Best Laser Hair Growth System Consumer Reviews & Reports

Most people face hair loss problems. Some of them get too worried about this issue that they start to use different kind of tonics, oils, shampoos and different types of medicines but 90% of these treatment goes in vain. That’s why we have tried to save your time and money by reviewing the Best Laser Hair Growth System Consumer Reports & Reviews.

Not only men, but women are also going through issues like thinning of hair, female pattern baldness, and hair damage as well but failed to find any easy and less time taking treatment. Hair transplant is also a solution but a risky one.

Regarding this situation, many companies have started a new laser hair system which got popularity rapidly. They introduced laser hair devices to reactivate the hair growth pattern naturally.

The laser hair devices reverse baldness and reactivate your hair growth by promoting blood supply and collagen production by which your hair growth increases and you get thick and healthy hairs. Here, we will discuss the best laser hair growth system and devices.

#7 Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet


Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet LH80

Theradome is a USA-made product that stimulates your hair follicles, helps to prevent hair loss, and promotes new hair growth. This laser hair growth device demands no additional hardware to work. It just uses cool laser phototherapy which helps regrow new hair. The high-energy-density lasers stimulate your follicles deeply with no LEDs.

This is one of the best laser hair growth systems for both men and women, has the clinical strength to give the best result, and is FDA cleared hair treatment.


  • Theradome just uses lasers for best results without any additional hardware, A NASA Scientist invented this amazing product.
  • Cool laser phototherapy stimulates hair follicles deep within the scalp to regrow hair with no LEDs.
  • Gives many effective results. Comes with 6-MONTH 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
  • Voice-guided sessions with volume control.
  • Comfortable foam pads and soft rubber pegs.
Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet LH80 - Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth and Hair Loss Treatment - FDA Cleared for Men & Women - Made to Exacting Standards in the USA
  • REGROW YOUR HAIR AND REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE - Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Hair Growth Helmet reduces hair loss, increases hair volume, and stimulates hair growth. 80 premium high-energy density lasers stimulate hair follicles to produce keratin, speed up hair regrowth, and maintain the hair growth cycle.
  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT HAIR LOSS TREATMENT - Use this hands-free, wearable laser phototherapy device to achieve your hair goals. See hair improvement as early as four weeks of use. No need for prescriptions, ineffective LED devices, or surgery. This hair laser helmet is lightweight, painless, and safe. It’s also conveniently wireless and rechargeable letting you move around while undergoing your hair treatment. For best results, use it consistently for 20 minutes per session, two times a week.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR TREATMENTS & SIDE EFFECTS - Theradome’s advanced hair growth technology: effective cold lasers, powerful red light, optimal energy dosage, & maximum therapy. This is the only hair growth laser of its kind & 56x more powerful than the other options. It penetrates deep enough to stimulate the hair follicle for hair growth scalp treatment. This light therapy is clinically tested and FDA cleared as safe and effective for OTC (Over-The-Counter) sale in the US.
  • AFFORDABLE HAIR RESTORATION - You are taking the best action possible against hair loss with Theradome. Unlike expensive hair loss treatments & surgical hair transplants, this provides maximum results at an affordable price point with no side effects & no shedding. Minimize hair loss after 1 month of use. At 2-4 months, you can see the thickening of existing hair & by Month 5, you will see baby hairs begin to grow. Keep using as directed until satisfied with your life-changing results.
  • MADE IN THE USA 6 MONTH MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - You can count on Theradome laser hair growth device’s quality and reliability as it is designed and built in the USA, in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) in an FDA-registered and ISO-certified facility. If you have not achieved visible or satisfactory results after 180 days from the date of purchase, you may return the product to Theradome for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price minus shipping costs.

#6 iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System


If you’re looking for a hair loss treatment that is FDA cleared and clinically proven to work, then the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is for you.

The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System uses clinical-strength laser technology to treat balding, thinning hair and receding hairlines. It has been clinically proven to improve the growth of new hair in both men and women. This powerful medical device uses low-level lasers which have been used by doctors and clinics for years.

You can use your finger to quickly swipe between apps or zoom into photos, so everything feels fluid and natural on this larger display. With just one hand, you can easily reach content at the top of the screen without adjusting your grip or switching hands. You won’t find another device like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life.


• FDA approved and proven to work
• Low-level lasers used by doctors for years
• Safe, easy to use with no pain or downtime
• Safe for both men and women
• Includes powerful built-in cooling system to help prevent burns

iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System - FDA Cleared Hair Loss Treatments - Hair Regrowth for Men and Women with Thinning Hair - Laser Cap Uses Red Light Therapy, Laser Comb Hair Loss Products
  • iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is a FDA-cleared hair loss treatment and laser hair growth device for treating alopecia, receding hairline, balding & thinning hair to stimulate hair regrowth for men and women
  • 6-Month Money Back Guarantee – Users can expect to see visible hair improvement in as little as 3 to 6 months (results may vary). If you don’t see results with our laser hair loss products in 6 months, send it back for a refund. (less a 10% restocking fee) Note: Contact the seller directly if purchased over 30 days ago as Amazon’s system only allows 30 days for returns.
  • iRestore has been clinically studied by doctors and been proven to promote hair regrowth for men and women in a recent 2017 research study. In this clinical study, an astonishing 100% of active male and female users saw visible hair growth with an average increase of 43.23% in hair count (Scroll down to the "RELATED VIDEO SHORTS" section below to learn more)
  • Whether you're a man or woman, you can grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair fast with iRestore's clinical-strength laser hair restoration technology. You can use it on its own or combine it with other hair loss treatments; physicians believe low level laser therapy (LLLT) can be used to enhance the results of other hair loss treatments (such as biotin supplements, hair growth shampoo, conditioner, foam, minoxidil, Propecia, finasteride, and other hair growth products)
  • Developed in GMP-certified facilities, this home-use laser hair growth device is durable, lightweight, comfortable, hands-free and easy to use – unlike a laser comb and brush that provides far less coverage AND require constant hand movement, which is tiring, inconvenient, and prevents you from going about your day.


#5 HairMax Laser Hair Growth Band LaserBand


HairMax Laser Hair Growth Band LaserBand

This LaserBand has the nourishing and therapeutic laser light energy which stimulates your hair follicles to reverse thinning helps to restore the natural hair growth cycle and to increases the thickness and fullness of hairs.

This is a home-use medical device that is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use whether you are at home or traveling. It has a lightweight rechargeable battery, Power Cord, and user manual. Its design is perfect to deliver laser light to every single follicle of your head for good results.


  • Hairmax uses 100% laser diodes with no LEDs, this process is Photobiostimulation which means using pure nourishing laser lights to stimulate hair growth.
  • Hairmax has 8 FDA clearances, 7 clinical studies, and 14 medical device licenses. Promotes hair growth in men with androgenetic alopecia and in women who have a frontal pattern of hair loss and many more.
  • Features 82 medical-grade laser diodes that provide a full scalp treatment, For this, you need to apply it over three sections of the scalp for 246 laser coverage totally.
  • Its therapeutic light is clinically proven which is applied to the scalp with an energy of 1230mW.
  • This comfortable, portable, and easy to carry device weighs just 15.3oz, So it’s also easy to carry while traveling.
HairMax Laser Hair Growth Band LaserBand 82 (FDA Cleared). Full Scalp Hair Loss Treatment for men and women that Stimulates Hair Growth, Reverses Thinning Hair, and Regrows Denser, Fuller Hair
  • REGROW HAIR: The LaserBand 82 applies a clinically proven therapeutic laser light to the scalp with a comparative energy output of 1230mW. HairMax laser devices stimulate hair follicles, reversing thinning hair, encouraging hair regrowth and providing increased density, healthier and fuller looking hair to both men and women.
  • FDA CLEARED: HairMax laser devices are validated by 8 FDA clearances, 7 clinical studies, 14 international medical device licenses, and 6 published medical journals. HairMax laser devices are proven to regrow hair with an average hair count increase of 129 additional new hairs per sq. inch. after six months.
  • FAST TREATMENT: The LaserBand 82 features 82 medical-grade lasers that are capable of providing a full scalp treatment when applied over 3 sections of the scalp for a total of 246 laser coverage. HairMax only uses medical-grade lasers.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO USE: Weighing just 15.3 oz., the LaserBand 82 is extremely comfortable, portable, designed for home use and travel friendly. Light battery packs allow for easy carrying. Simple operation. Comes with rechargeable battery, power cord, user manual, and a 2-Year Laser Device Warranty.
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: with over 90% success rate in clinical studies, most users experience visible results in as little as 3 months (minimum recommended time for treatment is 6 months). Founded in 2000, with 1.8+ million devices worldwide, HairMax is the Pioneer in laser hair growth. Doctors recommend HairMax laser devices to treat Androgenetic alopecia – which includes Hereditary Hair Loss, Male and Female pattern hair loss, menopause related hair loss, and age related hair loss & thinning.

#4 GrivaMax Pro 272 Laser Cap Hair Growth Solutions


GrivaMax Pro 272 Laser Cap Hair Growth Solutions

Grivamax hair growth system Stimulates your hair follicles using Low-Level light therapy to promote hair growth in both males and females. This is totally a surgery-free therapy to treat hair loss that occurred because of stress, age, and other health issues.

It helps improving hair follicle functionality to make your hair stronger and thicker. A 12 to 25-week cycle will show extraordinary improvement in your hair’s health. This device is FDA cleared.


  • A Painless non-surgical solution, Works with both men’s and women’s hair problems.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use at home, car, office, or anywhere.
  • Low-Level Light Technology is used to regrow your hair easily, safely, painless, and thicker.
  • 1-year Warranty and 6-month money-back guarantee.
  • The number of lasers is 272 and the total power is 1360mW.
GrivaMax Pro 272 Laser Cap Hair Growth Solutions
  • ✔️ Clinically proven & FDA 510(K) cleared medical device for treating hair loss, receding hair line - No more lengthy & expensive in-office visits
  • ✔️ Satisfaction guaranteed - FDA 510 K (171895) cleared for over-the-counter use, 6 month return policy, 1 year warranty, Use 30 min/day, every other day
  • ✔️ Safe, painless, effective, affordable - Non-surgical solution - Reverse the process of hair loss in both men & women with androgenetic alopecia
  • ✔️ Portable, discreet, convenient - Enjoy comfortable to use in the home, car, work & everywhere
  • ✔️ Save money & time - No side effects - Low level laser technology makes regrowing your hair easy & painless and grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair

#3 Aphrona Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet

Aphrona Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet

There are 88 laser diodes through this laser hair growth device. This is an FDA-cleared laser hair growth device that promotes hair growth in that area that is in trouble of hair loss or hair thinning pattern.

You can control its treatment using its App through your mobile device. It has movable fitting rubber tabs to ensure the fitting of a helmet on your head. Focuses on the treatable area and works with no side effects to regrow your hairs.


  • Has 88 laser diodes to stimulate your hair follicles within the scalp.
  • There is a Bluetooth-compatible smart app for Android and iOS devices through which you can monitor and record your treatment process to note your progress.
  • If you don’t see any satisfactory results within 6 months then you can demand a refund from the company because our priority is your satisfaction.
  • Aphrona is a home-use medical device that is easy to use, less expensive, and 100% drug-free.
  • Aphrona offers you a painless treatment with no side effects but improved hair results. It weighs just 1 pound.
Aphrona Laser Hair Growth Helmet-FDA Cleared Lasers Hair Loss Treatments-Rechargeable Lasers Cap for Hair Regrowth for Men and Women with Thinning Hair
  • [Natural Hair Growth] 81 lasers are clinically proven to promote hair growth for men and women naturally. The diode lasers are spread throughout the cap to cover the entire area of the head that is normally covered with hair, takes care of the hair follicles and scalp without manual movement. Effective hair improvement in first 12 to 24 weeks (results may vary), with the reduction in hair shedding and revise thinning hair, the treatments continue to provide continuing result.
  • [Easy to Use] 30 minutes a treatment, 3 treatments per week. Wear the laser cap while doing computer work, watching TV, reading or meditating, walking, or lunch time, and it shuts itself off automatically. Comfortable and effortless to use and does all the work.
  • [Safety] Aphrona Laser Hair Growth Cap is a FDA-Cleared hair loss treatment, non-invasive and pain-free. When the built-in IR detected the cap is not worn on the head, the laser light output will be automatically suspended immediately and the cap will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.
  • [Rechargeable] Rechargeable Battery Pack and free movement. ※ It’s unavailable to treat during the charging process. ※ The travel case makes everything so easy.
  • [Warranty] 1 Year Manufacturers warranty! Aphrona Beauty is the US Company, offers 7 days a week services. Should any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

#2 HairMax Laser Hair Growth Comb Ultima

HairMax Laser Hair Growth Comb Ultima

Hair scalp massager comb is a multitasking medical device that helps reverse baldness and regrow new hairs and is also known as the best massager comb to relax muscles and relieve headaches.

It is simply best to fight with Inelastic hair, Hair loss issues, Hair bifurcate issues, and Greasy hair issues. It is good for both men’s and women’s hair issues. Moreover, it helps you feel relaxed and free of stress.

This magical multifunction comb promotes hair growth by repairing the damaged hair roots. You may have a better sleep after having a great massage.


  • Promotes hair growth and helps relax muscles. Provides relief from body pains by massage.
  • It can 7500 vibrations per minute. Has a removable brush. You can use it with or without a brush to get your desired quality massage.
  • Its amazing battery is just charged for 2 to 4 hours and can be used for several days before recharge.
  • Far less expensive.
HairMax Laser Hair Growth Comb Ultima 9 Classic (FDA Cleared). Hair Laser Growth Treatment for Men and Women. Ideal for Thinning Hair Treatment Women and Men. Spot or Full Scalp Treatment to Reverse Thinning Hair while growing Denser, Fuller Hair
  • VALIDATED BY CLINICAL TRIALS: Technology validated by 7 clinical studies, 14 international medical device licenses, and 6 published articles in medical journals. HairMax laser devices are proven to regrow hair with an average hair count increase of 129 additional new hairs per sq. inch. after six months in clinical studies.
  • IDEAL FOR THINNING HAIR: HairMax pioneered the home use of nourishing and therapeutic laser light energy directly targeted to hair follicles to reverse thinning hair, promote hair growth, restore hair growth cycle, increase density & fullness.
  • FAST TREATMENT: regrow fuller, denser healthier hair with 3 weekly treatments of 11 minutes, every other day.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO USE: Cordless, extremely comfortable and portable. Perfect for home use or travel. Simple operation. Comes with a convenient charging cradle that serves as a stand. Rechargeable battery, user manual, and a 2-Year Laser Device Warranty.
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: HairMax technology is clinically proven with 90% success rate, users experience visible results in as little as 3 to 6 months (results vary). Doctors recommend HairMax laser devices to treat Androgenetic alopecia – which includes Hereditary Hair Loss, Male and Female pattern hair loss, menopause related hair loss, and age related hair loss & thinning. Founded in 2000, HairMax is the Global Leader and Pioneer in laser hair growth.

#1 illumiflow 148 Laser Cap


illumiflow 148 Laser Cap For Hair Regrowth

 Your hairs are very important for your shinning personality but sadly, hair loss issues are destructively spreading in the world which may deliver a bad impact on your self-esteem.

But you don’t need to worry because, with the illumiflow 148 Laser Cap, you can fight hair loss issues and regrow thicker, shiny, and healthier hair which may enhance your personality and look in a positive way.

There is a contributor to hair loss named 5-alpha reductase, this device fights with this contributor to stop hair loss and stimulates your hair follicles to promote good growth and thickness of your hair.

This is a convenient and effective, treatment for men and women, just wear it 2 times a week and enjoy thicker, healthier, and fuller


  • Has 148 laser diodes, each diode with 5mW of power.
  • Has a rechargeable battery pack. illumiflow 148 Laser Cap is lightweight and easy to wear.
  • It is a hands-free device that can be used everywhere.
  • Provides affordable, pain-free, and effective hair growth. It uses Low-Level light technology to stimulate your hair follicles.
  • This is the best laser hair growth with a 5-year warranty. You can contact me for a rapid resolution to the warranty claims.
illumiflow 148 Laser Cap for Hair Growth - FDA Cleared Low Level Laser Therapy Hair Regrowth System for Men & Women - Hair & Scalp LLLT Hat w/ Lasers Stops Hair Loss & Regrows Thinning Hair
  • Reverse Hair Loss & Regain Your Confidence: The illumiflow Laser Cap's advanced laser therapy effectively treats a wide range of frustrating and embarrassing conditions such as Thinning Hair, Receding Hairlines & Pattern Baldness caused by Alopecia and Hereditary Hair Loss; If you’re suffering with hair that is thinning or falling out, this is the fastest, easiest way to reverse your hair loss and return to a thick, youthful head of hair
  • Safe & Effective FDA Cleared Hair Growth System: If you are one of the millions of men and women struggling with hair loss, illumiflow is a safe solution for restoring your hair to its youthful glory; This hair growth system is regulatory tested, FDA cleared and uses advanced low level laser light technology to safely stimulate healthy hair regrowth within the scalp without any harmful side effects
  • Get Real Noticeable Results Using Just 3 Times A Week: In just 4-6 months, start enjoying a fuller head of hair and regain your confidence; The illumiflow hair growth system is the fastest path back to a full head of healthy hair; Simply use the comfortable cap for 15-30 minute sessions 3 times a week to reverse hair loss and look your very best!
  • Affordable, Pain-Free & Effective Laser Treatment: If you want professional hair growth results from the comfort of your home, then you'll love the ease and affordability of illumiflow; This painless laser cap utilizes 148 laser diodes to deliver Low Level Laser Therapy technology (LLLT) that can provide dramatic improvement; Plus, it's much less costly than pricey hair transplant procedures with equally impressive results at your convenience
  • Your Satisfaction and Results Are Our Priority: We truly believe you deserve the best in hair loss therapy which is why we're proud to provide a full 5-year warranty on your illumiflow Hair Growth System; We will personally offer you a quick resolution to any and all warranty claims

What is the best laser for hair growth?

Lasers for hair growth are best suited to those with darker skin and lighter hair. The laser light is absorbed by the melanin in your skin, so if you have naturally dark or tanned skin this treatment may be best for you. Some lasers target only hair follicles that have already been treated while others also work on new ones.

Our top picks of Best Laser Hair Growth System Consumer Reports

How to choose the best laser hair growth system?

Before buying a laser hair device, you must diagnose your hair issue whether it is minor or worst? If you are facing the worst hair loss issue then you should go with a helmet or cap and if you have a minor hair loss issue then buy a laser comb.

Buy an effective device of a price according to your budget. The product should be FDA-approved. Always buy a powerful device.

Helmets vs combs

Helmets are more effective because these devices cover your entire scalp so that the laser light reaches every area. There are up to 282 diodes which are far more than the combs have mostly.

Combs are less powerful and usually made up for people who face minor hair loss issues. You have to use these devices manually.

FDA clearance

The device you are going to buy should be FDA-approved.


The helmets and caps are expensive as compared to the price of combs. This must be because of the number of diodes in the devices.

Time and dedication

these devices take time to show improved results. So choose a device that takes the time according to your expectations.

Amount Of LLT

Always choose a device that has more low-level light because more LLT means More rapid regrowth of your hairs.


Hairloss is now treatable with the best laser hair growth systems and devices. If you are going through a minor hair loss issue, use massage combs. If you are worried about word hair fall and baldness the issue then goes for a helmet or a cap to regrow healthier hair to gain back your personality.

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