Best Gas Logs Consumer Reviews & Reports

In Winters, everybody wants to keep one’s home and office warm and for this, people look for different products like heaters, electric blankets, stoves, and many more.

But we are going to talk about a product that is used by people as a primary heat source for their home.

Gas Logs are meant to provide your home an unbeatable comfort and warmth. These are less expensive, safe, energy-efficient, and clean-burning.

Gas logs are a perfect heating material specifically made up for wood-burning fireplaces. These are suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

Let’s check the top 7 of the best gas logs with their deep description and features and decide which one is suitable for your home style.

Our Top 7 Best Gas Logs Consumer Reports

  • Regal Flame 5 Piece Fireplace logs
  • Barton Fireplace Ceramic Wood
  • Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs 
  • Sure Heat Mountain Vernon Oak Log Set
  • Natural Glo Small Fake Fireplace Logs
  • Pleasant Hearth VFL2-VO30DR Gas Log 
  • Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs

#1 Regal Flame 5 Piece Fireplace Logs

The Regal Flame 5 Piece Birch Ceramic Fireplace logs can be used in many variant styles of gas fireplaces and would be perfect for small and medium-size fireplaces. These ceramic gas logs are made using high-quality and lightweight fibers.

This set of gas logs comes with an eye-catching and adorable design that has a look of real birch wood. You can use these gas logs with propane, ethanol, ventless gas, zero clearance, and many further types of fireplaces.

The entire set is sculpted carefully to stimulate authentic wood beauty. You can use this set for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • Ideal for indoors or outdoors
  • Perfect realistic look
  • Designed with durable ceramic
  • Hot spots to provide an authentic look

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#2 Barton Fireplace Ceramic Wood

The Barton Fireplace logs are designed using ceramic fibers, suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor purposes.  These gas logs can also stand firm against temperatures of around 1,832-degrees F.

They have smooth edges and are designed with care so no chance for scratches on your fireplace by the logs.

When you place the logs in the fire, they glow red and give the feel of real wood logs. You can use these logs in many types of fireplaces like standard fire pits, electric fireplace inserts, direct vent, etc.


  • Suitable for direct vent, gel, propane, vent-free, etc.
  • Smooth edges to prevent fireplace damage.
  • Withstand temperature up to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Texture and color for a real wood look.

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#3 Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

The Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs has a set of 10 different size logs. Each piece is individually designed to give real wood logs look.

The gas logs are designed of durable ceramic and meant to provide you the feeling of a wood-burning fireplace, you don’t need to deal with the cleanup mess that you have to face in burning actual logs.

This Natural Glo set comes with a unique design to allows the gas logs to show some sparkling effects as hot spots that glow red and orange when they’re placed in the fire. This addition emulates the real wood feel to the logs.


  • Compatible with outdoor and indoor fireplaces
  • Clean burning, free of smell and dust.
  • Set includes 10 medium to large-sized gas logs
  • The ceramic design ensures durability

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#4 Sure Heat Mountain Vernon Oak Log Set

The Emberside by SureHeat MV18VFMLP Mountain Vernon Oak Vent Free Log Set includes 6 logs and is specially designed for use in a propane-fueled fireplace. These gas logs come in authentic looks with textures to show them look like real wood logs.

The set also features a valve system that is designed to operate with a liquid propane fuel supply and is manually controlled.

The set has a total length of 18″ which is considered to be ideal for use in medium size fireplaces. The logs offer easy installment and need no setup before using in the fireplace.


  • CSA approved
  • The set ensures an authentic look with six crafted logs
  • Ideal for medium size fireplaces.
  • Manually controlled Valve System

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#5 Natural Glo Small Fake Fireplace Logs

The Natural Glo Small Fake Fireplace Logs are best because of durability. These gas logs give you the best burning results and real wood feels in your fireplace and all the benefits you may expect in a gas log set.

So don’t waste money every couple of months on any other set of gas logs and buy this long-lasting set of logs.

The Natural Glo Small Fake Fireplace Logs Set includes 7 logs with 3 pine cones. The artificial logs come in sizes from 4″ to 9″ and proved to be ideal for use in a small fireplace. They ensure clean-burning without emitting any chemicals or odors, promising your full safety.


  • Extremely realistic look while burning in fire
  • Ideal for small size fireplaces
  • Set includes 7 logs and 3 pine cones
  • Designed using durable ceramic

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#6 Pleasant Hearth VFL2-VO30DR Gas Log 

The Pleasant Hearth VFL-VO30DR Valley Oak Series Vent Free Gas Log Set is a complete heating system to keep your home warm all winter. This set has the logs and the heating elements that are suitable to use with natural gas or propane.

The logs are designed to look like real wood. This set is perfect and ideal for use in small homes. It is designed using vent-free technology, so no need for a chimney or flue. The set also features a remote controller which works as a programmable thermostat or as an ON/OFF switch.


  • Remote control feature
  • Dual Fuel Technology to operate the unit with gas or propane
  • Burning pan to provide effects look like real wood fire
  • Reliable backup heating when power is out

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#7 Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs

The Peterson Real Frye 18-Inch Charred Oak Gas Logs are made of superior materials with a durable and reliable ceramic construction..

This set of gas logs have been strengthened with steel rods that make them durable. The logs come in an efficient design, helping them to provide clean burning.

You don’t need to take any safety measures to protect your home environment because these logs do not emit any wasting as natural wood does. This set of logs is designed to use with natural gas and features a vented burner too.


  • Accurately hand-painted for a realistic look
  • Meant to use with natural gas
  • Made using long-lasting and sturdy materials
  • Ceramic logs are reinforced with steel rods for durability

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Buying Guide For Best Gas Logs

The gas logs are safe and easy materials to use in your fireplaces because they don’t emit any chemicals or harmful smokes and promise durability and clean burning.

It depends on your home fireplace whether if it is small-sized, medium, or large-sized. Check which set of gas logs is suitable for the style of your fireplace and get one.

let’s take a look at some important factors to check before buying a gas log set:

Fuel Source

Liquid propane and natural gas are the most commonly used fuels for most gas logs. Liquid propane is a good option where natural gas is not available but you have to install a tank for it outside the home and it’s a little bit costly for you.

Natural gas is lighter than air, so it vanishes into the atmosphere after combustion, it is the best fuel source if the natural gas service is good in your area.

Vented vs Vent-Free Gas Logs

Vented gas logs consume more fuel than vent-free logs and you need a chimney or any other exhaust if you are use vented gas logs.

Vent-Free logs have the right amount of heat, so these logs are efficient but using these logs may cause oxygen deficiency in your home or living area so be careful with its use.

Size Of Logs

The gas logs should be matching with the size of your fireplace. But you should take care to leave some space on the side to prevent the blockage and valve overheating. Gas logs come in different measurements, so choose a suitable set.


According to the different home styles, we have given above the list of different gas log sets that come in different sizes and qualities.

If you have a small fireplace in your home then we recommend you to check Natural Glo Small Fake Fireplace Logs because these are ideal to use in small fireplaces.

The rest of you can match the measurements of their home styles with given Gas Logs and choose the best one. Warmth your living space with the amazing and best gas logs. Thank You..!


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