Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Consumer Reviews & Reports

An air fryer toaster oven is one of those kitchen appliances that will change your life. It cooks food faster and more evenly than a conventional oven and is just as convenient as a microwave. It can sit on top of your counter and provide you with the perfect hot meals every time.

They’re easily one of the most versatile and useful home appliances you can own, and if you don’t have one, you’re missing out. We’ve been on the hunt for the best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Consumer Reports. And, at the bottom of this article, we’ve explained how we picked our selection of convection ovens.

Top 5 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Consumer Reports

  • Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Convection Oven
  • Daewoo KOC-9HAFDB Convection Air Fryer
  • Hamilton Beach 31103A Countertop Oven
  • Cuisinart TOA-60 Deep Fryer Convection Toaster
  • Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven

#5 Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Convection Oven

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As our best pick product, we chose the Oster Countertop Convection Oven. As you will see from reading this article, there are many styles of convection ovens, with different characteristics.

But we think this oven is the most user-friendly and versatile on this list. Plus, it’s not that expensive that you’re going to have to remortgage your house to buy one.

The interior is of surprising size, with two cooking grids, a griddle, and a grill grid. This gives you numerous cooking possibilities to prepare all your favorite dishes without having to use a conventional oven. In addition, at the bottom of the oven, it has a removable bread tray for easy cleaning.

This countertop oven also has heat settings. You can adjust the temperature and time to make your own unique settings. Plus, it’s equipped with an automatic shut-off, in case you forget it and leave it on for too long, and a turbo convection setting for faster cooking.

If you are looking for a versatile, inexpensive, high-quality convection oven, this is the one for you. It looks like a microwave oven and is easy to store.

What’s Good

  • Large interior and lots of cooking options inside
  • An impressive range of heating settings

What’s Bad

  • Spring-loaded doors close too easily
Oster Toaster Oven, 7-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven, 10.5" x 13" Fits 2 Large Pizzas, Stainless Steel
  • Countertop convection oven features convection technology for fast, even heating
  • Digital settings for pizza, bake, broil, toast, and defrost
  • Large interior fits 2 take and bake pizzas, a family sized chicken, or 18 slices of bread
  • Easy clean interior and 90 minute timer with auto shut off feature
  • Includes 2 oven racks, a baking pan, and an integrated broiling rack. Watts: 1500W

#4 Daewoo KOC-9HAFDB Convection Air Fryer

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the Daewoo KOC-9HAFDB Convection Microwave Oven. Daewoo is another one of those brands you can trust when it comes to kitchen appliances, but we don’t think it’s the best convection oven on the market. The reason we’ve included it is that it offers great versatility and isn’t particularly expensive.

It has 10 different power levels and 5 automatic cooking menus. The only problem is that the controls really require a bit of navigation. It’s probably because they’re trying to make a product that’s universal, but it ends up becoming a bit of a maze.

That said, if you take the time to read the instructions, you should be fine. On the other hand, it features Daewoo’s Concave Reflex system. This technology provides more efficient microwave emission, which allows your food to cook faster and much more evenly.

So if you are looking for a high-quality microwave oven that is also capable of convection baking and broiling, this product just might be yours.

What’s Good

  • The technology of the Concave Reflex system makes it an excellent microwave oven
  • Very versatile for the price
  • 5 automatic cooking menus

What’s Bad

  • The controls are a bit too complicated
Daewoo KOC-9Q4DS Convection Microwave Oven 1.0 Cu. Ft., 900W | Stainless Steel
  • Honeycomb Cavity - Newly improved design increases cooking performance by 15%
  • 900-1500 Watts Power Output - 900W Microwave function, 1250W Grill function, 1250W Convection function, and 1500W in combined cooking
  • 10 Power levels - adjust the power to suit the cook times of various foods
  • 5 Auto Cook Menus - cook roast pork, roast beef, roast chicken, baked fish, and fresh vegetables all with the push of a button
  • Easy Steam Clean function - the power of steam lifts grease and grime in just 10 minutes

#3 Hamilton Beach 31103A Countertop Oven

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Now let’s come back to something a little more robust. The Hamilton Beach 31103A Countertop Oven is a bit of an all-in-one product designed to do it all. One of the first major selling points of this product is that it is a rotisserie convection oven.

Basically, this means that you can rotate a piece of meat inside the oven for perfect, even results. This makes them a big seller around Thanksgiving and Christmas when people are really in the mood for poultry.

It’s also bigger than most of the ovens we’ve featured so far. It can easily fit two 12-piece pizzas, two 9-piece x 13-piece casseroles, or two molds; cake.

This makes them the perfect kitchen companion, especially when cooking for a party or a large family. It’s not too complicated; for cooking, but this compensates by making the dials extremely easy to; comprehension.

There are only four cooking options bake, convection, and broil. It’s not the most versatile convection oven, but it’s still one of the best. Our handy guide to the best panini presses features more great products like this.

What’s Good 

  • The rotisserie is perfect for cooking poultry
  • Large interior
  • The settings are very easy to use

What’s Bad

  • No light inside
Hamilton Beach 31103A Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie, Metallic (Discontinued)
  • Maximum versatility - including rotisserie
  • Extra-large capacity - fits two 12" pizzas, two 9" x 13" casseroles, or two cake pansThis oven is 110 voltage only It is packaged in SIOC packaging to avoid damage in shipping
  • Revolving rotisserie - meat self-bastes as it turns - fits a 5 lb chicken
  • Convection setting bakes faster and more evenly than traditional oven;Bake & broil settings with 2 hour timer1311 H x 2062 W x 1654 D
  • Durable stainless steel construction

#2 Cuisinart TOA-60 Deep Fryer Convection Toaster

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The Cuisinart TOA-60 toaster oven from Cuisinart isn’t technically a convection oven, but we thought it deserved a mention. It combines a standard toaster oven with air frying technology, which is very similar to how convection ovens work, but they circulate the air faster and are often much smaller.

Without going into detail, this is best for small meals and will sit nicely on your counter without taking up too much space.

It can do just about anything a convection oven can do. You can grill, bake, roast, and air fry foods, which means you can do everything from toast to hot wings. Your cooking options are condensed into 9 predefined cooking functions.

The interior is made of non-stick materials and a light that allows you to keep an eye on your food. Plus, it has a 60-minute timer with auto shut-off to prevent you from leaving it running if you forget. It is a perfect kitchen gadget for those who love to cook.

What’s Good

  • Adapts perfectly to your table
  • Cooking small dishes to perfection

What’s Bad

  • The on/off button is an inexpensive plastic
Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven by Cuisinart, 7-1 Oven with Bake, Grill, Broil & Warm Options, Stainless Steel, TOA-60
  • COOKING FUNCTIONS: This premium 1800 watt toaster oven and AirFryer, is equipped with an AirFry setting plus toast, convection bake, bake, convection broil, broil, warming feature, with a wide temperature range (Warm-450°F) .Toast Shade Selector-Timer | Nonstick Easy-Clean Interior | Whisper Quiet Operation
  • CAPACITY: Large enough to toast 6-slices of bread, air fry 3-pounds of chicken wings, bake a 12-inch pizza or roast a 4-pound chicken
  • SUPERIOR OPERATION: Equipped with an adjustable temperature dial, 60-minute timer/auto-shutoff and a toast shade selector to ensure your meals are cooked to perfection.
  • INCLUDES: Oven light, oven rack, baking pan, AirFry basket and a nonstick easy-clean interior to make cleanup simple.
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding warranty policies.

#1 Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven

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Breville’s BOV845BSS Smart Oven is a step up from what we’ve seen so far. In this oven, it’s Element IQ technology that transfers heat to five different quartz heating elements to give you even and powerful cooking in the convection oven.

This is one more step in heating technology and you will really notice the difference when you cook perfect foods every time.

You can tell it’s a more expensive product as well, because of the LCD display. Instead of using big buttons to navigate the oven, you can choose from 10 cooking options on the display.

These include the standard presets that we have experienced in advance as in the oven, but they also have an option really useful.

This allows you to cook for up to 10 hours on low heat, which allows you to perfectly cook a piece of meat. If you really care about your food, this option is a game-changer.

It also has an interior light and an impressive cooking grid that automatically pops out when you open the door, so you can see food without having to put on an oven mitt.

What’s Good

  • Element IQ technology allows it to cook evenly and evenly
  • The slow cooking option is ideal for foodies
  • Useful additional functions like LCD display, automatic eject rack, and interior lighting

What’s Bad

  • Some reports of problems with the fan
Breville Smart Oven Pro Toaster Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel, BOV845BSS
  • The Breville Smart Oven Pro with Element iQ System is a high performance countertop oven; Reduce your cooking time by up to 30% using the convection setting and choose from 10 cooking functions as an interior oven light guides you to perfection
  • Element iQ System: Using 5 independent quartz elements, smart algorithms steer power to where and when it's needed to create the ideal cooking environment for perfect results every time; Fast 1800 Watt preheat gets your meals on the table more quickly
  • Convection Powered: The Smart Oven Pro's convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30%; An inbuilt fan circulates the hot air within the oven which speeds the cooking process by stripping away the cold air that surrounds your food
  • 10 Cooking Functions: versatile countertop oven with 10 cooking functions to guide you to perfection: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Warm and Slow cook
  • Smart Oven with Slow Cook Function: Take your time to tenderize and develop complex flavors using the slow cook function, designed for long cook times at low temperatures; Slow Cook for up to 10 hours before the setting automatically turns to keep warm

Buying Guide For Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Consumer Reports


When you buy something expensive like a convection oven, you want a brand you can trust. We have selected products from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Of course, we’ve looked beyond the brand and delved into the details of each product to make sure they’re the best.


You can spend hours reading every detail of a product, but you won’t really know how good it is until you take it out of the box. That is why we take great care to read the comments of our customers.

These customers have already bought their convection ovens, brought them home, and started using them. They are therefore the best-informed people.

Of course, we don’t believe everything we read, as some customers will have had a positive or negative experience of their own. We also read trade reviews to find out what the culinary experts think about the convection ovens we have chosen.


There is a huge price range when it comes to buying kitchen electronics. You can get a great convection oven for under $ 100 and you can spend 5x that much.

The price depends on the brand, quality, features, size, and all kinds of other things. We know everyone has a different budget, so we’ve included everything from the cheapest to the most expensive convection ovens.

Heating Options

There is no standard set of heating options on the convection oven. Some have simple temperature and time settings, which is simple and easy to use.

But some convection ovens have more specific settings like ‘bake’, ‘toast’, ‘boil’, and ‘warm’. You should choose a convection oven with settings that match your needs.


Every oven should be cleaned from time to time, but some are much easier to clean than others. Features like a removable bread tray and removable cooking grates make the convection oven much easier to clean.


We hope that this guide has helped you to see more clearly to be able to find a device that suits you at the best possible price-performance ratio, even outside our selection.

Do not hesitate to discuss with other Internet users to obtain additional opinions and information.


1: Can I cook more than one food at the same time?

To be able to cook multiple foods at the same time, be sure to choose an appliance that offers this option.

2: Can I cook frozen foods like meat or vegetables in a deep fryer?

Yes, you can absolutely cook frozen foods with your deep fryer. You even have the advantage of not using oil for frozen fries.

3: Can I use aluminum foil or other parchment paper in an oil-free fryer?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil or other parchment paper in an oil-free fryer. Just make sure you leave enough space around the food to allow air to circulate around it for efficient cooking.

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