Best 4K Blu Ray Player Consumer Reviews & Reports

With video-on-demand platforms like Netflix and Disney + – now offering 4K streams of our favorite movies and shows at the click of a button – experiencing UHD from the comfort of your home has never been easier. But a best 4K Blu-ray player consumer reviews & reports can make a difference when it comes to the best picture and sound.

The transmission is accessible, but it does not provide the best quality. If you are a movie fan, 4K Blu-ray is here to enjoy movies.

What was once an additional expensive device for the first wave of 4K TV owners is no more. UHD players have dropped significantly in price in recent years. Here is our top list of best 4K blu ray players.

Top 10 Best 4K Blu Ray Player Consumer Reports

  • Sony Region Free UBP-X800M2 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
  • LG BP175 Region Free Blu-ray Player
  • Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Home Theater
  • Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player
  • Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with HDR10
  • Panasonic DP-UB820EB.
  • Panasonic DMP-BDT180EB.
  • Sony UBP-X1100ES.
  • Panasonic DP-UB9000.

Buying Guide For Best 4K Blu Ray Player Consumer Reports

For the record, Blu-ray technology was invented by the Japanese brand Sony, which filed its patent in 2006. It is a technology that allows more storage space and, therefore, can contain HD videos.

Some Blu-ray discs can even reach 200GB in capacity. But you must also have the right player to play this type of disc, a player that uses a blue-violet laser beam. These are some of the features to consider when choosing a 4K Blu-ray player.


It goes without saying that, although the technology emerged from the drawers of the Japanese brand Sony, competing brands also put the product on sale.

We find discs and players from other brands such as Pioneer, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc. That said, it can be more reassuring to be sure, getting from the brand behind this famous technology if you’re looking for a quality and reliable product.

Type Of Use

Of course, a model’s choice should be based first of all on the type of use you expect. For example, 4K Blu-Ray players offer limited compatibility with different video formats, especially older ones. While others can read almost all recent or old formats, you can continue to watch your old DVDs and CDs. We are talking about downward compatibility.

You should also know that some 4K Blu-ray players don’t play 4K or UHD discs. They only offer the so-called scaling; that is, they will modify/improve the reproduction of your movies, your series, your online content so that the images are closest to 4K resolution. This is more than enough for many users who do not necessarily have the means to invest in a 4K television.


It is always better to have a device that offers a wide range of connectivity, such as an Ethernet port, a USB port, an SD card reader, and, of course, one or more HDMI ports, to facilitate communication with your different devices.

Despite the evolution of wireless technology, a wired connection is always better, more stable, and more reliable.

Sony Region Free UBP-X800M2 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player


This 4K blu ray player has no region restrictions which is great allows you to watch in any region on 4K. It has a 4k playback system without losing video quality you will get an HD quality screen.

Also, you will get a lossless multi-channel audio codec with the help of DTS Dolby True HD. It will allow you to stream on 4K HDR videos like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube.

This player comes with 110-240 volts, which supports Pal and NTSC. It plays UHD 4K and Standard Blu-rays, DVD, CDs, plus it comes with USB input to play all your content.

You can also connect Bluetooth for audio connectivity and can connect HDMI.

Product Features:

  • High-quality Blu-ray player.
  • Play DVDs (0-8).
  • Global voltage.
  • The rigid frame reduces interference.
  • Support all types of file formats

What’s Good

  • It comes with region restrictions free.
  • Play videos on 4K resolution
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Easy to setup

What’s Bad

  • Bit pricy
  • It doesn’t come with any warranty.
Sony Region Free UBP-X800M2 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player UHD Multi Region Blu-ray DVD, Region Free Player 110-240 Volts, HDMI Cable & Dynastar Plug Adapter Package
  • 4K UHD Ultra HD Player, 4K Playback, HDR, DTS Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos
  • Stream in 4K HDR on capable videos and tvs; Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube
  • 110-240 volts player supports Pal and NTSC / Plays UHD 4K and Standard Blu-rays, DVD, CDs plus has USB input to play all your content. USB Playback, External HDD Playback,
  • Bluetooth Audio Connectivity, 2 HDMI outputs,

 LG BP175 Region Free Blu-ray Player


LG BP175 is the best solution for region-free restrictions. You can watch your favorite movies and channels on it on 4K hdr resolution with playback support without losing video quality.

It allows you to connect a USB with it to watch your own data anytime. You can watch videos at 1080p with high-quality clear sounds. It also comes with external HDD playback.

If you really want to enjoy your shows at home, then this can be your choice.

Product Features:

  • Global voltage (operating at 110 to 240 volts).
  • Internal Pal/NTSC conversion.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • Transmission capacity.
  • USB playback.
  • 1080p conversion of non-HD discs.

What’s Good

  • Allows you to watch videos at 1080p HD
  • Can connect USB to watch personal data
  • Region restrictions free
  • Playback support

What’s Bad

  • Some consumers report that this region-free Blu-ray player requires an Ethernet cable and router to watch Netflix and youtube etc
  • It doesn’t support a 4K disc.
LG BP175 Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi Region 110-240 Volts, 6FT HDMI Cable & Dynastar Plug Adapter Bundle Package
  • BLU-RAY & DVD PLAYBACK - Make the most of your HDTV. Blu-ray disc playback delivers exceptional Full HD 1080p video performance along with stunning hi-definition sound. LG Blu-ray players also play DVDs, so there is no need to replace your old DVD collection. Not only that, DVD Up-Scaling delivers exceptional image quality with 1080p up scaling via HDMI.
  • HDMI OUTPUT: CABLE INCLUDED - REMOTE INCLUDED - Supports FULL HD Resolution 1080p HD quality digital sound & Upconverts standard DVDs to 1080p
  • 110-240 volts player supports Pal and NTSC / Plays Blu-rays, DVD, CDs plus has USB input to play all your content. USB Playback, External HDD Playback, 1080p Upscaling.
  • Model LG BP175 Region Free Version- Play any region DVD & Any Region Blu-ray Guaranteed Excellent for those who don't need Streaming Wifi Smart; or those who have a Smart TV already and just need a DVD / Blu-ray player.7

Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Home Theater


Looking for a home theater? Well bring this thing your home and get the theater feelings at home. It will provide you with Ultra HD 4K graphics to give you real feelings.

It comes with wifi system now; you can connect your internet with it and enjoy your Netflix or youtube videos on a big screen with 4K resolution. You can play 4K discs on it without having any issue.

This one comes with 2AA batteries that provide you 0.35 watts on standby. It has dual HDMI outputs for the A/V separator and sound clearance.

Product Features:

  • Read any type of disc.
  • Stunning images, 4K magnified to 60p.
  • Listen to music in multiple formats.
  • Easily set up with the supplied HDMI cable.

What’s Good

  • Can play the disc on 4K
  • It comes with 2AA batteries.
  • It has a wifi system.
  • Comes with a 1-year card warranty

What’s Bad

  • Some consumer reports that a power adapter is so wide that it blocks the adjacent power outlets
Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Player
  • Bring the theater home: Get the best seat in the house while enjoying your favorite content from the comfort of your family room
  • Smart Functionality: With fast, stable built-in Wi-Fi, you can wirelessly access your favorite streaming apps and services including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime & various others
  • See the unrivaled visual clarity of 4K Ultra HD Blu ray
  • Play almost any disc and listen to music in multiple file formats
  • Stunning picture with 4K up scaling up to 60p. Power Consumption: 15 Watt in Operation 0.35 Watt in Standby

Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player


Want to expand your video quality 4x times? This can provide 4x better picture quality with 4K as compared to other blu ray players. It will enhance the color and brightness and make sure the clarity of the picture is on 1080p HD resolution.

It will detect the HD video quality of video and set the setting according to resolution automatically. This also comes with a wifi system that allows you to watch your videos and movies on the internet and play games.

Product Features:

  • Ultra HD playback via HDMI.
  • Near 4K resolution upgrade.
  • HDR10 compatibility.
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connection.

What’s Good

  • Play 4K Ultra HD movies at 4x resolution
  • Has wifi connection
  • It has HD sound quality.
  • Comes with a voice remote controller

What’s Bad

  • Users complain that it is slow and unresponsive.
  • Region blocking
SAMSUNG UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player
  • Play 4K Ultra HD movies at 4x the resolution of full 1080p HD, letting you watch your favorite scenes with a level of detail and clarity like never before.1
  • HDR allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details. The player recognizes HDR content and automatically optimizes settings.2
  • Rating voltage is AC110-120V ~50/60Hz with a operating voltage of 22W and stand-by power consumption of 0.3W
  • Sync and stream all your favorite TV shows, games, apps, and more with built-in wireless.3
  • Wi-Fi: 2x2 Dual

 Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with HDR10


Enjoy the cinema experience at home with this machine. It will provide you ultra HD video quality experience at home like a Hollywood movie. It comes with high-dynamic-range playback in three 4K/HDR formats HDR10+, HDR10, and hybrid log-gamma.

Panasonic HCX processor provides you the detailed clarity of pictures with dazzling colors in 4K/HDR. It comes with the Alexa control system; you can control it without a remote. It allows you to see your content on 4K with 4K VOD streaming on Netflix, Youtube, and other sources.

The plus point of this player is it can work with Google Assistant. The sound quality is HD, which provides you the apparent sounds and lets you enjoy your music.

Product Features:

  • Provides high-quality home entertainment with three range production 4K / HDR formats HDR10+, HDR10.
  • The Panasonic provides powerful and accurate HDR.
  • Used in conjunction with Alexa, you can control various operations through Alexa without remote control, and access a wider range of 4K content through 4K VOD streams from Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video; it also works with Google Assistant.

What’s Good

  • It has 4K High-Precision chroma processing for maximum color.
  • This can work with Alexa.
  • Come with playback support for HD quality.
  • It has a high-clarity premium sound.
  • Reasonable price

What’s Bad

  • It can not play MP4 videos.
Panasonic Streaming 4K Blu Ray Player, Ultra HD Premium Video Playback with Hi-Res Audio, Voice Assist - DP-UB420-K (Black)
  • Premium home entertainment enjoy high-dynamic range playback in three 4K/HDR formats HDR10+, HDR10 and hybrid log-gamma (hog)
  • Panasonic HCX Processor (Hollywood Cinema experience) delivers powerful, precise Chroma and HDR processing for beyond-dazzling color and detail in your 4K/HDR content
  • Works with Alexa command a variety of operations without your remote with Alexa, Plus Access a wider variety of 4K content with 4K VOD streaming from Netflix, YouTube and prime video; Also works with Google Assistant
  • 4K high-precision Chroma Processor 4K image color signals (4: 2: 0) are interpolated into 4K (4: 4: 4) by a multi-tap Chroma process for stunning color and details, Natural textures and depth
  • Hi-res sound Connect to your audio system for Hi-Res studio Master sound from DSD (5. 6 MHz/2. 8 MHz/11. 2MHz) and ALAC music files and WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA/AIFF formats

Panasonic DP-UB820EB 4k blue ray:


With DP-UB820EB, Panasonic adopted the video processing technology of its flagship product DP-UB9000, found a lower position in this list, and bundled it into a more affordable package. The result is sensational. The reader provides a very attractive and unforgettable image, full of colors and details. It also creates a rich and exciting sound that perfectly complements the picture.

All major HDR styles are supported, including HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision, which means you can make the most of 4K content. It is also a very good upconverter, so ordinary blue light should look great on your shiny new 4K TV. For the money, it is difficult to find a better SUV, which is why we have this What Hi-Fi? Award-winning in our list of the best Blu-ray players.

Product Features:

  1. Type: 4K Blu-ray SACD/DVD-A/3D.
  2. Output: HDMI x2.
  3. Optical digital, 7.1 multi-channel.
  4. Analog size (H x W x D): 6.3 x 43 x 20.4 cm.
  5. Weight: 3.5 Kilogram.

What’s Good

  1. Vivid and stunning HDR images.
  2. Powerful and reliable color balance.
  3. Powerful and grand sound.

What’s Bad

  1. Dynamics can be more subtle.
  2. Not compatible with SACD or DVD-A.



 If you want to buy a high-quality Sony 4k Blu-ray media player, Sony offers Sony UBP-X1100ES. Not only does the price make this media player high-quality, but there are also some powerful features that support this high-quality device, which is worth it even at such a high price.

It is integrated with Dolby Atmos/DTS; X Dolby Vision, 4K upgrades and high-resolution audio can create smoother, clearer, and error-free video or audio streams. This media player has HD 4K Blu-ray, allowing you to experience the core of every movie or series.

All the content produced is presented on the screen in great detail, making you feel as if you have seen something outside the real world. With 4K HDR, when you watch a movie or series that you have already watched at 1080P, you will explore previously hidden areas, shadows, or colors. This makes the movie viewing experience as realistic as possible.

It is also supported by Dolby Vision to create an immersive and more engaging movie experience. It is not only clearer and more precise details, but it also optimizes your streaming experience. The media player supports many different video formats, including XVID, WMV, AVCHD, etc.

This is not just about video, it also supports high-resolution audio formats from the most popular streaming media platforms.

Product Features:

  1. 4K HDR upgrade.
  2. 2 HDMI outputs.
  3. High-resolution audio support.
  4. Support 4k online streaming.

What’s Good

  1. Generate clear, clean, and clear graphics.
  2. High-resolution surround sound.
  3. Universal tray.
  4. Dolby and Atmos Vision support.

What’s Bad

  1. No HDR10+.
Sony UBP-X1100ES 4K UHD Home Theater Streaming Blu-ray Player with HDR
  • Bring the theater home: See the unrivaled visual clarity and detail of 4K UHD Blu-ray while watching your favorite movies and content from the comfort of home
  • Smart Functionality: With fast, stable built-in Wi-Fi, you can wirelessly access your favorite streaming apps and services including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime & various others.
  • Features Dolby Vision for incredible viewing accuracy and hear more detail with High-Resolution Audio and DSEE HX d DSEE HX
  • Wide range of connectivity options for custom installation
  • Anti-vibration construction for clearer sound

Sony UBP-X1100ES 4k blue ray HD player:


When you switch from a cheap 4K Blu-ray player to a higher-quality model, several things usually happen: The build quality usually improves, and so does the technical level of the player.

With a larger budget for these machines, manufacturers can obtain higher-quality components. Hope these improvements and updates will help us achieve the leap in the picture and sound quality we want.

In many ways, Sony UBP-X1100ES can provide it, even if you are a little disappointed when you meet your readers for the first time. Open the package, the player will definitely feel huge and heavy in their hands. However, put it on your shelf and it doesn’t look like a gamer worth nearly £750.

The plastic hinged front panel is something we usually see on cheap Blu-ray players, and the textured plastic top cover is very cheap and rough to the touch. In addition to competitors, such as the sturdy Panasonic DP-UB9000, Sony has also declined in perceived quality.

Product Features:

  1. 3840 x 2160 resolution.
  2. HDR format HDR10, Dolby Vision.
  3. DTS: X is.
  4. Output HDMI x2, optical digital, coaxial digital, analog USB, Ethernet input.
  5. Multiple analog output numbers.
  6. Dimensions (width) 5.4 x 43 x 26.5 cm.
  7. Weight 3.9 kg.

What’s Good

  1. Clear and sharp 4K images.
  2. Immersive and funny sounds.
  3. Universal tray.

What’s Bad

  1. No HDR10+.
  2. Strange handling of Dolby Vision.
  3. Lack of quality finishes.
Sony UBP-X1100ES 4K UHD Home Theater Streaming Blu-ray Player with HDR
  • Bring the theater home: See the unrivaled visual clarity and detail of 4K UHD Blu-ray while watching your favorite movies and content from the comfort of home
  • Smart Functionality: With fast, stable built-in Wi-Fi, you can wirelessly access your favorite streaming apps and services including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime & various others.
  • Features Dolby Vision for incredible viewing accuracy and hear more detail with High-Resolution Audio and DSEE HX d DSEE HX
  • Wide range of connectivity options for custom installation
  • Anti-vibration construction for clearer sound



As I mentioned here, LG entered the world of 4k gamers a bit late. LG released the first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player in 2017 and quickly surpassed the 4K player market.

Currently, this brand is one of the best-selling brands among 4k Blu-ray players. Not just gamers, it is famous for its amazing displays, TVs, LEDs, and many other products in the entertainment industry. Your LG BK90 is one of the players known for its outstanding performance.

Only allow backward compatibility with Blu-ray and DVD when you are prepared to spend a little more money. It provides ultimate audio/video quality, clearer, more impressive 4K images, and high-definition audio support. Insert a 4k Blu-ray disc and get ready to enjoy a realistic streaming and entertainment experience.

Support WI-FI, that is, support online streaming media platforms. Yes, with 4K streaming from Netflix or any other streaming platform, you can enjoy whatever you want. Yes, an additional subscription from the official streaming media platform may be required.

Support HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos playback to optimize your viewing and listening experience. The player version that supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 has a slightly higher price and is sold separately.

When watching a high-definition video, you already know the value of Dolby Vision support. Optimize the color and brightness scene by scene to make the image clearer and the color richer. It supports HDR, which produces impressive contrast and vivid colors. It is an HDR-compatible player that you can enjoy deeper blacks and clearer whites.

It also supports a USB connection. With a USB connection, you can quickly and easily connect digital storage devices, movies, songs, or audio files, and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Product Features:

  1. Backward compatible with Blu-ray and DVD.
  2. USB connection.
  3. HDR and Dolby Vision support.
  4. Support streaming media platform.

What’s Good

  1. HDR and Dolby Vision support.
  2. USB connection.
  3. 2 HDMI ports.
  4. Backward compatible with Blu-ray and DVD.

What’s Bad

  1. It only supports Netflix, not Amazon Prime or other streaming platforms.
LG UBK90 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player with Dolby Vision (2018)
  • 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc playback provides the ultimate in audio/video quality with a stunning 4K picture and state-of-the-art audio. Pop in a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc and prepare to be transported
  • 4K streaming content - this internet-ready LG device is capable of delivering an uncompromising Ultra HD 4K streaming experience. (Additional subscriptions services may be required)
  • High pressure audio playback - this UHD Blu-ray DVD player Supports high Resolution audio
  • HDR playback - this LG Blu-ray Disc player is HDR compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10. (HDR/Dolby Vision TV sold separately and required for Dolby Vision playback)
  • Blu-ray & DVD backward compatible - this LG UHD Blu-ray Disc player is backward compatible supporting both of these popular legacy standards

Panasonic DP-UB9000:


The convenience of streaming and on-demand content may weaken the attractiveness of the physical format, but we are happy that first-class 4K Blu-ray players such as the Panasonic DP-UB9000 still exist.

DP-UB9000 makes Panasonic’s previous flagship DMP-UB900 (600 pounds) and Cambridge Audio CXUHD (700 pounds) more cost-effective than budget.

It has a two-layer chassis to ensure low noise and vibration. The phono is installed in the center and adopts a thick steel plate to further reduce the vibration and noise during playback.

Although UB900 has a power supply for its digital and audio parts, the audio circuit of UB9000 has its own dedicated power supply to maximize sound quality. There is even a special card for the analog output of the player.

At the core of Panasonic DP-UB9000 is a second-generation Hollywood Cinematic Experience (HCX) image processing machine. Part of the package is a new HDR optimizer, and Panasonic claims that it can use static metadata Improve tone mapping HDR images. It will consider the brightness limit of your screen and optimize the image to extract most of the details, especially in white and bright scenes.

If you are viewing content that already contains dynamic metadata, such as a movie encoded by Dolby Vision, the player will recognize it and skip the HDR optimizer.

DP-UB9000 has a pair of HDMI outputs to use sound to your home theater amplifier while the image goes directly to your screen. The existence of 7.1 multi-channel analog output will satisfy users of old AV amplifiers, and you can choose a balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA connection for stereo playback.

Product Features:

  1. Output HDMI x2, optical digital, coaxial digital, 7.1 multi-channel analog output, RCA phono, XLR
  2. USB input x2
  3. Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS: X audio decoding
  4. HDR supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HLG
  5. Dimensions (width) 8.1 x 43 x 30 cm.
  6. Weight 7.8kg.

What’s Good

  1. Extremely clear and detailed images.
  2. The perfect balance of color and realism.
  3. Solid and powerful voice.

What’s Bad

  1. Some competitors are even more musical.
  2. Not compatible with SACD or DVD audio.
  3. Menu options can be confusing.
Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player UHD Multi Region Blu-ray DVD, Region Free Player 110 Volts Bundle with Dynastar HDMI Cable
  • Plays DVD Discs from All Regions (0 - 8) | Plays Blu-ray Discs from All Regions (A, B, and C) | Built-in 4k NTSC⇔PAL 4k HD Converter
  • Panasonic's 4K PRO HDR model Ultra HD Blu-ray Player features an HCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray packed with original imaging technologies for stunning picture quality. The precise colors and HDR reproduction that form the essential elements of Ultra HD are the basis of high-defifinition images. They bring you a whole new viewing experience that you've never had before.
  • Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray Players support multiple HDR formats, such as HDR10, which is the standard HDR format for films, and UHD Blu-ray discs. They newly support HDR playback of HDR10+TM dynamic metadata, the next-generation standard. And they are compatible with Dolby Vison and Hybrid Log-Gamma. The synergistic effect achieved with Panasonic's original high-quality image technologies enables even more precise image expression.
  • This THX-certified model reproduces the finely nuanced colors and rich, detailed images that the film creator intended, and achieves lifelike surround sound. You can watch movies at home in comparable quality that you enjoy at cinema.
  • A newly developed base with a 3-dimensional, thick steel plate fixes the optical disc drive to the center of the 2-layer chassis to reduce vibration and noise during disc rotation. And thick aluminium is used on the front and side panels. This raises the rigidity of the chassis, and reduces vibration.


1. What is a Blu-Ray player?

Blu-Ray player is a compact unit capable of playing video and audio. A large majority of them currently support different formats of reading, audio and, video of high fidelity and definition. They also have an interface to navigate through their menus and use the applications that they may have integrated.

2. What are the advantages of owning one of the best Blu-Ray players?

  • Playback with high definition image, some up to 4K format
  • High quality and even lossless audio
  • A multitude of supported audio and video formats
  • Possibility of turning your TV into a Smart TV
  • Wireless connectivity

3. What is 4K resolution on Blu-Ray players?

4K or UHD ( Ultra High Definition ) is a nomenclature above Full HD in terms of numbers of pixels and resolution. Thanks to this technology, you will be able to appreciate many more nuances in each image. It offers much greater benefits at the level of detail and image quality and develops a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels.

4. Why is 4K Blu-ray worth the money?

Ultra HD-Ray discs can store more data than standard discs, provide full 4K resolution, and improve color and contrast.
4K Blu-ray produces the clearest and most structured image quality I have ever seen on a 4K screen. Especially worth mentioning is HDR movies, which blend with the atmosphere of a complete movie experience.

5. What Ultra HD ray movies are available?

Next-generation home theaters maintain a fairly comprehensive and up-to-date list of titles. All major movie studios are equipped with 4K Blu-ray, so we will see an increase in the number of movies.

6. Do I have to change the cable to enjoy 4K Blu-ray?

You need an HDMI cable that supports HDMI v2.0.

7. Do I need to replace other equipment?

Whether you connect the player to a theater receiver, soundbar, or directly to a TV, you must ensure that the input of the device complies with the HDCP 2.2 standard.
If you don’t have this equipment, you can enjoy 4K Blu-ray on the TV. However, you cannot get the best results. The same is true for HDR content on non-HDR displays-it will play but it will not reach its full potential.


Blu-Ray 4K players can now be purchased from a variety of manufacturers. Therefore, it is not always easy to find the best product. With the help of objective purchasing criteria that our experts have developed for you, you can systematically carry out your purchasing decision.

All in all, the process of purchasing 4K Blu-Ray Players can be simplified. In particular, test reports for this product category should be considered when selecting them. The results of the researched 4K Blu-Ray Players consumer reports tests can help you find good products.

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