Best Water Softener Consumer Reports

Looking for Best Water Softener Consumer Reports, it all dependss on where you live, you may be faced with a high level of lime in the water; which is called hard water. How do you know? It’s very simple. If after a shower you feel tightness on your skin and it has a strong need for hydration, it may be because of the limescale.

A washing machine that breaks down can be a consequence of the presence of limescale. This consists of more or less large white residues.

This whitish substance, called tartar, can also be found on the perimeter of a tap or on the glass wall of the shower and requires specific cleaning.

What if you invested in a water softener? This device has many advantages that we will reveal to you in this guide.

 Best Water Softener Consumer Reports

  • Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener
  • Nuvo Home Water Softener System
  • iSpring Whole House Water Conditioner
  • AFWFilters Fleck 64k Water Softener
  • Iron Pro 2 water softener

#5 Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener

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Fleck 5600 SXT is one of the first-rate water conditioners on our rundown. The water conditioner permits you to control the recovery cycles and effectively recover just when you need it.

This spares a great deal of time, cash, water, and power since recovery isn’t done consequently. On the off chance that you have an enormous limit, you can recover all the more regularly to utilizing the advanced control valve.

The advanced regulator is outfitted with numerous highlights, for example, the touch control with an LCD screen. The screen is exceptionally simple to decipher and has a force gracefully of around 48 hours.

The Fleck 5600 SXT is uncommonly intended to eliminate the minerals from the water that cause hardness. It accompanies solid polycarbonate and a maker guarantee of 10 years for the tank.

There are security highlights like the wellbeing glide one that forestalls flood or overloading of the channel. The water conditioner utilizes a salt-based framework and running it up and introducing is exceptionally simple.

With regard to the mellowing of water, this is probably the best framework available.

What’s Good

  • Easy way to install it no need to do anything extra
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Easy to read LCD display installed in it

What’s Bad

  • Lil bit heavy
AFWFilters Built Fleck 48,000 water softener system with 5600sxt digital metered valve 1" yoke
  • AFWFilters install kit for easy installation
  • Made in the USA, AFWFilters easy to install, easy to use
  • The Fleck 5600sxt digital metered, on demand valve. The newest 5600 model with fully programmable cycles
  • Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control Head with bypass valve and 1" threaded plumbing adapter (yoke)
  • 10" x 54" tank, 15” x 34” brine tank with safety float system, (color may vary)

#4 Nuvo Home Water Softener System

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The Nuvo H20 DPHB is a family water conditioner and it doesn’t work like a customary water conditioner. It doesn’t relax water by particle substitution or evacuation; in reality, it changes the concoction creation of the hard water and lessens the limescale development.

The gadget doesn’t utilize salt at all and subsequently, some don’t think about it as a water conditioner. In any case, the gadget has numerous focal points and a few downsides as well.

Nuvo utilizes an exclusive chelating specialist that inverts and forestalls the scaling of hard water and consequently makes it simpler to clean the spigots, dishes, and plumbing installations.

The gadget targets and eliminates the limescale stores and accordingly broadens the life expectancy of the apparatuses.

There are numerous different gadgets that convert hard water into delicate water yet they can’t spotless the limescale stores that are as of now present on the lines and machines.

What’s Good

  • It has an eco-friendly system
  • Salt-free softener
  • It contains healthy minerals in the water
  • Easy to install

What’s Bad

  • It doesn’t work for hard water
NuvoH2O Home Water Softener System, Includes Home Water Softener and Replacement Cartridge
  • HOME HARD-WATER SOFTENER SYSTEM: This NuvoH2O Home System lets you win the war on hard water! Our CitraCharge technology prevents and removes hard water–scale deposits, sediment, and chemicals from house water to give you soft, pure, odor-free drinking water.
  • SALT FREE WATER SOFTENER: This is the perfect whole-home water softener if you are concerned about reducing your environmental impact. The NuvoH2O water softener systems do not use environmentally damaging salt or electricity and creates no wastewater.
  • COMPACT WATER SOFTENER: This whole-house water softener system is designed for filtering and conditioning water in homes up to 2,000 square feet with 1–2 residents but is so compact that it fits almost anywhere. This product should be installed by a Nuvo H2O–certified plumber.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY: Don’t let hard water, unwanted chemicals, and scale deposits ravage your fixtures and appliances! This Nuvo water system will enhance the performance and extend the life of your water heater, plumbing fixtures, and appliances.
  • THE NUVO H2O DIFFERENCE: We offer the industry-leading, all-natural citrus alternative to old-fashioned salt-based systems for removing hard water and scale deposits.

#3 iSpring Whole House Water Conditioner

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On the off chance that you need to maintain a strategic distance from salt admission yet worried about your skin and hair, you should go for the iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler.

The iSpring ED2000 doesn’t care for an ordinary water conditioner since it doesn’t eliminate the minerals from the water, rather it forestalls the development in the water framework by dissolving it.

There are two reception apparatus links that are folded over the water pipe joined to the essential source. This makes an electromagnetic field and forestalls scale affidavit.

The framework forestalls scale affidavit, yet additionally disintegrates the previously existing developments in the lines.

What’s Good 

  • It can fix the hard water problem
  • Use no chemical
  • Let you keep healthy with healthy water
  • Affordable softener

What’s Bad

  • Some consumers report that it doesn’t work well after a few months
iSpring ED2000 Whole House Water Descaler, Alternative Electronic Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioner, Reduces Limescale Prevent Deposits Build-up
  • [Improve Water Quality] Solves hard water problems without the need for chemicals, salt, or maintenance, while keeping healthy minerals in the water by preventing scale deposits from forming and allowing existing scale to break down.
  • [Reliable Descaler] Descales your entire water system and prevents scale buildup in pipes. Reduces energy consumption with an average one year payback period. Great for your home and the environment, individuals on salt-restricted diets, and those looking for healthier skin and hair.
  • [Environmental Friendly] Designed for very hard water areas (10-19 grains per gallon). Saves energy and extends the life of your appliances.
  • [Easy Installation] No plumbing modifications required. Maintenance-free. Works on any pipe, even PEX and PVC. 1-year money-back and lifetime tech support from iSpring.
  • [No change on Chemistry of Water] Unlike salt water softeners, ED2000 does not change the chemistry of water.

#2 AFWFilters Fleck 64k Water Softener

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The Fleck 64,000 Grain water conditioner is an extremely helpful one and however it is somewhat expensive, it conveys amazing incentive for cash.

It offers a simple route and there is an updated wheel meter that improves the water scattering. The brackish water tank can hold around 4 packs and is useful for a group of 4 individuals.

A water conditioner is a finished unit as it incorporates all the things that are required, which are pitch, the tank, the saline solution tank, and the control head. There are an LCD show and touchpad controls as well.

The LCD shows the blunder codes and current status and the touchpad controls permit simple and brisk settings and activity. There is a detour valve with a 1-inch burden association for smooth serving capacity and in/out pipes association.

The framework accompanies a preloaded sap and a stream meter which permits you to perceive how much water has been utilized. Interestingly, the stream meter recovers itself and spares water wastage and abundance salt in the water.

The establishment is simple and you likewise get an email from the maker wherein you’ll be furnished with an instructional exercise to introduce the entire framework. There is a 5 years guarantee on the valve and a 10-year guarantee on the tanks.

What’s Good

  • Comes standard with Uprgarded Paddle Wheel Meter
  • Accompanies establishment guidance, in addition, to introduce pack imagined
  • It has a computerized metered control head
  • Standard blue brackish water tank with security coast

What’s Bad

  • Plastic pipe quality is not much good
AFWFilters Fleck 64k Water Softener, 64,000 Grains, Blue
  • Manufacture 5 year Valve/ 10 year Tanks. Toll free tech support before and after sale for all installation and programming questions.
  • Comes standard with Uprgarded Paddle Wheel Meter. 12 inch x 48 inch tank, standard square brine tank with safety float 64, 000 Grain Water Softener
  • Comes with installation instruction plus install kit pictured
  • Fleck 5600Sxt digital metered control head. The newest 5600 Fleck with fully programmable cycles.
  • Made In USA Structural Tank Ships Loaded With Resin In Mineral Tank for easier installation

#1 Iron Pro 2 water softener

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The Iron Pro 2 Fleck 5600 SXT is an exceptionally productive water conditioner and the best thing about it is that it eliminates iron from it as well. With this gadget, you’ll have the option to have sans iron water up to 6 to 8 ppm.

It will handily eliminate the calcium and magnesium particles from the water and make it delicate enough for use. Along these lines, you’ll have the option to appreciate delicate water which is liberated from any scent and taste.

There will be no dark or red stains on the dishes and earthenware as it eliminates manganese from the water and keeps your machines protected and excellent.

It has a high limit of 64,000 grains particle substitution as it replaces the particles by framing salt gems. It has a meter-based recovery framework and is significantly more reasonable than a clock-based framework.

This water relaxing framework isn’t just reasonable for home uses however can likewise be utilized in workplaces and little enterprises.

What’s Good

  • This is all one softener
  • It can remove hardness up to 75 gpg
  • Comes with easy installation water flow
  • Reasonable price

What’s Bad

  • Comes with a heavy tank
AFWFilters Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve 64,000 grain, 64k for whole house
  • Tank color may vary depending on stock. Water softener, iron filter, all in one! high flow for whole house use!
  • 64,000 grain capacity, fine mesh resin designed for high iron removal & long life
  • Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve for efficiency and ease of use, 5 year warranty!
  • Removes hardness from your water and also Iron up to 6 ppm range, Manganese up to 6 ppm, sediment, sand, rust
  • Comes complete with brine tank, DIY instructions, bypass valve

Buying Guide For Best Water Softener Consumer Reports

The water softener is more popular in French households. This is why the sale of this device has seen a gradual increase in recent years.

In order to find the best water softener for this year 2020, entrust the task to our comparison. It will meet all the selection criteria so that you can select the best water softener for your home.

It is not always easy to make a choice because of the many models available on the market. With this in mind, our comparison is an essential tool.


Water Softener Dimension Test result in the size of the water softener is not a problem unless you have limited space. However, the most important is the ability of the unit to make the water less hard without needing too frequent regenerations.

In the case of a resin water softener, the opinions of the comparison recommend that you choose a large device that operates at least 3 days before the next recharge.

Effectiveness Of The Water Softener

After taking into account the size of the tank and the amount of salt present, you should also see the time between each salt refill.

To do this, remember to consult the opinions of people who have already used a similar device (especially those who come from the same region as you).

Features And Controls

Most water softeners have automatic controls. These regulate basic functions such as the amount of water to be treated or water regeneration. However, there are models with adjustable controls and with a timer.

Water Regeneration

When the device is on, the particles will clump together on the resin bed of the water softener. When this accumulation is at its maximum level,

the device begins to mix the salt in the tank with the tens of liters of water to remove the resin from the particles. This 30-minute process will rinse the tank so it can be operational again.

How does a water softener work?

There are two main types of water softeners intended for individuals: conventional resin softeners and CO2 softeners.

Much more popular, resin softeners connect to the main water supply line, specifically the water meter.

In order to purify the water, it uses a resin on which sodium ions are attached.

Bypassing through this exchange material, the calcium ions present in the raw water are replaced by sodium ions. This is how water changes from hard water to soft water.

This ion exchange operation concerns most exchangers.

However, the new generation water softeners offer additional options such as automatic disinfection, consumption meter, wireless control panel, or even the lack of salt or malfunction alarm.

Indeed, manufacturers have innovated the system in order to achieve more energy-efficient devices.

CO2 softeners, on the other hand, have the advantage of softening the water without adding sodium. This is very interesting for people who have to follow a low salt or no salt diet.

What is a water softener used for?

Softened drinking water that will not scale up the water softener offers interesting functions both in water treatment and in the maintenance of your pipes.

In fact, this machine serves to reduce the concentration of lime present in running water. In other words, the softener involves pumping hard water in such a way that it is softer.

Since the hardness of the water varies from one city to another, the softener in question will take care of producing healthier water, that is to say, water free of residues and chemical waste.

This will save you a lot of money as the softer water reduces the amount used for a similar result. It also happens that soft water is easier to heat.


To offer you the softeners in our comparison, we spent nearly 40 to 50 hours examining several models and taking into account several characteristics: performance, brine tank capacity, water consumption, dimensions, and fillings. other factors. All these hours have allowed us to choose the best equipment for you.


1: Why do we say water is hard?

Water is said to be hard because it contains more minerals than regular water.

2: What is a water softener?

It is a unit used to soften water.

3: How many years does a water softener last?

The best water softener will work for at least 10 years.

4: How often should I add salt to the water softener?

Salt is added during regeneration. Care should be taken that the salt level is kept half full at all times.

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