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Many of us have become accustomed to everything digital, whether for our photos or our important documents. But photos hanging in the living room look nicer, and having physical copies of your bills is always a good idea. This is why the scanner printer is essential.

This is true for individuals as well as for professionals. However, they are not going to move towards the same models. In addition, some machines are designed for photography, while others are more suitable for printing graphics or reports. The choice can be difficult.

Reviews For Best Printers Consumer Reports

#5 HP ENVY Wireless Photo Printer

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Looking to print photos for an album and some jobs? The HP Envy 5055 is a simple printer to set up and use, offering excellent value for money online and suitable for most home use.

What we think of the HP Envy 5055

What we like the most about this product are its reasonable dimensions. You can put the printer on a small shelf without difficulty. It has a USB port, but the cable is not supplied. This is not a problem, since it can be used in Bluetooth or in Wi-Fi, which is more comfortable.

You can also make some adjustments from the touch screen: it’s fast, and you get lost less than with physical buttons.

This device is suitable for a volume of around 400 pages/month, which is more than enough for many households. It prints very crisp documents, and pretty photos, to make an album or a small frame for example.

What’s Good

  • The easiest to use.
  • Compact profile and touch screen: immediate installation and use.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for easy, fast, and wireless printing.
  • Possibility of subscribing to the Instant Ink subscription to reduce costs.
  • Scans, photocopies, and prints on both sides.

What’s Bad

  • Fairly high ink consumption

#4 Brother Wireless Color Printer

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Do you print a lot of business documents, colored or not, and you need a scanner printer that will be easily usable by each of your employees? In our view, Brother MFC-J6530DW offers the best price/performance ratio in today’s market for small businesses.

What we think of the Brother MFC-J6530DW

This device is logically more expensive than those intended for individuals, but its price remains very reasonable in view of its effectiveness. Before you get it, think about where you are going to install it, as it is quite large.

Above all, we appreciate its versatility. It prints crisp and elegant reports, invoices, or communications (including double-sided), whether in black or color. Plus, it can be used for scanning, copying, and even faxing.

What’s Good

  • Thought to print up to 30,000 pages/month.
  • Can print, copy, and fax large sizes of paper (up to Ledger).
  • Consumption of rational ink, to reduce operating costs.
  • Wi-Fi Direct printing.
  • Print speed: up to 22 pages per minute in black.

What’s Bad

  • May seem a bit bulky

#3 Canon PIXMA Wireless Printer

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Do you oscillate between personal and professional impressions? This is often the case when you are self-employed and regularly work from home.

Manufacturers have been able to adapt and offer models that meet these specific needs. The Canon Pixma TR7520 is one of the most successful.

What we think of the Canon Pixma TR7520

Note first that this device offers a quality of scanning and printing quite suitable for professional use. You can use it to edit invoices and communication documents for your customers and prospects.

It is also suitable for family use (printing photos, etc.).

Its greatest asset is its appreciable versatility. You can, of course, print and scan. But also go further, since this printer scanner also acts as a fax machine.

What’s Good

  • The best for the self-employed.
  • Very functional for the price (fax, printing business cards…).
  • Works over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and online storage services.
  • Controlled dimensions, can be placed anywhere in your home or office.
  • Auto power on and off.

What’s Bad

  • Not the fastest setup

#2 Canon All In One Wireless Printer

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You don’t plan on using your printer every day, but find it handy to be able to organize yourself better and embark on small personal projects? Then you are probably looking for a compact, intuitive and affordable model, like the Canon Pixma TS5320.

What we think of the Canon Pixma TS5320

This scanner printer has the advantage of taking up little space: you easily place it on a shelf, or directly on your desk, without it becoming intrusive. You have the choice between four colors: the classics black and white, but also green and pink.

However, the most important thing is of course the scan and print quality. In this regard, the Canon Pixma TS5320 falls within the norm: your images, including photos, are crisp and pretty. It should prove to be quite satisfactory for individuals, although it can be a bit slow to start at times.

What’s Good

  • The easiest to integrate into your decoration.
  • Very space-saving printer, available in four colors.
  • LED status bar and readable OLED screen, to know the status of the device.
  • Compatible with Easy-PhotoPrint app for editing posters etc.
  • Wireless printing (over Wi-Fi).

What’s Bad

  • A bit long to start

#1 HP Office Jet Wireless Printer

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When you buy a printer, do you want to be able to benefit from an associated service offering? HP is a specialist in this area.

The HP OfficeJet 5255 is a model primarily designed for freelance workers, which allows them to better manage the cost of a page.

What we think of the HP OfficeJet 5255

The great thing about this scanner printer is that you can keep your costs under control. First of all, it is Energy Star certified, which means it is not too energy-intensive.

Then, it is compatible with HP Instant Ink. This is a subscription-based service: ink is delivered directly to your doorstep when needed. You get the lowest cost of official HP ink, significantly reducing the cost of printing a page.

What’s Good

  • The best way to control printing costs.
  • Possibility of lowering the cost per page with HP Instant Ink.
  • Energy Star certified: reasonable energy consumption.
  • Fax and photo printing function.
  • Easy to use, thanks to the touch screen, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

What’s Bad

  • No impression collecting element

Buying Guide For Best Printers Consumer Reports

Datasheets for scanner printers are often unnecessarily long, making it difficult to find the most relevant information. Don’t worry: together we’ll find out which features you really need to pay attention to.

 The price

It is very variable. Decent models can be found for just under $ 100, but the vast majority of great products are between $ 100 and $ 200. Beyond $ 200, you are generally dealing with scanner printers designed for professionals.

Printing precision and scanning fineness

They are expressed in dpi, or dots per inch.

We also talk about resolution. The higher this value, the sharper your printed or scanned image will be (you will avoid blurring and unsightly pixels).

Very often the print accuracy is 1200 * 1200 dpi in black and 4800 * 1200 dpi in color. As for the scanning fineness, 1200 * 1200 dpi is also a common value.

Note that today, almost all printers print documents correctly. However, you should look for a higher resolution if you want, for example, to print photos.

The values ​​indicated are those obtained under the best possible conditions of use, with the manufacturer’s ink.

Printing speed

It is indicated in pages/minute or images/minute. There are standards to measure it, but they are not mandatory, and manufacturers sometimes take a lot of liberties. So assume that the actual speed will often be lower than what is said, even if the indicator is still useful.


For a business, it is better to choose a printer with more RAM: you can easily print several documents at the same time, or longer files. The RAM is indicated in MB or MO.

Ease of configuration and use

Note, first, that it is rare that USB cables are included.

In fact, today, the vast majority of scanner printers can communicate with your computer (and other devices, such as smartphones or tablets) over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is quite common to have to download the installation software from the manufacturer’s site.

Often an application is planned. Some printers can also connect directly to cloud storage services.

For simple tasks, touch screens are increasingly popular. They can generally be used to access the content of an external device (USB key, SD card) but also to start a photocopy or a scan.

The number of cartridges

It’s better to have one cartridge per color, for one simple reason: when you run out of one color, you don’t need to change everything.

Dimensions (and weight)

It is always relevant to take action before acquiring a new item. Indeed, by doing so, you will be able to plan the layout of the space. If your future scanner printer fits on a small shelf, so much the better! Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you plan to move the device from time to time, pay attention to its weight as well.


Brands have put a lot of effort into offering more decorative printers. Black and white remain the most classic colors, but there are now slightly more original proposals, such as blue, pink, or green for example.

Of course, the appearance of a scanner printer is not necessarily the most important point, but you might as well buy a model that you like, and that blends in well with your interior since it is possible.

Supported paper sizes

You can usually print on plain paper, photo paper, and even envelopes or cards.

Standard formats ( eg Letter ) are almost always supported. If you want to print in large format ( Ledger, etc.) you will often have to invest a little more or even opt for a professional model.


We do our best to offer you a comparison allowing you to choose the best printer scanner possible. If we missed any information or new models, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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