Best Beard Trimmer Consumer Reviews & Reports

Has your fetish beard trimmer abandoned you? Have you just started growing a beard and not sure which model of a beard trimmer to choose? This comparison is here to help you find the best beard trimmer!

Taking the characteristics, advantages, and weak points of the most popular beard trimmers today will guide you in choosing your new beard trimmer.

5 Best Beard Trimmer Consumer Reports

  • Panasonic ER-1611-K, Professional Hair Trimmer
  • Philips BT9297 – Beard Trimmer
  • Philips Norelco 7200 Series Beard Trimmer
  • Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer
  • Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro

#5 Panasonic ER-1611-K, Professional Hair Trimmer

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Is there professional equipment for individuals? And yes, moreover it is even accessible as for this very good beard trimmer!

It should be noted that the linear motor of the Panasonic ER-1611 beard trimmer is a technology patented by the brand. This engine runs at 10,000 rpm without ever losing power regardless of the battery level.

The available cutting heights range from 0.8mm to 15mm adjustable using 3 different shoes. In addition, the 1-hour charge gives 50 minutes of autonomy which can be extended by use on the mains. It should be noted that this pro beard and hair trimmer cuts both dry and wet hair.

What’s Good

  • The innovative linear motor that never runs out of steam
  • High-end materials
  • Self-sharpening
  • X-Taper carbon fiber blades

What’s Bad

  • High price


#4 Philips BT9297 – Beard Trimmer

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In order to draw a perfect cheek line or jaw contour, test the beard trimmer with a laser cutting guide. Neat and symmetrical beard contours guaranteed!

Its main feature, apart from cutting the hairs, of course, is having a laser cutting guide. It should be noted that this is guaranteed safe for the eyes. In terms of precision, the two shoes supplied allow the cutting heights to be modulated from 0.4 mm to 7 mm with a pitch of 0.2 mm.

In addition, a precision head allows for clean finishes. As for the display, the battery level and the selected setting are shown on the LED display.

What’s Good

  • Dynamic cutting guide
  •  17 cutting heights
  • Precision head
  • That is 100% waterproof
  • 80 minutes of autonomy

What’s Bad

  • That there is no base


#3 Philips Norelco 7200 Series Beard Trimmer

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It must be recognized that it is always painful to have to clean the sink, the floor, or the protective apron each time you trim your beard. To answer this problem, Philips, therefore, offers a beard trimmer with an integrated hair suction system.

Aside from that this mower has a vacuum system, it offers 20 different cutting heights from 0.5mm to 10mm. The selected value can then be read on the LED reading screen.

The precision head also has 2 shoes. As for its battery, the latter offers an autonomy of 1h20 after only 1 hour of charging. Note that if you forget to connect after use, use while charging is still possible.

What’s Good

  • Have 1h20 of use for 1h charge
  • The 20 cutting heights

What’s Bad

  • Effective suction only on short hairs


#2 Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

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With its full touch screen, here is rightly the high-tech accessory for the bearded! Something certainly to please geeks proudly displaying facial hair.

This Remington beard trimmer is supplied with a single comb but still allows a choice of 175 cutting heights! From 0.4 mm to 18 mm with a step of 0.1 mm, it is true that the precision is there.

Charging is done using a micro USB cable, which allows it to be plugged into any charger, computer, or power bank.

What’s Good

  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Touch screen
  • 175 cutting heights

What’s Bad

  • 50 min battery life


#1 Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro

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The OneBlades are probably the best all-in-one beard trimmers! Both beard trimmer and razor, this model remains the favorite of most bearded men.

Designed for both short beards and long beards, the OneBlade QP6520 / 30 from Philips has an adjustable comb, allowing it to cut from 0.4mm to 10mm at 14 different heights.

It should be noted that the selection is made on the dial on the shoe. Being completely waterproof, it can, therefore, be cleaned underwater.

What’s Good

  • The double function beard trimmer and razor
  • Autonomy of 1h30
  • That it is 100% waterproof
  • Fast charging

What’s Bad

  • The blade must be changed regularly


Buying Guide For Best Beard Trimmer Consumer Reports

Like so many other men before you, you’ve finally let your beard grow. The only thing is, you can’t or don’t want to go to the barber regularly. And the hairs probably won’t wait for you to grow.

How to keep a well-trimmed beard in this case? By using a beard trimmer! But since it’s not always easy to guess where to start, here’s everything there is to know about beard trimmers.

3-Day Beard Trimmer

Truth be told, the 3-day beard is the easiest beard style to achieve and maintain. Indeed, you just need to evenly trim your beard, without worrying about varying the length.

So there is no need to invest in a mower that offers many cutting heights with many clogs. A simple 3-day beard trimmer with a maximum of 2 or 3 combs will therefore suffice.

10-Day Beard Trimmer

The 10-day beard requires a bit more maintenance than the 3-day beard. Indeed, depending on the shape of your face and the desired effect, not all areas of your beard will be cut to the same length, especially if you want to achieve a layered effect. You will, therefore, have to make sure that your mower has enough cutting heights and allows you to vary these heights in steps of 0.5mm to 3mm.

Longbeard Trimmer

As for the long beard, it is the most difficult beard style to maintain. When the beard is really long, I usually work with a free hand, without a comb. Indeed, it allows us to work the volumes by playing on the thickness of the beard. On the other hand, for a more modern look and a layered effect, I use the clogs to achieve a gradual fade.

Battery Life

Very rare are the models that only work on mains. Indeed, all the beard trimmers on the current market are equipped with a battery allowing cordless use. Depending on the model and the quality of the battery, the charging and operating times will vary.

Indeed, from an hour to more than 4 p.m., not all models are created equal when it comes to recharging the battery. The same goes for autonomy: the most energy-hungry will operate for only 40 minutes while others will be able to hold the charge for more than 2 hours.

In addition, once the battery is flat, not all beard trimmers offer the possibility of mowing while being connected to the mains.


Finding the best beard trimmer isn’t always easy, so that’s why you should be sure to check different criteria. Obviously, the first criterion to look at is the quality of the blades. Poor quality blades could damage your skin and give you a poor quality shave.

Next, you need to look at other options that can make your shave more efficient and enjoyable, including battery charge level, how easy it is to clean your trimmer, how it is powered, or how waterproof it is.

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