Consumer Reports Best Adjustable Beds

Since our collective stress level is still at the highest level in history, a good night’s sleep is more important than ever. Although we have written many different best adjustable bed frames for all types of sleepers, including bed frames consumer reports recommended by interior designers, metal bed frames, and modern bed frames with storage space.

Adjustable bed frames used to be the backbone of hospitals and nursing homes, but they are no longer. Today, there are many options available for everyday household use. These frames allow you to raise and lower the head and feet of the bed, which can reduce discomfort and make it easier to find a comfortable position to read or watch TV.

Although there are relatively few adjustable bed frames compared with ordinary bed frames, the number of models on the market is still growing. There are many variations in price and quality, ranging from a few hundred dollars to expensive mature brands with ultra-luxury features.

If you want to buy an adjustable bed frame for your home, online consumer reviews and reviews are a good starting point. Most consumers independently test and evaluate products and provide support to other consumers to help you get the best product within your budget. 

Adjustable beds are a must for many sleepers. The term refers to any bed frame or box-spring bed that can be raised to the height of the head and/or feet to create different sleeping angles. In addition, many consumer reports best adjustable beds manufactured today to have various customizable functions. This includes massage surfaces, sleep trackers, and silent alarm clocks. Most modern recliners can also be configured for remote or wireless application control.

Different types of sleepers can benefit a lot from the use of adjustable beds. Severe snorers, including those with sleep apnea, can reduce the frequency of snoring by raising their heads at a specific angle. Elevating the feet can also help people with poor blood circulation or recovering from medical procedures. And because many adjustable beds provide dual adjustment functions, couples with different preferences can also feel comfortable and supportive.

Read on for more information about adjustable bed features, as well as buying tips and precautions. Below is a list of the ten most popular adjustable beds. Our selection is based on proven customer and owner experience, as well as in-depth product research and analysis.

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base:


The comfortable, adjustable bed frame Includes a wireless remote control with automatic preset positions that adapt to your comfort needs. The bed frame adopts a stylish and modern design while providing the perfect support for the mattress so that it will not slip. This bed frame is perfect for matching memory foam and latex mattresses, as well as adjustable spring mattresses for beds. This bed frame is perfect for watching TV, reading, or working on the computer. People with conditions such as sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD

 will also benefit from adjustable bed frames.

Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base is adjustable with massage cushion, wireless remote control and has three legs with USB port-ergonomic, extra-large, black

Add Classic Brands’ comfortable adjustable bed frame to turn your bedroom into the most commonly used space in your home. Enjoy the benefits of the lifestyle, such as watching TV, reading, working on a laptop, etc.

Relax with a soothing head and foot massage. The adjustable bed frame is a cheap alternative to more expensive ergonomic brands with the same functions

This comfortable adjustable bed frame is easy to synchronize, so you can raise and lower the USB port on each side of your king-size bed at the same time, and everyone can comfortably charge their devices in the bed. Different 5″ 7″ or combined standing height options to adjust the height of the adjustable base for a 12″ mattress support system. The mattress support rail prevents the mattress from sliding when the bed is raised and lowered and easy to assemble. 


  1. Platform design, but easily fits most traditional bed frames.
  2. Relieve back pain.
  3. Increase blood pressure.
  4. Helps fight sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.


  1. Expensive
  2. Similarly, if you have a high aesthetic, you are probably not an ideal customer for this bed.
Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote, Three Leg Heights, and USB Ports-Ergonomic, Full, Black
  • “Best-rated adjustable bed base” – New York Magazine, The Strategist, March 4, 2021
  • Product Dimensions :74.0 x 53.0 x 15.0 inches
  • Enjoy lifestyle and health benefits with the Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed/Ergonomic Bed with programmable elevation positions, head and foot massage, USB ports, and wireless remote.Whisper quiet adjustable bed base with separate ergonomic head and foot elevations; programmable settings for lounge, TV/PC, and zero-gravity positions
  • 3-speed separate dual head and foot massage so you can unwind, relax and soothe your body
  • Easy to use wireless remote with preset and programmable settings and for additional convenience two 1.5A USB ports are built in the base to charge your electronic devices


Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame:


Nectar provides adjustable bed frames that can be used with your Nectar mattress or any boxed mattress. This bed frame is great value for money. Although the adjustable bed looks complicated, it is not. Many of them are made by a few manufacturers, so these features are really what you want to get at the best price. 

The reinforced steel bar support, perfectly welded structure, making the entire frame more secure and stable, withstanding 3000 pounds of static pressure, preventing structural distortionwith their Unique design-the mattress is integrated into the steel frame to prevent sliding, multi-point footrests and solid square steel bars provide good weight support and double the life of the mattress; there are 11.5 inches of storage space below.

But there is no noise-damping pads are added to the steel frame for quiet use; the reinforced structure of the legs and the frame structure ensure that the platform does not creak; no bed frame is required and it is also easy to assemble by assembling a minimum of components, an integrated compact design can be completed in a few minutes without additional tools; 2 headboard parts with two holes, the headboard can be fixed at any time.


  1. 100-day trial version.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Very quiet motor.


  1. The remote control seems a bit outdated.
Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Bed Frame Maximum Storage Noise Free No Box Spring Needed, Black, Metal, Full
  • Unique sturdy design - metal construction for long-lasting and stable mattress support. The frame encloses the mattress to prevent slipping/ eliminates the need for a box spring
  • Modern Bedroom Furniture with storage – ample under-bed space with 13.5 inches clearance
  • Outer dimensions-76.5 x 55.5 x 14 inches/ inner dimensions-74.5 x 53.5 inches.
  • Height of the under bed frame size: 13 inch
  • Fast Furniture delivery / 5 year limited manufacturer warranty

 Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base:


Use the TEMPUR-Ergo® smart base with sleep tracking technology to take your sleep to the next level. TEMPUR-Ergo smart base creates a fully integrated system with personalized sleep analysis and guidance, plus a unique adjustable base that can automatically adjust the bed to respond to snoring so you don’t have to do this.

This smart base has an automatic response to snoring, The TEMPUR-Ergo smart base detects snoring and automatically raises the head in one position can reduce snoring.

you will receive a personalized sleep report and sleep assessment based on various biological, sleep, and environmental indicators. These include heart rate and breathing rate, awake time, duration of different sleep stages, and sleep efficiency. This score is used to represent the overall quality of sleep; it ranges from 0 to 100 and takes into account the total sleep time.

Based on more than ten years of sleep science research, Sleep tracker AI uses a pair of non-invasive sleep monitoring sensors to collect data without the use of handheld devices, microphones, or cameras. This secure and anonymous data collection allows users to turn off or even temporarily pause their sleep tracking at any time with a simple click.

At night, the sleep system tracks sleep stage and quality and summarizes them in daily consumer reports sent via email or easy-to-use smart device apps.

Make a sleep schedule by choosing when to fall asleep and when to wake up. In the optimal sleep stage, use the smart sleep cycle alarm clock to wake up at a specific time

Play white noise automatically or manually chooses from over 20 sounds or choose from your personal iTunes library. It also Controls your bedroom with almost unlimited postures, raises your head and feet to read, watch TV, or work.

You can relax on a massage mattress with two or four massage zones (2 for TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base and 4 for TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base).

Additionally, you also get a wireless remote control with illuminated buttons, adjustable feet, under-bed lighting, and a USB port.


  1. Zero gravity allows you to fall asleep in a posture that simulates weightlessness.
  2. Helps treat various diseases such as acid reflux and arthritis.
  3. Independent head and foot control.
  4. Ideal for severe snorers.
  5. Guardrails ensure that the bed will not slip off the base when raised.


  1. Heavy, Hard to move
  2. You pay a lot more than the recurring payments you receive
  3. If you want to add a headboard to this base, you need additional parts, which can be purchased separately.
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base, Full
  • AUTOMATIC SNORE RESPONSE: automatically senses snoring and raises your head to a position that may reduce snoring
  • PERSONALIZED SLEEP INSIGHTS: provides all-night insights and customized sleep coaching tips in an easy-to-use app
  • SMART HOME CAPABILITIES: seamlessly connects to your smart home device for control with simple voice commands
  • MOBILE APP: links to your base and manages your sleep data — available in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store
  • THE ADJUSTABLE BASE ADVANTAGE: perfect for spending extra time reading, working, or watching TV in bed. Comes with wireless remote and 2-zone massage

 Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+:


Our adjustable bed + has an advanced head and foot joints to achieve a variety of postures. Not only can you raise the head of the mattress to sit upright on the bed or lie down on a slope, but you can also save your position to repeat it over and over again. All joints improve comfort and sleep, the head can be adjusted to 70°, and the feet can be adjusted to 42°with fully equipped 18-key backlit ergonomic wireless remote control, 3 preset positions, including zero gravity, anti-snoring, and flat buttons

When you sit on the bed, the wall sliding technology of our base will keep you close to the wall and bedside table. When the mattress head rises, the panel moves back and forth instead of lifting you off the wall.

You can use the backlit wireless remote control to control the adjustable bed frame, so you can easily change the position even in a dark bedroom. 

Sleepers can also download mobile apps and adjust their beds with their smartphones. When you are not using your smartphone, you can use one of the USB ports on the base station to charge its battery. If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can configure an adjustable bed to respond to voice commands.

Perhaps our most notable feature is the adjustable + wave massager on the bed. Do you feel pain after a long day of exercise or hard work? Just lie down and let the massager on the bed soothe your pain. The full body massage has 3 intensity levels it has 4 modes including waveform, pulse, and constant modes, with a timer option of 10 to 30 minutes.

You can adjust the bed to the height of your favorite bed, just adjust the base to between 9 and 15 inches. Combined with one of our 10 to 14 inch thick mattresses, you can have a 19 to a 29-inch high bed.


  1. Independent pillow tilt-making reading, watching TV, and surfing more comfortable video player.
  2. Wall hug: Stand straight near the bedside table.
  3. our customizable storage locations-2 on the remote control and 2 on the smartphone app,  allowing you to instantly reach your favorite location.
  4. Two additional preset memory positions: one-touch and anti-snoring plane position
  5. Extensive massage functions: pulse, ripple, or full body massage with timer.
  6. Eight USB ports (4 on each side).
  7. Weight lifting capacity up to 850 pounds (including mattress).


  1. Expensive: about 30% more expensive than the first two models (for split king base).
  2. No lumbar support-this is a recommended feature for people with back problems.
  3. No elevator-this is a recommended feature for acid reflux patients, not everyone needs it.
iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Massage, Dual USB Charge, Nightlight, Zero-Gravity, Anti-Snore, Memory Pre-Sets, Queen
  • Enhance comfort and sleep with full articulation which allows the head to be adjusted up to 70° and the foot up to 42°
  • Full featured ergonomic wireless back-lit remote with 18 buttons, 3 pre-set positions including zero-gravity, anti-snore, and flat button
  • Ultra-quiet Leggett & Platt power motors with 850 lbs. capacity per unit, zero clearance design made to fit inside existing bed frame
  • Full body massage with 3 intensity levels, 4 modes including wave, pulse and constant with a 10 to 30-minute timer option
  • 3 in 1 height option leg design including 4", 7" and 11", compatible with any mattress


Ghost Bed Adjustable Power Base:


The adjustable bed is very helpful for people who often suffer from lower back or upper back pain. The GhostBed adjustable feeding base is particularly suitable for these sleepers, as their head and feet position varies, including weightlessness. Owners can program their favorite locations as presets for quick and easy adjustments. The base is also equipped with 15 different head and foot massage settings.

In this adjustable bed frame, you can enjoy customized comfort-raise your head and/or feet as needed, or enjoy one of the many preset positions for hanging out, watching TV, with zero gravity experience.

press the button to feel weightless and relax in style-sit back and relax and enjoy an interactive massage course with 5 modes, which is perfect for treating pain it also reduces snoring.

Other useful features include LED lighting under the bed to prevent the owner from hitting his Toe, a USB port is enabled on both sides, and steel support bars to stabilize the mattress. The base is equipped with wireless remote control, through which various functions can be activated. The weight limit is 750 pounds.

The price of the adjustable stem base is competitive, but GhostBed provides a lifetime warranty for the product to prevent structural defects. 


  1. The phantom bed frame can provide full head and foot adjustment through weightlessness adjustment. 
  2. It includes head and foot massage, LED lights under the bed
  3. Ghost bed Powerbase is almost completely pre-assembled. 


  1. Do not provide returns on Spring mattresses.
  2. Additional Shipment charges for white-glove service. 
GhostBed Adjustable Bed Frame & Power Base with Wireless Remote - Zero Gravity & Massage Settings, USB Ports, Queen
  • ENJOY PERSONALIZED COMFORT - Elevate your head and/or feet to your liking, or enjoy one of the many pre-set positions for lounging, watching TV and more
  • EXPERIENCE ZERO GRAVITY - Feel weightless with just the touch of a button
  • RELAX IN STYLE - Sit back and relax with 5-mode interactive massage units, perfect for targeting aches & pains
  • REDUCE SNORING & MORE - Find the perfect sleeping position to help reduce snoring, relieve acid reflux and improve circulation
  • SPLURGE WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK - Premium features and luxury details help you get deeper, more restorative sleep

Best Features – Casper Adjustable Bed:


The Casper adjustable bed has a multi-zone frame that can be electronically adjusted to raise the back, legs, and knees to various degrees. An adjustable frame allows you to lift your head, feet or at the same time for comfort and relaxation and is compatible with Casper or other soft foam mattresses. Cannot be used with spring mattresses. In addition to this adjustability, the bed itself is also equipped with a preset anti-snoring position, designed to significantly reduce the snoring situation of most people.

The bed configuration can be changed via the wireless remote control, and users can save their preferred location. 

This king-size bed frame can be used with two Twin XL mattresses for a king-size bed The extra-large split frame size allows individual adjustments on both sides of the mattress. 

Each frame has a USB port for charging mobile phones and other devices on the bed. Finally, the bed has a weightlessness preset, which mimics the sense of weightlessness and soothes the body.

Adjustable professional bed options are available, with additional Equipment includes low bed lighting and head tilt functions. Independent foot and head massage areas integrate various massage modes and intensity levels. The design of the Adjustable Frame Pro allows it to be directly mounted on the wall, thus saving room space.

Tilting the upper body can relieve snoring and relieve indigestion. lifting the lower body can improve blood circulation and relieve back pain. This adjustable bed Fit-With three different height options, this base will fit perfectly in most slatted furniture frames and will replace any base. 


  1. Systemic adaptability.
  2. Fights snoring, back pain, and heartburn.
  3. USB port for easy charging.
  4. Massage function.
  5. Preset memory configuration.


  1. Quite expensive compared to peers.
  2. Short sleep test.
  3. Not suitable at hanging the wall.
Casper Sleep Adjustable Bed Frame, Twin XL
  • CUSTOM COMFORT: Our remote-controlled adjustable bed frame helps you customize your position for blissful, all-night sleep. The adjustable frame allows you to raise your head, feet, or both to get comfortable and rest easy. Enjoy full-body adjustability with the convenience of a wireless remote.
  • FOAM FRIENDLY: Compatible with Casper mattresses, or any flexible foam mattress. It cannot be used with spring mattresses or box springs. King-size frames can be used with two Twin XL mattresses for a split king (to give you and your partner individual control) -- or one King mattress for a standard King.
  • LESS IS SNORE: Inclining your upper body can quiet snoring and relieve indigestion. Lifting your lower body is known to improve circulation and ease back pain. The anti-snore preset position elevates the head to keep you (or your partner) from snoring.
  • ZERO-GRAVITY: Includes a preset position developed by NASA to relieve pressure on the body. Additional features include the option to save your favorite positions, and USB ports for easy phone charging.
  • FITS RIGHT IN - With three different height options, this base can fit seamlessly into most slatless furniture frames, replacing any box spring or foundation. It can also be used on its own.

Best Luxury –Dynasty DM9000 Adjustable Bed:


Dynasty Mattress DM9000 has a height-adjustable head and foot parts, allowing users to fully control their sleeping posture. In addition to the extremely flexible bed frame, you can also get one of the most feature-rich beds ever.

Dynasty Mattress DM9000s adjustable king-size bed has features designed to improve your quality of life and provides you with a modern bed that contains things you have never seen in bed before. 

First, you will get easy-to-use, adjustable head and foot parts, which are divided into four separate areas. This means that you and your partner do not have to sleep in the same environment. You will get two head areas up to 75 degrees and two-foot areas up to 45 degrees.

An interactive message with multi-level massage, pulse, wave, and whole-body shakes! Optional title bracket and also a compatible platform with bed and camping bed 4 motors for 4 independent comfort zones, independent lumbar support, independent double massage, independent head tilt, independent head, and foot joints, micro hook, weightlessness-automatic leg adjustment 6″ Up to 10″, 8″ wall clamp the base can synchronize will.

Moreover, it has under-bed lighting, Micro Hooking-Music-Speaker, Subwoofer, Bluetooth-LED light under the bed, USB port, Application download, Base synchronization, Wireless remote control, Location saving, 

with this, its steel frame can handle a total weight of up to 1,800 pounds and a 10-year warranty, and you will have one of the best adjustable beds ever.


  1. Many modern features.
  2. Four independent adjustable areas.
  3. Sturdy frame.


  1. Report USB port failure.
  2. Two double mattresses are required for full function.
DynastyMattress DM9000s Queen Adjustable Bed Base Frame, Top of The Line Quality, (Independent Head Tilt & Lumbar Support) Quad Massage, Bluetooth, Audio Music (Queen-Without Setup)
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE BED BASE FRAME: The DM9000s by Dynasty is Awarded #1 Best Adjustable Base Frame| A Heavy Duty adjustable bed, designed to be a high-end product, It can be compared to Leggett & Platt Prodigy and Reverie| built with a Steel frame| weight capacity 1800lbs| The Independent Head-Pillow Tilt can raise up to 75°| Legs can raise up to 45°| Maximize the use of your bedroom by having the most Beneficial Power Base: Snoring| in and out of bed| Watching TV/ Reading, Cell Phones, Laptops.
  • ✅ BASE WITH MOST FEATURES EVER: MicroHooking - Music - Speakers - Sub-Woofer - Bluetooth - Under Bed LED Lighting - USB Ports - App Download - Synchronize Bases - Wireless Remote - Memorize Positions - Interactive Massage with Multiple Level Massage, Pulse, Wave and Full Body Vibration! - Head board brackets optional -
  • ✅ PLATFORM BED & STORAGE BED COMPATIBLE: 4 motors to bring 4 independent zones of comfort - Independent Lumbar Support - Independent Dual Massage - Independent Head Tilt - Independent Head and Foot Articulation - Micro Hooking - Zero Gravity - SELF Adjustable Legs from 6" to 10" - 8" Wall Hugging - BASES CAN BE SYNCED.
  • ✅ FREE 10 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: $0 DEDUCTIBLE PARTS AND LABOR with technician visits., Lifetime warranty on the frame itself! 100% Coverage on all mechanical, motors, electric and structural coverage. The Best Warranty Possible for the Best Adjustable Base. White Glove Service Option available.
  • ✅ FREE SHIPPING: CUSTOMER Phone Number Required for carrier to schedule a delivery date!

Most Innovative – Yaasa Adjustable Bed:


Yaasa’s name is derived from the Sanskrit word for “success”, which mainly depends on adaptability. Yaasa offers some of the cheapest adjustable mattresses and spring mattresses of any company we have tried. Customers can easily assemble a set of adjustable slatted bases and one of the brand’s time-tested luxury mattresses according to their own choice. If you are looking for a practical and easy-to-adjust mattress combination, you will find what you are looking for in Yaasa’s products.

It gives you the power of adaptability; Adjust your bed to make it the most productive place in the world. With the push of a button, our adjustable bed can improve your sleep and lying position. Elevate the upper body to read, work or watch TV, or raise the legs to promote blood circulation and relieve back pain and this also relieves stress.

Our adjustable bed frame is your support for stretching, soothing, and relieving all pains at night and in the morning. Whether you suffer from back, shoulder, or neck pain, swollen limbs, or acid reflux, our adjustable bed frame can provide a variety of positions to meet your needs. This adjustable bed Isanti-snoring is you use Yaasa ONE to gently lift your head to open the airway to reduce snoring. This convenient height adjustment helps to reduce the pressure on the neck muscles and prevent blockages with Intuitive control-With simple backlit buttons, our adjustable bed frame remote control is very easy to use. 

Yassa’s remote control is preset with weightlessness and anti-snoring functions. The bed is fully customizable, and the adjustable bed frame can remember any setting you choose. Buttons include one-click flat buttons, clear up and down buttons, and parental controls.


  1. Low cost.
  2. Modern style.


  1. Yaasa charges a base price of $199 for white-glove service.
  2. Non-returnable adjustable beds.
Yaasa ONE Adjustable Bed Frame | Head and Foot Adjustment, Anti-Snore, Zero Gravity & Custom Programmable Positions | 1000 LB Weight Capacity | 10 min Setup and no Tools Required | Wireless Remote
  • The Power Of Adjustability: Adjust your bed to be the most productive place on earth. Our Adjustable Beds improve your sleep and resting positions at the touch of a button. Elevate your upper body for reading, working or watching TV, or raise your legs to promote circulation and ease back pain.
  • Alleviate pressure: Our adjustable bed frame is your support to stretch you, to comfort you, and to relieve all those aches and pains both at night and in the morning. Whether you're suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain, swollen extremities, or acid reflux, our adjustable bed base provides an infinite number of positions to fit your needs.
  • Anti-Snore: By raising your head slightly with the Yaasa ONE, your airways are opened, reducing snoring. This comfortable elevated adjustment can help reduce the pressure on your throat muscles and help prevent blockages.
  • Intuitive controls: With straightforward backlit buttons, the remote for our Adjustable Bed Frame is super easy to use. Our remote comes preset with zero-gravity and anti-snore. How you lay is completely customizable, and the Adjustable Bed Frame can remember any settings that you select. Buttons include a one-touch lay-flat button, clear up and down buttons, and a child lock.
  • Universal Style: We chose a minimal, modern design to fit a variety of room designs and styles. Our frame is the same size as our mattress and will fit beautifully in your room. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we extend a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, if your Adjustable base isn't working out for you, we will take in back within 30 days of purchase.

Best Low-Cost OptionLeggett & Platt:


Leggett & Platt’s consumer products department has been manufacturing adjustable bed frames for more than 40 years. Leggett & Platt’s extensive product line includes the most economical recliner options on the market. Some basic prices are nearly $100 lower than competing beds and thousands of dollars lower than more expensive adjustable beds.

When you switch to Leggett & Platt Power Base, you can get many benefits, including almost unlimited ergonomic postures, complete relief from body stress, custom sleeping postures, and snoring solutions.

Some of Leggett & Platt’s adjustable bed frames have features to help solve lower back problems, pillow tilt to help solve neck problems, and massage options. 

A feature called Wall Hugger allows you to move the bed closer to the wall. When the base moves, it moves within the frame, but it still holds it in place, so you can reach for things on the bedside table. Many spring mattresses have USB ports on both sides of the bed. If you bring your device to the bed, you will be able to charge it overnight. So you wake up, your phone is ready to accompany you all day. 


  1. Adjustable base with cushion inclination.
  2. Independence.
  3. Fight against snoring.
  4. Improve sleep quality.
  5. Easier way out


  1. Leggett & Platt does not sell directly to its customers. Since these adjustable beds are only available in other furniture stores and department stores, whether customers can return the beds or use the white-glove service depends entirely on the store they bought.

Best for High Tech Features-Reverie:


Reverie was founded in 2003 by Martin Rawls-Meehan and Tony Chang. Reverie is the perfect brand for seniors who like to use new technologies to make their lives easier. The brand is constantly striving to make more innovations in adjustable mattresses and frames. The latest models can be controlled by voice, wake up by massage, and so on.

When shopping, keep in mind that some Reverie adjustable bed models are designed to sit on the existing bed platform, so they have no legs.

Most Reverie frames have adjustable feet, ranging from 10″ to 12 or 15″. Although the maximum capacity varies, most reclining beds can support up to 850 pounds. Wall Snuggler function, which allows you to make various height adjustments to the top of the bed without worrying about hitting the wall behind.

All Reverie adjustable beds are equipped with remote control on the bed, which can adjust the bottom and top of the mattress. The adjustable bed with Bluetooth function is used in conjunction with the free smartphone application Reverie Nightstand to control all bed functions, such as position, massage settings, and sleep programs. In these functions, the bed will automatically adjust to the bed within a certain period. 

If your partner snores activate the anti-snoring sitting beside his bed. You can set the app to wake you up by combining an alarm clock with regular or comfort settings. You can also call or email Reverie customer service directly from the Nightstand app.


  1. Smart home and app usage
  2. Customizable mattress.
  3. latex mattresses have a unique flexible foam “spring” inside.
  4. The hardness is color-coded, and the springs can be rearranged to change the pattern of the firm and soft parts of the bed.


  1. Non-returnable.
  2. Customer Service Delays.
Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, HD Massage, Wall Hugger, Zero Gravity, Split King
  • Head and foot articulation, whisper quiet lift system, wallsnuggler design, zero clearance design
  • 850 lbs. capacity power lift motors, 4 corner retainer bar designed to keep any mattress in place
  • Wireless back-lit remote, pre-programmed zero-gravity, anti-snore, and flat positions
  • 3d wave technology for a better massage with ten intensity levels, 3 in 1 leg height kit 3", 5", 8"
  • Back up battery power-down feature, Fits inside any existing bed frame, 20 Year Manufacture Warranty

FAQs: Everything you need to know about adjustable beds:

Is the adjustable bed suitable for side sleeping?

The adjustable bed allows you to adjust the position of your head and legs according to your sleeping position and personal preference. Therefore, the adjustable bed is suitable for people lying on the side because you can adjust it to provide the best support and relief for your body.

Do adjustable beds require special sheets?

 Although you do not need to buy special sheets for adjustable beds, not all sheets are of high quality. If you are using an adjustable bed, your mattress will bend and your bedsheet must withstand the same movement. Therefore, you need sheets of adequate elasticity, large enough, and deep enough to fit your entire mattress without loosening. If you are using an adjustable spring box, we also recommend that you purchase sheet fasteners to hold the sheet in place.

According to consumer reviews and reports, what is the basic cost of adjustable slats?

There is no fixed cost for an adjustable bed because the price varies greatly depending on the brand, material, and whether the model has additional features such as USB ports or massage. Therefore, the price range of mattresses recommended by consumers is very wide, ranging from a few hundred yuan to expensive high-end brands.

How durable is the adjustable bed?

 To be sure, any adjustable bed recommended by consumer reviews and reports is relatively durable. This is because when testing and reviewing products, actual consumer ratings and reviews take into account multiple factors, including shelf life.

Who offers the best price for adjustable beds?

There are many high-quality, reasonably-priced adjustable beds to choose from. Our favorite option is the adjustable air bed. It may not be the cheapest model on the market, but its impressive features make it great value for money.

Final touch:

If you want to adjust the position by raising your head or legs, an adjustable bed frame is a good solution. Most people find that an adjustable bed is more comfortable and convenient than leaning on a pillow. Although these beds can help treat any disease, they can benefit people of all ages and all health conditions. However, if you have back or joint problems, it is best to see a doctor because sleeping on a flatbed may be healthier.

When looking for consumer reviews on adjustable beds, this is a smart way to ensure you get quality, durable, and value-for-money products. All models in this project are cheap and provide a wide range of functions and special features. Remember to consider your budget and preferences to ensure that you choose the adjustable bed that best suits you.


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