Best Electric Grills Consumer Reports

Do you love to share a few grilled types of meat with friends or family? There are many of us in the same case. Unfortunately, some problems can arise.

For example, charcoal and gas are not recommended indoors. Neither is optimal for health. However, there is a solution: a barbecue or an electric grill.

This will allow you to enjoy equally tasty meats, poultry, vegetables, and fish, which will also prove to be healthier.

You can easily use it on the go, and the energy cost will be significantly reduced. If you have children, this is also a safer option, which does not require fuel.

 Hamilton Beach Electric Grill


Do you simply want to share friendly moments with your family, even in the heart of winter? You need a grill with the correct capacity that is easy to use.

Among the many options we have analyzed, the Hamilton Beach 25361 seems to us to be the one capable of satisfying a large majority of people.

What we think of Hamilton Beach 25361

Hamilton Beach is a brand with a good reputation, generally offering durable and robust products. This one is no exception. Your purchase also comes with a 5-year warranty.

This grill offers a cooking surface of approximately 760 cm² or 118 in². This is often 6 servings but varies depending on what you are making. It produces very little smoke, and will easily find its place in your kitchen.

It performs well, and you can set the temperature between 90 and 205 ° C, that is, 200 and 405 ° F. In other words: it is possible to cook fish, vegetables, poultry, and, of course, sear your meats. Getting started is extremely simple: you turn the dial, and you’re done.

What sets this model apart from the competition are two practical features. First, it has a preheat indicator light so you know exactly when to place your ground beef on the grill.

Then, the lid has a glass: you can thus control the cooking without having to systematically open the appliance. This is very comfortable, especially when you have to keep an eye on the children at the same time.

After the meal, you will not waste hours cleaning: the grid is non-stick and dishwasher safe. This is also the case for the cover and the drip tray, these three elements being removable.

Please keep in mind that the product cord is quite short, so you will need to place it in close proximity to an outlet, or use an extension cord.


  • The easiest grill to handle.
  • Observation window, to check the cooking of your food.
  • Super intuitive controls: just turn the dial.
  • Light to let you know when preheating is complete.
  • Dishwasher-safe lid, grid, and drip tray.


  • Fairly short cord
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window and Removable Easy-to-Clean Nonstick Plate, 6-Serving, Extra-Large Drip Tray, Stainless Steel (25361)
  • ENJOY OUTDOOR FLAVOR INDOORS. Grill your favorite foods year-round in any weather with this Hamilton Beach indoor grill. There's no need for a bulky, time-consuming outdoor grill that needs propane, charcoal or lighter fluid to heat up.
  • LOCK IN JUICES AND FLAVOR — SEAR AT 450° F. The high searing heat of 450° F (232° C) locks in juices and flavors to provide perfect grilling results for everything you sear on this electric grill, from steak and burgers to pork chops and fish fillets.
  • KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR FOOD: This indoor grill with hood comes with a convenient window in lid lets you watch food cook while keeping heat inside.
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN NONSTICK GRILLING PLATE. The nonstick grilling plate keeps food from sticking to this indoor electric grill as you cook and is removable and dishwasher safe, so there's no more endless scraping to remove stuck-on food.
  • VERSATILE GRILLING TEMPERATURES LET YOU GRILL EVERYTHING: From quick grilled shrimp and scallops to mushrooms, peppers and pineapple, there's almost no limit to the versatility of grilling, since the temperature adjusts from 200° F to 450° F.

Weber Electric Grill


Would you like to combine the advantages of electricity and traditional barbecue? Some electrical devices are capable of providing taste sensations very similar to those offered by gas or charcoal models. For example, Weber, a high-end reference, is offered by one of the leading brands in the sector.

What we think of the Weber

First observation: with its 1560 watts, the Weber Q2400 delivers significantly more power than the majority of its electric competitors.

This is normal, however, because the cooking surface to be covered is greater: here you benefit from 1806 cm², which corresponds to 280 in². You will be able to prepare a good meal for the whole family or to entertain a few friends.

But, more than the available space, it is above all the design quality that impresses on this product. The bowl and the lid are extremely resistant, made of cast aluminum. The parts are guaranteed for 2 to 5 years. The Weber paw is at the rendezvous.

The grid, meanwhile, is enameled cast iron. This material, also used on gas or charcoal models, has the main advantage of capturing heat very well. Thus, your croquettes, brochettes, or steaks cook evenly. They are much more pleasant on the palate.

The controlled dimensions and weight of the Weber Q make it easy to move, especially if you purchase the cart sold separately. It fits perfectly on the balcony of an apartment.

For maintenance, it is done quite quickly. You can get rid of cooking residues in a few moments thanks to a removable drip pan.

Finally, safety is ensured by an earthed cable: properly installed, this avoids the danger of electric shock.


  • The electric barbecue offering the best flavors.
  • Enamelled cast iron grill for even cooking.
  • Very solid, bowl, and lid in cast aluminum.
  • 1.8m / 6ft cable with grounding to prevent hazards.
  • Container to easily collect the cooking juices and facilitate maintenance.


  • Quite high purchase price
Weber Q2400 Electric Grill , Grey
  • 1560-watt electric heating element to heat 280 square-inch total cooking area
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
  • .Dimensions (Inches) Lid Open : ( H x W x D) - 26 x 31.5 x 25.1(Inches); :Dimensions - Lid Closed (inches) 14.5 H x 31.5 W x 19.5 D
  • Fully assembled out of box, Infinite control burner valve settings. Fuel type-Electric. Power-1,560 W/120 V
  • 6-foot grounded cord. The appliance should be supplied through a residual current device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30 mA

Starfrit Electric Smokeless BBQ Grill


You don’t feel like spending too much money, but the idea of ​​enjoying some kebabs and a juicy steak every now and then? Entry-level electric barbecues should be more than enough to satisfy your appetite. In this category, one of the best options is the Starfrit The Rock smokeless.

What we think of Starfrit The Rock Smokeless

This model is not 100% smoke-free, but it produces a lot less than most of its competitor’s thanks to a smart system. Before placing the plate on the drip tray, you add water to the latter.

As the cast aluminum grid is pierced, the cooking juices fall quickly into the liquid, and therefore cool much faster.

It’s simple and effective, but Starfrit has gone further: you have an opening that allows you to add a little water even during cooking if the need arises. Handling is, of course, to be done with caution.

Besides the smoke control, there is another interesting element about this product: The Rock’s non-stick surface, which is particularly effective. Food residues are removed in an instant, so cleaning is a simple matter.

The device is comfortable to own and use. You can set the temperature to sear a steak or cook kebabs and vegetables.

The grid, in total, offers a surface of 1032 cm², which is to say 160 po², but it is organized in a particular way: on the right as on the left, spaces are provided for the vegetables. This has a practical side but limits, for example, the number of steaks that can be prepared simultaneously.

It will take a little longer than on other models to prepare good meals, but you still benefit from even cooking and a power that meets market standards, 1200 watts. This is the model we recommend for occasional pleasure use, in small groups.


  • The best smoke management.
  • Recovery tank system in which water is poured beforehand.
  • Possibility to add water during cooking.
  • Cast aluminum plate drilled to promote grease flow.
  • The Rock non-stick coating: even cooking and easy maintenance.


  • A little slower than others.
  • The special arrangement of the plate.

 Starfrit Cookware Grill


For you, barbecue isn’t just about taste, it’s also a particular aesthetic? It is true that it is pleasant to have on your plate a piece of chicken or an appetizing steak, with ridged cooking lines. This feeling is sometimes hard to achieve with an electric grill, but the Starfrit The Rock Press-Panini can help you with that.

What we think of Starfrit The Rock Presse-Panini

You are here facing a product with an original and ingenious concept. It actually has two cooking grids. You can use them quite normally, flat. But one of them can be folded over the other.

It is thus placed on top of what you are cooking: it marks the food, and can, for example, give a delicious crisp to chicken wings.

But it’s especially great for steaks, burgers, and sandwiches. They gain flavor and texture while appearing more presentable. The capacity is 2 regular-size burgers, or 4 nice pieces of ground beef when using the machine at 180 °.

Getting started is extremely simple. To fold up the top grill, you have a large handle, which avoids getting burned. The hinge is self-adjusting, so you won’t have a problem, regardless of the size of the food.

Two LEDs are provided: one indicates when the product is on, the other when preheating is complete. It is possible to change the temperature according to your needs. The box includes a scraper and two small fat collection cups.

With Starfrit’s The Rock non-stick coating on the dishwasher-safe racks, pan juices and food scraps won’t stick too much. However, when you put the top rack back flat, it does happen that a bit of it drains onto the table.

Cleaning after use involves a little more effort on your part than with other models of electric barbecue.


  • The best for having nice and tasty sandwiches and steaks.
  • Folding rack over the top of the food, or can be used flat.
  • Large handle and self-adjusting hinge, making it easier to grip.
  • 2 racks with The Rock non-stick surface, dishwasher safe.
  • Preheating indicator light, temperature control dial.


  • Maintenance efforts to be provided
Starfrit 024500-001-0000 Electric panini Grill, 14.2X 12.6X 7.2, Black
  • Removable grill plates
  • Self adjusting floating hinge
  • Stainless steel cover
  • The Rock by Starfruit Electric Grill features Roc
  • Tec patented technology which ensures that the nonstick plates will heat evenly, will never stick and will never warp-assurance The Rock grill has an adjustable hinge to accommodate food of any size for grilling and toasting

Philips Smoke-less BBQ Grill


For you, the most important thing about barbecue is the basics: perfectly cooked beef and chicken? If this is your philosophy, but you cannot afford an outdoor device, there is a solution: you can get the Philips HD6371 / 94, which gives excellent results. on meats.

What we think of the Philips HD6371

Philips has chosen to combine quality and simplicity. You, therefore, benefit from truly intuitive handling of this product. You turn the switch, it lights up, then you place your food. There is nothing else to do.

Thanks to infrared technology, there is little smoke, especially when you prepare beef or chicken (without skin), two great barbecue classics that the device will allow you to enjoy in optimal conditions.

In fact, the temperature remains constant at 230 ° C, or 446 ° F. Your meats are therefore seared uniformly. On the outside, they turn brown nicely, while on the inside, the juice which gives them flavor and suppleness in the mouth is well preserved.

Note, moreover, that the latter is one of the only two parts of the grill: assembly is therefore almost immediate. For the second part, it is quite simply the grid. It is easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe.

The fat collection tray is not particularly difficult to maintain, but it must be washed after each use, which takes a little time. That’s an acceptable concession if you don’t use the device at all meals.

It is intended for indoor use. It allows you to share moments of conviviality with the family, around quality pieces of meat.

You can place it on a table without worrying too much about the awkward ones, as it has non-slip feet. It boasts an above-average power of 1660 watts, which results in appreciable speed.


  • The best for big beef and chicken lovers.
  • Always constant temperature for a nice browning of meats.
  • Ultra simple and fast ignition: you flip the switch, that’s it.
  • Almost no smoke thanks to infrared technology.
  • Ideal for indoor grilling, on the table, with the non-slip pads.


  • The interview could have been shorter.

Buying Guide 

You are now ready to buy the product you like. But are you sure this is the best you can find? Before ordering, it is useful to review its features. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Price

It is very variable for barbecues or electric grills!

The minimum price for a durable (but small capacity) device is around $ 50.

Many electric grills can be found between $ 60-80, but the prices can go much further, up to $ 300-400 for the best references.

For a more conventional “barbecue format” device, ideal for enjoying good kebabs both indoors and outdoors, prices generally range between $ 100 and $ 450.

It is especially the quality of manufacture and the cooking surface which vary.

Cooking Surface or Capacity

Capacity is often expressed in portions or portions by manufacturers.

Unfortunately, this method is imprecise, because everyone is free to integrate what suits them. This is why it is preferable to know the exact surface in cm² or in in², a more objective indicator.

In this context, it is estimated that 125 cm² is 20 in² equivalent to 1 person.

The Power

It is often 1200 watts. This is the current market standard.

Higher-end or large capacity models typically deliver 1600 watts or more, which allows them to cook a little faster.

The Grids

  • Grills are a key part of electric barbecues.
  • They are ideally equipped with a non-stick coating.
  • It can be proprietary (like The Rock from Starfrit), or in a specific material, like ceramic for example.
  • It facilitates cleaning.
  • They can be pierced or inclined to promote the flow of fat.
  • Most often, they are made of cast aluminum, or, on some high-end models, enameled cast iron. The latter option allows enhanced heat capture, resulting in uniform cooking.
  • There are electric grills, also called panini press, which are equipped with two grids: one can be folded onto the other, to simultaneously obtain beautiful golden streaks on both sides of your food. The hinge is usually adjustable, in case you need to cook some thick food.
  • The racks are almost always dishwasher safe.

The Drip Tray

Or a fat collection tray. When it is present, to really be a plus, it must be removable and be able to go in the dishwasher. The maintenance of your device can then become very short and very simple.

In some models, water can be placed in it to reduce smoke.

The Controls (Temperature and Timer)

To sear your meat, it is best to have a high temperature. To cook various foods (fish, vegetables, poultry, beef, game), it is better to be able to choose within a wide range.

  • The temperature can be constant or adjustable.
  • In the second case, you adjust it either via a dial or via a button.
  • The presence of a timer is safe and relieves stress. It is generally configured the same as the temperature.

Some references are equipped with a screen: it’s really practical, to check your settings at a glance.


Do not hesitate to exchange on the web with other fans of grills and barbecues. They will be able to give you tips and advice based on your favorite dishes and cooking plans.

We do our best to offer you a comparison allowing you to choose the best barbecue or electric grill possible. If we missed any information or new models, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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