Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reviews & Reports

It’s hard to resist the call of beautiful, silky smooth hair when you yourself have slightly wavy or even completely curly hair. Long criticized, modern straighteners fortunately no longer have the defects of their ancestors and allow hair to be smoothed while respecting its nature and needs.

Using the most modern technologies, impregnated with keratin and/or tourmaline, today’s hair straighteners even have adjustable thermostats and are true allies for today’s women. Discover my selection of best hair straighteners consumer reports that do not damage the hair as well as the opinions of users.

Top 5 Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

#5 GHD Classic Original IV Hair Straightener

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The GHD Gold Classic straightener allows you to enjoy professional-quality straightening, at home! Highly efficient, it is particularly distinguished by its plates covered with a lacquered coating in conductive aluminum and equipped with a ceramic heater.

GHD Gold has a combination of these two materials is ideal and allows for easy styling: the plates slide easily over the hair and offer an impeccable result in a single pass.

This model has other advantages: thanks to its rounded body and its plates with 3D contours, it allows you to curl the hair or achieve a particularly trendy wavy effect in just a few gestures.

It is therefore advisable for those who like to change their style, day after day! Small and light, this GHD model is easy to handle and has some interesting options including thermoregulation and an automatic standby mode after half an hour, ideal for the dizziest.

What’s Good 

  • Aluminum plates and premium design
  • Long-lasting smoothing hold
  • High-performance ceramic heater

What’s Bad

  • No manual temperature setting
  • The high price even if justified


#4 Remington S5525 Pro Straight Extra Wide Plates

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This straightener is adjustable to 5 different temperatures, ranging from 150 to 230 ° C. The adjustment is easily done thanks to a small LCD screen.

Thanks to its rapid heating system, the iron is ready in just 15 seconds. It is equipped with a locking function to avoid accidentally changing the setting during use.

Its heating plates are ceramic coated for the optimal protection of the hair and for an even distribution of heat. These are 110mm long and 45mm wide floating plates, which allow you to smooth quickly and effectively. The plates are lockable, so the iron takes up as little space as possible when you want to store or transport it.

It is equipped with a rotating power cord for added convenience during use. It is also equipped with universal voltage, so you can use it wherever you go, including abroad. It comes with a heat-resistant storage pouch.

What’s Good

  • The large dimensions of the plates for even faster smoothing
  • Ultra-fast heating time
  • Safety with temperature lock, plate locking, and shutdown
  • Heat resistant pouch included

What’s Bad

  • The plastic of the iron which heats up a lot, you have to be careful not to burn yourself


#3 Ceramic Hair Straighteners Hair Straightener

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The Furiden hair straightener is innovative due to its cylindrical design. It is equipped with a directional switch: this involves turning the handle to turn the appliance on or off, or to modify the temperature. Its cylindrical design also makes it a 2 in 1 hair straightener, since it is particularly suitable for creating curls.

The temperature of this iron is adjustable between 120 and 230 ° C and thus adapts to all types of hair, whether fine, damaged, thick, or even curly. The selected temperature will be reached in just 15 seconds to save you time. Once your smoothing is finished, the device will automatically turn off after 1 hour of inactivity, if you ever forget to turn it off.

The heating plates are ceramic coated and are floating, that is to say, they adapt to the movements of your wrist for a better result on your hair. They also integrate the ionic function which fights against static electricity of the hair and guarantees a result without the frizz.

What’s Good

  • The possibility of locking it to avoid accidents
  • It has a 2in1 side which allows it to be used as an extra curling iron
  • The original design of this iron

What’s Bad

  • The plates a little too smooth which let the hair slide too thin


#2 KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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The Kipozi hair straightener offers numerous temperature settings between 80 and 230 ° C, with three pre-set temperatures for easy use.

The adjustment is easily done thanks to the LCD screen on which you can see the degrees scrolling. It offers an automatic shut-off adjustable between 30 and 180 minutes of inactivity, for more safety.

It is equipped with floating titanium plates for better flexibility of use. These reach the previously selected temperature in just a few seconds.

They are 2.5cm wide, which makes them very practical for use on short hair, or to use this iron as a curler.

This iron is particularly suitable for travel: it is very light, it is equipped with a hanging hook and it comes with a velvet storage pouch. It also has a dual-voltage function which makes it usable everywhere, even abroad.

What’s Good

  • The speed of heating is good
  • Featherweight that allows you to take it everywhere
  • Minimum temperature of 80 ° C for very damaged hair

What’s Bad

  • Absence of protective technologies


#1 Karmin G3 Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener

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As gifted at the hairdressing salon as at home, the Karmin G3 Salon Pro achieves the same results as a professional straightening, but at home.

With its 100% ceramic plates and negative ions, this straightener heats up instantly while ensuring shiny, silky hair, free of static electricity.

Thanks to its infrared heat, it also provides a smoothing that lasts longer. While it smooths perfectly, it is also able to curl and easily create movements in the hairstyle thanks to its rounded body which allows the hair to be rolled up.

What’s Good

  • An assortment of size alternatives is available for any hair
  • It has a dependable quality
  • A 3-year guarantee convention is accessible
  • It very well may be utilized both for fixing and making twists, waves, and curves

What’s Bad

  • A bit costly as compare to other products


Buying Guide For Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

Before proceeding with the purchase of hair straighteners, you need to take into consideration several parameters. Check the technical characteristics of each model and immediately eliminate those that do not meet your criteria of choice.

The Type of A Straightener

If the cordless straightener offers absolute freedom of movement, the corded model must have on average a cord of 2 to 3 m. This will prevent you from getting burned. Note that the corded model and the cordless straightener both offer the same performance. Only autonomy remains the drawback of the cordless straightener.

Coating of The Plates

In white ceramic, yellow ceramic, or black ceramic, the models equipped with ceramic plates offer a homogeneous distribution of heat. They do not catch the hair and are perfectly suited to fine and fragile hair.

The titanium straightener is also lighter and stronger, but not suitable for colored hair. In addition, the tourmaline coating is ideal for all types of hair, even damaged and colored ones. It has the advantage of effectively eliminating static electricity.

Size of The Plates

This parameter depends on the length of your hair. Mini straighteners can go all the way to the root of the hair while the classic wide plate model cannot. However, they are great for medium to long hair. Typically they are 3 x 9cm (W x L)


The temperature also depends on your hair type and the results you expect. For example, a temperature between 80 ° and 150 ° is very suitable for fine and damaged hair.


For a cheap and efficient straightener model, count from € 15. In short, the straightener price range is between 15 to 150 $.


Changing your hairstyle at any time is now possible if you decide to use a straightener. This straightening device is now an integral part of the hairdressing and beauty accessories of any self-respecting woman, such as the blower brush, the healing brush, the curling iron, the curlers, the straightening hairbrush, the curling irons, the shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, manicure and pedicure products, brushing, head wash, hair extensions, anti-hair loss products, spray, clip-on extension, UV lamp, wig.

However, it is essential to choose the most suitable model for each type of hair. This ensures optimal results and increased efficiency. How do I choose the ideal straightener for my hair? How to use it? In short, all the information you need to find your straightener and master it perfectly is available in this guide.


1:How much water to insert in a steam straightener?

The amount of water depends on the tank in question. Indeed, some models like the L’oréal Steampod have a greater reserve than others. As the external tanks are larger than those built into the straighteners, they can, therefore, accommodate a larger quantity of demineralized water.

In either case, make sure the tank is never empty if you want the benefits of steaming. No need to fill it to the brim, but three quarters is more than enough.

2: How long does it take for the device to be ready for use?

It depends entirely on the model in question. Some hair straighteners have the advantage of being quick to heat up while others will take longer.

This information is usually given by the manufacturer during the purchase or on the instructions for the straightener. That said, you can check it out for yourself by turning on the steam.

To do this, you must either press the emission button or close the heating plates on themselves, and then reopen them. If steam is coming out, your hair straightener is ready to use.

3: Which plate width should you choose?

As with conventional straighteners, the width of the plates depends on your type of hair. Indeed, if you have short and fine hair, it will be useless to opt for wide plates, it could make the task more difficult.

On the other hand, if you have thick and fairly long hair, then wide plates will prove to be a better choice since they will allow you to process more hair at once. Therefore, you will save time during each straightening session.

4: Can you curl your hair with a steam straightener?

The answer is yes, but of course, that depends on the model of straightener in question. If the steam straightener incorporates a thin and long design, then it will be easier to achieve curls. Having said that, if the model in question is rather wide then don’t expect to achieve nice curls, but light waves can still be an option.

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