Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies Consumer Reports

Choosing the Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies should not be a decision taken lightly if you want to ensure that your baby is artificial breastfeeding in a condition favorable to their health.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to have some information about this equipment in order to avoid missing out on the model you need. It is essential to know everything about the material that constitutes it, its shape, and the nature of its pacifier.

We have created a list for consumers to pick easily the best bottles for their breastfed babies.

5 Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies Reviews

#5 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Baby

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The pacifier of the contents of the set is soft and flexible. It gives the impression of being in contact with a mother’s skin in order to reproduce a natural breastfeed.

Tommee Tippee Starter Kit comes with a uniquely designed pacifier. This component is made of silicone characterized by its softness and flexibility. It mimics the natural movements of a breast during feeding.

This facilitates the alternation between breastfeeding a mother and the bottle. Your little one won’t feel a big difference and won’t have a hard time adopting this equipment.

The set offers different pacifiers and they differ in the rate at which your baby accesses milk. Some of them are slow, while others have medium speed.

Thus, these elements adapt to the needs of your child so that he has the enthusiasm to feed himself properly whether you are present or not.

They accompany it as it grows so that you do not frequently invest in the purchase of this type of equipment over time. This characteristic also leads to the convenience of using the contents of the set.

What’s Good

  • The pacifier of the contents of the set is soft and flexible. It gives the impression of being in contact with a mother’s skin in order to reproduce natural breastfeeding.

What’s Bad

  • The flow of the teat is said to be slow. However, there are parents who find that the amount of milk that comes out is still significant and its consumption leads to rapid breastfeeding.


#4 Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

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A baby, when it grows, changes its diet. During the first months of his life, he often passes from the mother’s breast to the bottle. There is a multitude of models of this container.

Philips has its Avent range which includes this model of a bottle. This material differs from others on several points. Regarding the shape, it is perfectly ergonomic.

Each element has been designed for the comfort of holding and feeding. The pacifier thus imitates the natural silhouette of a breast. It is wide and rounded.

The child can, therefore, alternate between the mother’s breast and the bottle without necessarily requiring adaptation. The shape of the container allows it to be held well without difficulty.

Even the baby can hold it. Note that this bottle model is intended for children 6 months and older.

So that breastfeeding takes place in the best conditions, this bottle has many advantages. The pacifier is made of silicone.

This material is very soft, taking the texture of a breast. In addition, the tip is flexible. Its spiral design reinforces this flexibility while adding certain robustness.

The alveoli on the nipple prevent the nipple from sagging while the baby is nursing. This bottle is also equipped with an anti-colic valve to prevent air from entering the child’s stomach.

The neck of the bottle is wide enough for easy filling and cleaning. The transparent polypropylene body is strong and can be sterilized perfectly.

What’s Good

  • These bottles in a set of 3 are adaptable to all the accessories in the range. They can, therefore, be transformed into a breast pump or a cup as needed.
  • The body of the bottle is easy to handle, even for the baby. In addition, the pacifier mimics the shape of a natural breast for more comfort for the child.
  • This bottle model has a capacity of 330 ml. This is perfectly sufficient for a child of 6 months or more.

What’s Bad

  • Being able to choose the size of the pacifier when ordering would be a plus.


#3 MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle 9 oz

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Specially adapted to your baby from birth to his sixth month, Mam is a bottle model formed by an alternation of white and blue colors very elegant suitable for a little girl as well as a little boy.

The delivery contains two sets of bottles to allow you to feed your child more quickly.

The bottles are anti-colic so that your child always stays healthy thanks to better digestion of his food. The nipple of each bottle is very soft so that the baby does not face any difference between it and his mother’s breast.

This allows him to accept it and eat easily.

The ventilation of the base of the bottles allows a better circulation of the air to respect the rhythm of the feeding of your child.

This base can also be unscrewed in order to facilitate the cleaning of the bottles to feed only healthy foods to your baby.

The neck of each bottle is wide, always in order to facilitate cleaning and filling. Each bottle has a scale to easily measure the amount of milk appropriate for your baby’s age.

Mam is the answer to your question if you are wondering at the moment which batch of baby bottles to buy.

What’s Good

  • Thanks to its unscrewable base, it will be easy for you to clean these bottles, especially since it is possible for you to sterilize them in the microwave.
  • The bottles in the Mam kit have soft teats that appeal to babies.

What’s Bad

  • Unfortunately, a trick will have to be found for meals smaller than 60 ml, because the measurements only start at 60 ml on the bottles.


#2 NUK First Choice+ 300ml Bottle with Silicone Teat

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NUK first choice is suitable for a child from birth. This model comes as a set of 4 bottles which have a capacity of 300ml each allowing you to prepare a sufficient amount of milk for your baby each time you go to feed him.

The bottles are made of very resistant and secure polypropylene so that your baby only drinks healthy milk. The nipples of each bottle come with Air System technology so that your child can suck at a normal rate, not too excessive or too slow.

The base of the bottles is well widened to facilitate cleaning and ensure better maintenance for long-term use.

The shape of each bottle is ergonomic for ease of handling. These bottles have been tested by mothers, midwives, and pediatricians to ensure the safety and health of your child with each use.

This model is a relevant answer to your question if at the moment you are wondering what is the best newborn baby bottle currently available on the market.

Before going to a specialized site that will tell you where to buy the best bottle, know that the opinions of several parents indicate that the Nuk First Choice model is worthy of interest, and in addition, it is the cheapest in our selection.

What’s Good

  • The Nuk First Choice is in fact a kit consisting of two large-capacity bottles: 300 ml each.
  • Thanks to Air System technology, the risk of colic is reduced.

What’s Bad

  • Care must be taken not to take the wrong measurement as graduation is not very clear.


#1 MAM Glass Baby Bottle Wide Neck

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As the name suggests, this bottle is made entirely of premium quality glass. This structure effectively withstands large variations in temperature. So, this item can be sent into the microwave for heating.

This manufacturing element is also easy to maintain. Unlike plastic models which generally retain odors from previous uses,

this equipment does not present this kind of inconvenience. After sterilization, your baby will have available an odorless bottle similar to the first uses.

The pacifier, on the other hand, is made of silicone. Transparent, it is not easily colored. In addition, this aesthetic will allow you to quickly see its cleanliness.

The capacity is 260 ml. Thanks to this, your child will be able to use it from birth. This specimen can be suitable for all types of drinks.

What’s Good

  • Easy to maintain: With its glass design, this model is easy to clean. Residues are easily removed from the structure and odors are virtually eliminated. You can then alternate different drinks with the bottle without the effects of the previous one being felt.
  • Soft pacifier: This accessory adapts perfectly to the baby’s lips so that the latter has the feeling of being in contact with his mother’s breast. It is gentle and limits oral irritation.

What’s Bad

  • No air evacuation system: This model is not equipped with an air evacuation system which helps limit colic problems according to some opinions.


Buying Guide For Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies Consumer Reports

The bottle is a purchase that you cannot do without when the baby arrives. Even if you opt for exclusive breastfeeding, sooner or later you will have to invest in this accessory to give water and food supplements to your little one.

However, finding the right bottle cannot be improvised. Especially if you are new parents. To help you make the smart choice, here’s a buying guide for the best baby bottles.

Manufacturing Material

Knowing where to buy a new bottle beforehand is not enough to find the model that best meets your baby’s needs. There are two main types of bottles on the market: plastic and glass.

Depending on the use you want to make of it, the age of the child, but also your personal preferences, one of the categories will suit you more than the other. To navigate easily, a few parameters will have to be taken into account.

For babies 0-6 months, the glass bottle is recommended. Due to the robustness and ease of maintenance of this material, its use will be more comfortable for you.

As you must scrupulously respect the hygiene of these accessories before you can use it for baby, know that glass bottles will be easier to sterilize.

For babies from 7 to 36 months, plastic bottles will be more practical. And for good reason, they are known for their flexibility and resistance to cracks.

So if some will hesitate to turn to these models because of their lifespan, it is clear that the simplicity offered at the level of cleaning and sterilization should not leave you indifferent.

However, if you are attracted to this type, consider choosing plastic bottles without bisphenol-A.


Still, wondering how to buy a better value bottle? Taking the time to check the capacity of the bottle will get you on the right track.

Bottles with a small capacity, i.e. 30 to 50 ml, are dedicated to taking medication. While the bottles with a capacity of 250 ml will be more suitable for babies from 0 to 9 months.

To give your baby from 6 to 12 months the first meal, 150 ml bottles are recommended. On the other hand, for babies over 12 months, you should think about a larger capacity, that is, bottles of 300 to 350 ml.

Once you have taken this parameter into account, you can consult a price comparison engine to get a clear idea of ​​the purchase to be made.


A bottle without a pacifier is like a hand without fingers. An essential accessory, its choice is not to be taken lightly. You will find several tips to help you make your choice, but there are some rules that will make your decision easier.

For mixed feeding, invest in silicone pacifiers. For exclusive bottle feeding, it is best to buy a rubber teat. For babies who are in the process of weaning, physiological pacifiers are more recommended.


The arrival of a child remains a unique event, especially for those who become parents for the first time. To ensure good nutrition of the baby, especially after his sixth month, it is essential to have certain materials to do this.

The bottle is therefore part of it and remains one of the most essential. Like any other equipment, you must know how to use it properly to ensure the health of the infant. You can also, check best baby bottle sterilizers.


1: Which one to choose: glass or a plastic baby bottle?

The bottles are available in different materials. You have the glass models and the plastic ones. Those in glass are more suitable for the first months of the child. Indeed, they are easier to clean and do not scratch easily despite the many washes that you will perform. However, they can break.

As long as your child can hold his bottle, use the plastic models. So even if the container falls, it will not break. Also, make sure that it does not contain BPA and that it is not harmful to a baby.

2: How to sterilize a bottle?

Before sterilization, be sure to clean the container thoroughly. Then choose from the following processes: hot, cold, or boiling water sterilization.

For hot sterilization, you can use electric sterilizers or place them in the microwave. The duration can be up to 20 minutes. The cold process, for its part, requires the intervention of a chemical tablet dedicated to cleaning childcare articles.

It is safe for children. Finally, for the last process, all you need to do is boil water for nearly 15 minutes before immersing the bottle and its accessories for the same period.

3: How to prepare a bottle?

To prepare your child’s bottle, pour an amount of water suitable for their age and appetite into the container. Then take powdered milk using the pod. Do not pack it down and do not take bulging doses either.

Pour a dose of this powder in 30 ml of water. Then close and shake the bottle vigorously to obtain liquid milk without lumps or undiluted powder.

4: How many bottles to buy?

For new parents, it’s not easy to know how many bottles to buy. Well, there is no fixed number of bottles. The goal here is to have enough so that you don’t have to clean and sterilize the same model after each feeding.

Your baby will need to feed every two hours on average during the day. To prevent you from missing a bottle, make sure you have at least 8.

5: What water should I use to prepare a bottle?

To prevent the water you give your child overflowing with germs, take a few precautions. If you have opted for tap water, make sure that it has a temperature below 25 ° C.

It is also possible to opt for bottled water only, it should not be rich in minerals. Also, avoid using filtered water because the filter containers contain too many germs.

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