Best Alarm Clock Radio Consumer Reviews & Reports

Welcome to our ranking of the 5 best alarm clock radios. We have selected the best models for a sweeter morning wake-up call. Our products have been chosen based on technical criteria such as design, material quality, functionality, ergonomics, and brand quality.

The Best Alarm Clock Radio Consumer Reports (reviews & tests)

We have placed this article on clock radios at your disposal to guide you to the one that is right for you.

  • Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light
  • Philips AJ3400/37 Clock Radio
  • Lexon Flip Digital Alarm Clock ON/OFF
  • Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio
  • August MB300 Mini FM Clock Radio

#5 Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

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This model from Philips offers you a natural and gentle awakening thanks to its simulation of the sunrise. In fact, 30 minutes before the alarm time you have set, this unit emits a brightness that gradually increases. The light changes from red to orange and bright yellow.

Equipped with the twilight simulation, this article can also prepare you for the reverse principle, that is, sleep. To do this, it gradually dims the lighting according to the time you set it.

This product offers you 7 natural sounds for your alarm clock. With snooze mode, it will continue to ring after 9 minutes if you have fallen asleep again. To turn it off, you will only have to tap the body of the device twice.

Ergonomic, it is equipped with a night light and night guide function. The glow is soft so as not to disturb your sleep. It has a USB port to help you charge your phone if needed from a practical perspective.

What’s Good

  • Thanks to its sunrise simulation and dusk, this article emits a light that gradually lights up or goes out. Thus, it allows you to better prepare for your awakening and your sleep.
  • Thanks to these options, you will enjoy a soft and warm light in your bedroom.

What’s Bad

  • The controls in this item would be a bit fragile for some users.

#4 Philips AJ3400/37 Clock Radio

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This digital alarm clock has a large and clearly readable screen. It works on both mains and batteries, so in the event of a power failure, the alarm will still sound, so you will never be late again.

It has a double alarm, a sleep timer, a snooze button, and of course, a digital FM tuner to wake up to your favorite music. The sound quality is not excellent, but it is enough for a clock radio.

Due to the large screen, there is also a lot of light, even at the lowest dim setting. The sleep timer has a time limit of a maximum of 1 hour.

Again, as with Denver, the online reviews agree that the operation is rather clunky. The sound quality can also be improved. But for people with a visual handicap, this alarm clock is a top product; thanks to the large screen, the time is easier to read.

This alarm clock is also suitable for children who would like a light in the room because the large screen gives off enough light.

Philips is well known for electronics and may well be the best brand for certain products. The AJ3400 alarm clock is the most popular product and has a large display. The alarm clock never runs out of power.

What’s Good

  • The product operates on both mains power and batteries. Therefore, the device is never without power because it automatically switches to the battery in a blackout event.
  • Thanks to the large display and the large numbers, you can easily read the time. The product is also suitable for seniors who are already slightly visually impaired.
  • You can choose to wake up to a radio station or an alarm signal. Besides, the device also has a sleep timer so that you can fall asleep to music in the evening.

What’s Bad

  • The sound quality is sufficient for an alarm clock but not suitable for listening to music for a long time.

#3 Lexon Flip Digital Alarm Clock ON/OFF 

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Do you have to get up earlier in the morning but does it always cost you a lot of effort? Then this alarm clock from Lexon might be a solution. This digital alarm clock comes from the famous Lexon Flip Lcd series and is characterized by a black design.

However, it is possible to purchase the digital alarm clock in many other colors and designs, which immediately makes the whole thing a lot more personal.

You will also see that the alarm clock is equipped with a digital display that shows the hour and the time the device is set. The latter is mentioned at the bottom right.

Besides, the alarm clock is also equipped with an ON/OFF signal that works very simply. By placing the alarm clock with the ON side up, you switch it on. If you turn the alarm clock over so that it is with the OFF side up, it will be switched off.

If you also want to check the time at night, rub the word “light” on the top for a while. In this way, the screen is briefly lit. Finally, the alarm clock is equipped with a powerful battery, of which 2 pieces are included at the time of purchase. Although many customers are satisfied, one buyer appears to have doubts about sustainability.

What’s Good

  • it is a sturdy and durable alarm clock with housing mainly made of plastic.
  • The device uses a digital display showing the data. Besides, the display can always be briefly illuminated at night thanks to the word “light.”
  • By tilting the alarm, you can turn it on or off. Handy and comfortable to use.

What’s Bad

  • We find that a single buyer appears not to be completely convinced of this product’s durability.

#2 Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

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We begin this list with an avant-garde and modern design, the Sony ICG-C1PJ, in the shape of a quite striking cube and surprisingly elegant for a radio alarm clock. It has compact dimensions of 11.5 cm in width, 10 cm in-depth, and 10.4 cm in height that quickly make it an excellent room decoration for its unmatched combination.

At the same time, it has a large LCD liquid crystal screen with which the time and total settings of the clock radio are easily displayed.

Now, a fact that makes it prevail over other models in its super option of projecting the information on the screen on the wall or ceiling with total clarity and adjusting the brightness of this projection in equal measure.

The Sony ICF-C1PJ contains a speaker with an excellent quality mono output, as is usually the case of the Japanese brand in the auditory section, its power is registered at 100mW and gives the option of waking up under two modes:

with the user’s preferred radio station or with one of the five nature tones incorporated with this avant-garde alarm clock.

What’s Good

  • The avant-garde model allows easy decoration anywhere.
  • Quite large LCD screen
  • You can project on the wall or ceiling all the information displayed on the screen.
  • Excellent sound quality

What’s Bad

  • Some users of this model report complaints about the speaker, as it sometimes emits a distinctive noise even though the radio is not turned on

#1 August MB300 Mini FM Clock Radio

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The August MB300 is usually referred to by users as a vintage radio, a statement that is not lacking for reasons. It is a clock radio designed in wood that is reminiscent of the first models of entirely commercial use in the years 6 0.

The hook the main feature of this model is its 2.4-inch LCD screen praised by its buyers for the relationship between its blue-black colors, allowing you to know the time from practically any distance, ideal for not getting out of bed pick it up to hit the schedule.

It should be noted that it has the functionality of working under alternating current, making it ideal for working throughout the day without the cumbersome need to change batteries constantly.

Even so, it includes a rechargeable lithium battery that has an amazing autonomy capacity of 5 hours in case of not connecting to any external power source to the clock radio.

This model is even more attractive because its developers have included remote control to control it from anywhere in the home; this control includes practically all the functionalities that can be configured manually.

What’s Good

  • A screen that makes it easy to see the schedule from long distances
  • Fine wood finish
  • Possibility of working with alternating current
  • Long battery life
  • The remote control that allows you to control it from anywhere

What’s Bad

  • Some users have reported some difficulty tuning in to radio stations.

Buying Criteria For Best Alarm Clock Radio

To compensate for the alarm clock function of smartphones, some manufacturers are reinventing the classic clock radio. The new models of clock radios have been designed to provide a personalized and gentler wake-up call. Find out below the selection criteria to take into account when purchasing your clock radio :

  1. Design: spherical, cubic, or rectangular, the models integrate many functions. However, the design is personal, with clock radios in various colorways and display styles.
  2. The type of radio: it is possible to store from 2 to 20 radio stations depending on the model. The first type is conventional digital radio which offers analog broadcasting by tuning the receiver to the desired frequency. The sound is correct. The second type is DAB / DAB + and concerns audio broadcasting of digital sound. Benefiting from better sound quality, it avoids interference and/or crackling of the digital stream. It is possible to read the information in text or thumbnails on some models equipped with an LCD screen.
  3. Alarm clock style: the clock radio can offer you an alarm clock with the radio or ambient ringtones ( wave on the water, zen music, etc.), the sound quality of which depends on the models.
    In recent years, alarm clocks have emitted a simple halo of light whose intensity will gradually increase for a gradual awakening or falling asleep.
  4. Type of display: most clock radios have a digital display and offer to display the time; others add the date, day, and alarm clock options. The alarm clock must have a dual display halo. It allows the latter to decrease and be barely visible in the dark. Contrary to this could affect the quality of sleep.
  5. Snooze function: we recommend that you choose a device with the snooze or double alarm function. Sleep specialists advise waking up at a 15-minute time interval. The first time you wake up, you open your eyes, the second you get out of bed.
  6. The back-up battery: very useful in a power cut; this back-up battery works with a battery.


It is best to turn off your smartphone at night. The battery wears down unnecessarily, and the life of the device will be extended. It is preferable to have an independent clock radio with a lifespan of between 2 and 5 years.

We hope these top 5 best clock radios will help you make the right choice. Do not hesitate to comment at the bottom of the page.

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