjusted by turning the jet disc. It will then be more efficient. The design of this inexpensive specimen allows it to be installed on a large number of valves or hoses.

This versatile side will facilitate assembly. In addition, this reference has an ergonomic handle. You can, therefore, handle it easily.

What’s Good

  • Adjustable: This model has 4 different spray modes, namely Shampoo, Normal, Massage, and Rain. Each will adapt to your expectations to offer you a pleasant moment of relaxation in the shower.
  • Practical: This article also has a system to change the pressure. You just need to turn the jet disc to choose the intensity that suits you.
  • Versatile: Thanks to its manufacture, this equipment adapts to a large number of hoses and mechanical and thermostatic valves.

What’s Bad

  • Classic design: Some consumers would have liked to have had a more innovative style for this model. It is certainly stylish, but many are looking for a more modern appearance.


How To Choose Best Handheld Shower Head Consumer Reports

Given the variety of handheld showerheads, it may not always be easy to decide on one or the other. However, if you do not want to go wrong in choosing your model, it is of great importance to base yourself on certain purchasing criteria.


The showerheads that are currently on sale have several options that are all equally interesting. This is how a large number of manufacturers do not hesitate to develop connected models.

This means that by using your phone, you will have the possibility of always having an eye on your water management.

Likewise, you will see that on some models LED lamps are installed to reproduce a beautiful lighted atmosphere that can be single-colored or multicolored.

In other cases, the color of the lighting may also change as the water temperature changes. As for the anti-lime properties, they are very practical in that they prevent you from coming into contact with the limestone.


If showerheads are renowned for their robustness, it is in large part thanks to the material used in their design. Indeed, it is very often the use of ABS that is preferred in these cases. Very strong, it is able to withstand both corrosion and impact.

In addition, it can take several aspects that contribute to the diversification of the models available on the market. However, some showerheads are also made of stainless steel.

Design and Ergonomics

When you get your shower head, you’ll notice that they come in quite a variety of sizes and shapes. This is how you will see some that are transparent while others are not.

There are also some that are round, square, or in the form of rectangles. There are plenty of choices, so you have a better chance of getting your hands on the model that’s right for you.


When it comes to shower head prices, they very often vary depending on the type of materials that were used in the manufacture. Thus, if the most expensive can cost you around a hundred euros, the least expensive have prices around 10$.


Hope all of my advice has been helpful to you and you can find the showerhead that makes your bath time go from a necessity to a relaxing time at home.

Enjoy a better standard of living with this simple and inexpensive device! It is also an ideal forgiving.


1: How do I descale a showerhead?

Start by unscrewing the nut that connects the hose to this element. Put water to boil in a saucepan and pour in white vinegar of about 40 cl. Immerse the pommel in this mixture and leave it there for a period of 5 hours. Use a sponge to remove the tartar. And in case you can’t get it off, use a toothbrush. All you have to do is rinse and dry.

2: How to change a showerhead?

Undo the nut to be able to remove the old knob. Check the seal by looking at the quality of the seal. Replace it if necessary. Once it’s done, install the new model and put the clamp back on.

Send the water to see if the product you purchased is leaking. If so, redo each step with emphasis on waterproofing. It is important to prevent water from passing through the joints, as this will reduce the pressure and therefore the quality of the shower.

3: LED shower head how does it work?

This type of device has been designed to make your shower more pleasant and help you feel better when you take a bath. To do this, the pommel has a mini generator that works thanks to the pressure of the water.

You will then not have to spend energy on the LEDs to light up. In addition to being economical, this system offers a good design and does not present any danger.

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