Best Gas Stove Consumer Reports

In life, do you have two passions: travel and food? As much to tell you that there are many of us in this case! To cook whatever pleases you when you are camping or hiking, there is a simple solution that has long been proven to work – the best gas stove.

However, there are many choices to be made with this type of product: a number of burners, size, power… it is easy to get lost, especially when the technical data sheets are not always crystal clear. That’s why we decided to save you time.

Best Gas Stove Reviews

I came up with a selection of the five best gas stoves that match all budgets and uses. A guide to knowing the essential criteria is also at your disposal.

  • GasOne GS-3400P Portable Dual Fuel Gas Burner
  • Coleman Gas Camping Stove
  • Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove
  • Coleman Gas Camping Stove
  • GasOne 200, 000 BTU Square Heavy

#5 GasOne GS-3400P Portable Dual Fuel Gas Burner

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Are you looking for a simple gas stove, which will allow you to prepare good meals during hikes or short stays, and you therefore want to favor compactness and practicality? The Gas One GS-3400P is a very suitable model, which has the advantage of being able to operate with butane or propane.

As the Gas One GS-3400P works with butane or propane (an adapter is included), it is suitable when the temperature drops below 0 ° C.

If we made it our first choice, it was mainly because of its ease of use. Thanks to piezo ignition, you don’t need to carry a lighter or matches with you: not only is it safer, but you also have less to think about if you go on a trip.

It is a compact stove, which has a burner and is quite light, especially when compared to the competition.

As part of a hike or a short stay, it allows you to boil water, and easily cook some vegetables or meat in a pan or pot. Some people also use it as a backup light in the event of a power failure.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a suitable location for it, as it has non-slip feet. This is not the only safe option, a system for stopping the gas flow and ejecting the cartridge are also provided, to avoid any risk if the flow becomes abnormally high.

Finally, note that the Gas One GS-3400P is delivered with a carrying case. It is practical, but some buyers nonetheless find it lacking in strength. This seems acceptable to us given the excellent quality/price ratio offered.

What’s Good

  • Piezo ignition: no lighter or matches are needed
  • Non-slip feet for easy installation wherever you want
  • Automatic shutdown system and cartridge ejection in case of a concern
  • Compact size suitable for hiking and short breaks
  • Comes with 1 propane adapter and 1 storage box

What’s Bad

  • Slightly fragile storage box

#4 Coleman Gas Camping Stove

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Do you trust well-established brands and buy a stove to have a good time with your family? In this case, the Coleman Classic Propane Stove is a two-burner model that you should like, especially since it is very good value for the money.

We no longer present Coleman, and this model is one of the great classics of the manufacturer. It is perfect when camping, to prepare meals for a family of four or five.

The two burners allow the positioning of kettles, pots, pans, or saucepans with maximum diameters of 25.4 and 30.5 cm (10 and 12 in).

They are each managed by a dial, however, be aware that the control you have over the fire remains modest compared to some more expensive references.

What we really love about this stove are Coleman’s signature technologies: PerfectHeat and PerfectFlow. They allow you, respectively, to benefit from a good power while consuming less fuel and to benefit from more homogeneous cooking.

The Coleman Classic Propane Stove has anti-wind panels. You can adjust them (to have enough room for your utensils), or use them as side shelves if the weather is nice.

For transport, nothing could be simpler: the stove closes directly, and you just have to take it with you. It logically takes up a bit more space than the single burner models, but it fits in a vehicle without any problems.

You do not have to worry about the robustness: the manufacturer remains here faithful to its good reputation in the matter.

What’s Good

  • A spacious stove that can accommodate 1 stove and 1 pot simultaneously
  • PerfectHeat technology to limit the use of fuel
  • Perfect flow system offering good cooking homogeneity
  • Adjustable wind panels that can be used as side shelves

What’s Bad

  • Low flame adjustability

#3 Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

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You never say no to a tasty barbecue, but most of the time you cook normally, and you would like to have only one product that can meet both requirements? That’s good, that’s precisely what Camp Chef EX60LW is.

Let’s start by highlighting the power of this propane stove: you have two burners that each deliver 30,000 BTU / hr, for a total of 60,000 BTU / hr. It’s very above average, and very useful at parties or family gatherings, for quickly preparing large amounts of food.

It’s also practical when camping and for long stays: you can taste what makes you happy and prepare tea or coffee. Anti-wind panels are provided to promote good cooking and limit safety risks.

The biggest strength of Camp Chef EX60LW is its versatility. Indeed, it is designed to accommodate Camp Chef accessories (to be purchased separately) such as grids, baking sheets, or even a pizza oven.

You can organize a barbecue while preparing pasta, soup, or vegetables in a casserole dish.

Although it is a bit taller than most of the competition, this product is still easy to transport, as it has large removable feet. As they are also adjustable, you enjoy good stability, even on uneven terrain.

The use is intuitive: the knobs allow you to choose whether you want a low, medium, or high heat. Thanks to the very good control offered, your vegetables, beef, or salmon will all be cooked to perfection, tender and juicy.

The two burners are made of cast aluminum, and the stove is naturally impeccably solid.

What’s Good

  • Can accommodate Camp Chef accessories (grids, plates, etc.)
  • Equipped with adaptable and removable feet, stable and easy to take anywhere
  • Very good flame control thanks to the levers
  • Burners in cast aluminum, excellent overall strength
  • Windproof panels for trouble-free cooking even in rough weather

What’s Bad

  • More expensive than the competition

#2 Coleman Gas Camping Stove

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Are you buying a gas stove as a precaution, to deal with possible blackouts and cook during short, impromptu stays? You probably don’t want to spend too much money. And that’s not necessary, since an accessible model like the Coleman Bottle Top should do just fine.

The operation of this product is very simple: you place it on a 1 lb propane cylinder, and that’s it. You can then put on the burner a pot, a pan, or a kettle with a diameter of 20 cm or 8 in. The power is rather impressive compared to the compactness: 10,000 BTU / h.

You get it: it’s more of a backup model, which can make your life easier if power outages are frequent where you live. The use is also pleasant in the context of short stays at the end of the week.

Nevertheless, Coleman was keen to offer a well-made tool. You benefit in particular from the two key technologies of the manufacturer. PerfectFlow regulates the flame to homogenize cooking, while PerfectHeat limits fuel consumption, which is more ecological and more economical.

In addition, a control handle is also provided: you have the option of adapting the flame to the task in hand, whether it is boiling water or keeping your dish of vegetables and poultry at the temperature. hot.

When it is very windy, you can still use the Coleman Boot Top, since it is equipped with wind protection devices. Of course, they don’t offer the same protection as the side panels on more expensive models, but it’s still very effective.

Finally, be aware that despite the low price generally offered for this product, the build quality is considered very good by the majority of buyers (which is not really a surprise when you know the brand).

What’s Good

  • Portable and easy to stabilize, fits directly onto the propane cylinder
  • Equipped with windproof devices to keep the flame safe
  • Joystick available
  • Wide base accommodates 8 ” / 20cm diameter utensils

What’s Bad

  • Use only for simple cooking

#1 GasOne 200, 000 BTU Square Heavy

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Are you looking for a gas stove, one burner is all you need, but you don’t want to go for entry-level options? Among the most interesting references, there is a particularly efficient and stable one capable of meeting the expectations of intransigent buyers: the Gas One.

If you order the Gas One B-5450, you will receive it fully assembled and immediately usable, which is always nicer! Simple in appearance, this gas stove is in fact a real powerhouse, capable of delivering up to 200,000 BTUs.

Suffice to say, therefore, that you will not have to wait too long for the water to boil or for the potatoes and vegetables placed in the casserole dish to cook. With a suitable spot, you can roast a turkey.

It also benefits from an excellent build quality. Indeed, the burner is made of cast iron while the feet are made of welded metal.

These are very practical because they allow the Gas One B-5450 to be easily stabilized on most surfaces, which makes it a good ally when camping in particular.

You are faced with a relatively compact and lightweight product, which is also ideal for pre-party parties or forgoing hunting and fishing.

Thanks to its exemplary solidity, you transport the Gas One B-5450 without stressing. It comes with a braided steel hose and runs on propane (so it can withstand the cold).

This stove is fairly easy to use but may seem a little less intuitive than other models. In fact, you don’t have a flame regulator.

On the other hand, you have a revolving panel that allows you to control the entry of oxygen, in order to obtain a flame as clear and blue as possible. It takes a little practice and mastery, but it’s very satisfying when you get there!

What’s Good

  • Cast-iron burner supported by a welded metal frame of great stability
  • No assembly required you receive the stove ready to use
  • Aeration control device
  • Supplied with a steel braided hose

What’s Bad

  • No control lever

Buying Guide For Best Gas Stove Consumer Reports

You do not know which model to get, you hesitate between a few references and would like to decide between them? Here are the key criteria to consider before buying a gas stove.


Many factors make the price vary: power, number of burners, build quality, etc. To enjoy an efficient and compact device, count a minimum of $ 40. Then the more expensive models can go over $ 200.

The Number Of Burners

On a stove, the number of burners is very important, since it corresponds to the number of kitchen utensils (pot, stove, etc.) that you will be able to place. Warning: don’t forget to also check the accepted diameters. There are usually one, two, or four burners.

The Power

Power is expressed in BTU / h. It’s no secret: the higher it is, the faster you will cook your food or boil water, and the more you choose a high-end model, the higher it tends to be.

Just note a small subtlety: often the total power is indicated, and then you have to divide it by the number of burners to get a closer idea of ​​the actual performance on each flame.

Ease Of Handling

In addition to the hose regulator, which serves to control the pressure and can be fitted with safety devices, the flame is generally regulated:

  • Via a simple joystick, like on a stove. It is intuitive to operate but sometimes lacks precision, especially on the cheapest models.
  • By means of aeration (you turn a plate to let in more or less oxygen). You have to learn to master the system, but it’s more precise and you have less trouble having a really blue flame.


As a general rule, we prefer a gas stove with controlled dimensions and light, especially if you are hiking and are going to have it on your back all day.

For camping and travel, if the transport is by car, size and weight are less important, choose models adapted to your cooking habits and the family appetite.

Adaptability And Stability

Some stoves come with removable and adjustable legs, making it easier to set them up wherever you want and store them afterward.


We do our best to offer you a comparison allowing you to choose the best possible gas stove in 2021. If we missed any information or new models, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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